Saturday, October 25, 2014

Teaching the old dogs

Old dogs bark.

Old dogs like to sleep.

Mostly, old dogs sleep.

Lucky, filling in for me… but you get the idea, right!

I've been having a hell of a time at the SIWC

I'm liking my bed - it's big, comfy and oh so fluffy. 

Did I say it's comfy, oh yeah, I see I did.

Mostly old dogs sleep.

And bark.

Last night the old dog barked.

Old dogs bite too.

But that's another story.


Right now, I'm giving you a teaser… 

the new, and improved, opening line of a piece I'm working on.

After an awesome start to Friday's set of classes, this one titled: 

Creating Narrative Drive, by Roberta Rich

I have learned something.

You can teach the old dog.



Here's the first line of a Short Story I'm working on…

Death by bus would have been easier, now she would have to wait.


That's it.

The old dog needs to leave her big, comfy, oh so fluffy bed.

A new day dawns.

Knowledge awaits, and the old dog is eager.

Like a young pup.


How's your battery these days?

Old and worn?

Young and eager?

Cheers, Jenny


  1. I'm not sure what all you learned there but you sure learned how to 'hook'.
    If death by bus would have been easier I can only anxiously await to read about what made it seem that way! Two thumbs up for 13 words!

    1. Well, if I really put into practice what I learned I would have written the post a whole lot differently - like starting with the hook rather than rambling (even if sparsely) on for 3/4 of the post. See, you really can't teach an old dog an new trick…

  2. How fun to read this:) The line has me hooked. My mind is young but my body can feel old at times

    1. Thanks, Birgit - I'm glad the hook did its job. Ditto to the mind and body business - I told my body it had better get its act together or else. (I'm not sure if it's taking my threat serious though - still sagging all over the place.) :)

  3. Hi Jenny! How happy your blog has made me today. I'm getting back into the virtual world and you never disappoint. Thank you!


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