Sunday, June 19, 2011

“That’ll make some dad happy.”

On Friday I dropped into Home Depot to do a little lookey-looing; I am doing a few minor renovations to my work environment and was there to source curtain rods and dowels.
I passed an adorable young man, with the cutest smile; he was manning the Makita Cordless Drill display table. 
I stopped (naturally) and asked what the charge life was like for the battery (I’m always skeptical about battery life) and he assured me that the new lithium batteries were exceptional.
Long story short...I took the two drill promotional set and a much needed 84 piece Impact Driver Accessory Kit.
Yup...move aside comes the drill!
I have an electric drill, but it’s an oldie and is quite heavy. These new drills are much lighter and easier on my hands. (post accident issues with my thumbs still exist)
While saying goodbye to Ben, who was undoubtedly charmed by my handling of his demo drills, he gave me a few promotional freebies - two pens, two carpenter pencils and a durable black Makita ball cap. (I wonder what the boys get)

I continued wandering around the store doing what I came to do - besides talking to adorable young men - so off I go to find the curtain rods and dowels; I am toying with making my own rod.
As I walked along, smiling and chatting, (Miss Social Butterfly that I am) a male staff member approaches me (I never have a hard time getting help at Home Depot - heels will do that you know) and as he sees the stash of manly goods in my cart, he says (in a husky, I’ve got hair on my chest, voice), “That’ll make some dad happy.”
To which I (in my best Southern Belle voice) reply, “Actually, this here is for me honey; after I remove my lovely heels I’m the happy daddy that gets to play with these tools.”
I winked and with an extra touch of feminine sashaying I pushed that cart like I meant business, of the manly kind! 

Ah...the joy of Father's Day - it's really all about the tools! 

Happy Father's Day to all you ladies out there doing double duty! This drill bit is for you!

Okay, all the dudes out there that really step up to the plate and actually get involved in their kids lives - you rock...really, you do and you are often not given the real praise and recognition you deserve. all of you "hands-on" dads this Father’s Day - CHEERS! This drill bit is for you too!
Do you have a good tool story you care to share?


  1. I did a post about my Power tool not so long ago. Love playing with the It looks like a great set

  2. Anonymous5:06 am

    Lovely story Jenny, kind of missed you around in the blogging world! :)

  3. Happy to see a post! Loved the story too!!

  4. High heels. Power tools and a flirting hottie with a nice rack and viola.....A mans definition for wet dream.

  5. "I wonder what the boys get". Love it!

  6. Love it!So funny! I bought my hubby a Makita Cordless Drill with all the bits, and he loves it. Perhaps I should have a go myself! I love it that you go around the DIY Store, talking to all the adorable young men. Hee Hee!!

  7. heehee, love your style :) I shall keep the heels in mind next time I go to the local hardware shoppie :)x

  8. I don't have any cool stories to tell you. But thank you.

  9. haha loved this how cute bet you left him slightly confused best story ever. btw hubby says nice tool set while drooling over my shoulder.

    Everyday Life

  10. Sounds like you had a productive trip to the store. :)

    *must remember to put on heels before going to Home Depot next time*

  11. Haha! Great story. High heels at home depot - I must try that some time! :D

  12. Hi Jenny, I always walk up to the youngest, cutest guy in any store and ask them for help. I'm usually old enough to be their mom but flirty enough to make them think they're hot.... men are so easy to play with! :)

  13. You are some handy gal! I like when a women is not afraid to do-it-herself. No nifty tool stories here that come to mind. Seems like I'm always buying tools to replace the ones I can't find. I need to have a nice tool bench where everything is organized.

    Tossing It Out

  14. Mynx
    I remember that post of yours - it’s fun playing with “their” toys! (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)

    Glad you like the story...I too have missed being around the blogging world - but sometimes life gets in the way!

    Thanks - glad you dropped by to check it out.

    Yes, I figured it was time to put fingers to keys and conjure up a post - lucky for me this happened.

    Ahh...ib…what can a girl say to that! (just smile and nod, right?!)

    Core Contrarian
    Hey...nice to have you drop by. Yes it is the million dollar question…”what do the boys get?”…see my reply to Mynx up top!!!

    It was funny too, at the time! Still is!

    You should so take a go at your hubby’s drill and bits! (yes, yes, that sounds a bit racy...but for those of us with our heads out of the gutter it makes sense...right!)

    I really do go to the DIY stores with lipstick (always pink) and heels...amazing results and help just crawls out of the woodwork!

    But, you should see what I wear when I’m really wielding the drill or hammer...still wear the lipstick, no matter what though!

    Jenny Blair
    Glad I could make you chuckle, and yes, you must wear sexy footwear when shopping for tools! :-)

    Oilfield Trash
    Hey dude - I love when you drop by!
    I hope you had an awesome Father’s Day...that last bit was with you in mind.

    Yah, the look on the guys face was a little sheepish and a bit flustered! I think he was trying to compute the part about me being a happy “dad”…

    Glad hubby approves and had a wee drool - made me smile at the visual!

    Sometimes I do dash in and out with regular footwear, but on days when I really need serious advice or help I do put on the heels...really, I know it sounds a wee bit sexist, but if it works why mess with a good thing!

    Welcome to Pearson Report.
    Glad you like this post! Yes, do try the heels, it is funny to watch what happens!

    Hey there girlfriend! I had a blast at your art exhibition...sooo cool to meet you!

    I’m glad you are into this technique too; the neat thing is that young guys love the attention too! Works both ways, doesn’t it?

    Surprisingly enough I don’t come on to men, ever, I’m just very friendly and truly am a people person, so the fact there are heels involved just adds a little sauciness to the mix...innocent fun! And, yes for the younger fellows it’s an ego boost too!

    Hi! So happy to have you dropping by and adding your thoughts.
    I was raised with power tools, motors, guns and fishing I’m always messing around at the tool bench in the garage.

    And...I can relate to having to replace tools that are misplace or lost...I have more than a few measure tapes, which is the thing I lose the most!




  15. Hmmm.....drill bits, curtain rods, dowels, pens, pencils, fishing rods, "here comes the drill," "...handling of his demo drills," "making my own rod," "male staff member," "pass that screw"..............
    Wonder what Freud would say?
    Maybe a cigar IS only a cigar.

  16. Fun story--thanks for sharing!

  17. Too cute - love this post!

  18. Al - you do read between the lines - good man!

    Elle - glad you liked! Are you handy with tools too?

    Sylvia - Thanks - I grew up with a drill in hand and love tinkering!

    Thanks to you all for dropping by and leaving a comment.
    Cheers, Jenny


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