Monday, November 03, 2014

It’s a FULL LOAD… but no BULL…

Hey… time for the “what have I been up to” report.

Yes, I see you sitting there with bated breath going… “ah, no, too busy with my own load of bull, but, okay, give ‘er a go - I’ve got, like, a minute”.

What BRAND is your WASHER and DRYER?

Yes, I do wear heels and an apron when I do laundry!
What? You don't? My, my… tsk, tsk. 

I’m in the market and need a new set - you know, a washer that can actually take a full load and “wash” it, and a dryer that doesn’t groan as the door opens, then continues groaning for the duration. (Like some old guy wishing his dose of Viagra would finally wear off - really, four hours, come on, who are we kidding - even as a young buck he’d be lucky to hang in for 10 minutes.)

Consumer Report was rather useless - only big ticket brands seemed to warrant their time and attention.

Here’s what I want in a washer and dryer.

SIMPLICITY - no fancy computer dashboard. I want nobs, just ordinary, simple nobs! The kind that do their job for at least two decades. (My nobs still work by the way, it's everything else that's on the fritz.)

And, doesn't dear Bettie Wallace just lay it out for us… see… she's HAPPY - gotta go with the happy folks on this one!

(BW is a Speed Queen success story - for real!)
I enjoyed reading the "success" stories featured on the Speed Queen site - click HERE if your up to some honesty.

GOOD AGITATION - this is one of those times when being an agitator is essential and in washing machines it’s a must. (There was soooo much potential to add my penny's worth about good agitation, but… you've only got a minute, remember!)

TIME FACTOR - I don’t want to stand around (or sit watching TV and thinking about my laundry) for an hour and a half - which seems to be the time HE (high efficiency) front loaders take to wash a load. Now that’s a full load of bull right there!

Last, but equally important is COST - they should be affordable. (I don’t want to sell the first born (my only born) as I’m thinking she might come in handy down the road when I can’t find my dentures or my wig!)

Anyway - I’m leaning toward SPEED QUEEN. They’ve been around since before electricity - well, close - 1908! Wow! And, they are the major supplier of commercial machines. And, (yes, another and) they use the same industrial grade components for their retail line.

So, after reading THIS C/NET ARTICLE (particularly the comments, which are way more informative than Consumer Report) and watching the following video I think I’m making a wise choice.


This first confirmed my fears that front loaders "could" have their share of problems. The comment had a lot more chronology but this will give you the gist - plus the author has a link to her complaint website if you really have that much extra time. (Like, what happened to only having a minute, eh?)


In this next comment, it was the bit about Speed Queen which spurred me on the path of due diligence and do it I did.

A FURTHER BONUS - their warranty is three years, parts and labour - that’s right THREE years - not the piddly one year that is the norm. Well, that speaks volumes too!

Here’s that video that sold me…

Another thing that worked in Speed Queen’s favour, while calling around, was the recognition HUEBSCH (Speed Queen’s name for their product in Canada) received when I asked about it at three different stores. 
And… (yes, yes, the stand alone, out front, and) one of the sales folks even owns a set - well… that’s it for me. I use the face product I sell and believe if it’s good sales folks will use their best products too.


My circuitous ramblings are now complete, I am back to where I started...

What BRAND is your WASHER and DRYER?

And… do you love them!

Would you recommend them?

Cheers, Jenny
PS - A post-post note. Here in Canada the set retails for $1659-1798 + tax. Delivery is $60-80, removal of old W/D is $20-30.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Teaching the old dogs

Old dogs bark.

Old dogs like to sleep.

Mostly, old dogs sleep.

Lucky, filling in for me… but you get the idea, right!

I've been having a hell of a time at the SIWC

I'm liking my bed - it's big, comfy and oh so fluffy. 

Did I say it's comfy, oh yeah, I see I did.

Mostly old dogs sleep.

And bark.

Last night the old dog barked.

Old dogs bite too.

But that's another story.


Right now, I'm giving you a teaser… 

the new, and improved, opening line of a piece I'm working on.

After an awesome start to Friday's set of classes, this one titled: 

Creating Narrative Drive, by Roberta Rich

I have learned something.

You can teach the old dog.



Here's the first line of a Short Story I'm working on…

Death by bus would have been easier, now she would have to wait.


That's it.

The old dog needs to leave her big, comfy, oh so fluffy bed.

A new day dawns.

Knowledge awaits, and the old dog is eager.

Like a young pup.


How's your battery these days?

Old and worn?

Young and eager?

Cheers, Jenny

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Where are you LIVING? In yesterday, tomorrow, or NOW?

a rather simple concept 
but near IMPOSSIBLE to do - for many!

In light of tomorrow I thought I'd share this today…

If you are DEPRESSED you are probably living in YESTERDAY.

If you are ANXIOUS you are probably living in TOMORROW.

If you are AT PEACE you are probably living in the PRESENT. 

Where are you LIVING?

That's it in a nutshell - but, if you've got a moment, NOW, let's go a little deeper, shall we.

Okay, here goes…

Often when we think about the past we conjure up sadness, regret, should-haves, and sorrow. 

We struggle with what we should have, or could have, done in a situation that is now long gone.  

Yet, we rehash, revisit, and often replay a scene with no hope of changing a thing… if only.

Then, we fast forward and head into the future where we further analyze and wonder about the what ifs - if I do it this way what will happen? If only… and so it continues.

In the meantime, here we are nicely planted in the PRESENT, well, at least our body is, while our mind is busy touring the past and lining up to get into the future. 

We fail to enjoy the ride we are on right NOW.


I'm going to play out a little scenario…

Two woman head out to a Garden Show. It's a last minute invite for one of them - the younger. She's happy to be invited and really wants to go… but, she's anxious, doesn't do so well in crowds, or in new situations - so she thinks. 

The young woman is busy thinking about all that will happen at the Garden Show. She’s conjuring up all sorts of stuff that hasn't even happened, that might never happen, but there it is, all running through her head like wild horses not willing to be wrangled; her anxiety mounts.

The older woman listens, while en route to the show, and wonders what would happen if her friend stopped thinking about the future and enjoyed the NOW: the view out the window, the music in the car, starting up a chat that would keep their collective thoughts in the PRESENT.

Once inside the Garden Show what is noticeable, to the older woman, is that the younger is now animated and happy. What she further notices is how the younger gal is busy enjoying all that is going on around her because she is PRESENT and engaged in the NOW. All anxiousness is gone as it does not exist when living in the NOW.

LIVING NOW takes practice.

Given the complexity of our brain we often think by revisiting the past or jumping ahead to the future we will somehow impact the PRESENT. Sadly, this is true - the impact is profound and when the day is over the regret begins, again.

The way to impact the PRESENT is by LIVING NOW. 


As you reach for that coffee, stop and savour it, smell the full body - have you let it go cold because of distractions. Are they present distractions? Or have you drifted to another time - one gone; one yet to come.

My coffee is cold, but that’s because writing this post was occupying my NOW… and NOW, I’ll pour a fresh one. I’ll savour it.

And then, I’ll head out the door and get organized for tomorrow!
(Tomorrow’s a special day… SIWC starts, and I’m going)

Yes - we can get excited about tomorrow, so long as we don’t live there before it arrives! 

Do you LIVE NOW, or are you stuck in another time?

Cheers, Jenny

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Okay, I did haul out a slightly used frock for my blog’s transitional look before I get all gussied up with bobbles for the upcoming holidays.

I have featured other previously worn blog rags HERE.

BUT - ah, the BIG BUT - how I do love it!

This post is about my FACELIFT…

the one I’m giving my house 


more to the point

the one I’m still giving my house…

Here are a few teasers:

So, this is the front - as it is right now. I'm waiting for railings, and for that front downspout to be changed.  All of the wood used on this house, except for the Hardie Plank siding is Western Red Cedar - the gable, stairs and deck facia are painted with a Natural Cedar stain.

The railings, which were measured on Saturday and being made now, are aluminum, but will look like wooden railings from the 30's. I'm pretty stoked about them - I'll post them when they are finished. (little happy dance going on over here)

I am working within certain Heritage guidelines to meet City requirements. So far, so good!

This is how the house looked before painting. The Hardie Plank was primed a neutral colour and I really wanted a gray house even though my neighbours liked the look of this colour (yuck). I had to live without stairs for about a week while the front deck was being rebuilt and the stairs custom made. Each step is 3" high, 45" wide and 12" deep - they are EPIC stairs!

 This is the house way back in early 2002, when I bought it… yup, seriously in need of a facelift. It was build in 1910 - the front seven feet and back eight feet were added in 1930. Those later additions required major work. Suffice it to say, that really delayed this project big time. 

Here is the back of the house as of a couple of days ago. Railings and back deck cover are coming shortly. I had a concrete pad added under the stairs, both in the back and front.

Here is the back of the house before starting the renovations - WOW - it's been a long haul, but as it finally comes to an end (well, at least the outside bit) I am really starting to get excited.

Thanks for taking a look at my FACELIFT - see, it's a good one! I'm just thankful my face, the one attached to the front of my head, doesn't need this much work - YET!  

Have you been busy tighten and adjusting something in your life - maybe you've been going through a LIFT and a TUCK too!! 

Well… have you?

Cheers, Jenny