Sunday, June 08, 2014


I’ve decided to abuse* Twitter - okay, maybe that’s way too strong of a word. So… how does “utilize” sound - so utilitarian, but hey, anything to not look like the abuser I am!  :P  *make excessive and habitual use of (according to Mac’s Dictionary)

I am taking advantage of my creative juices, that are freely flowing thanks to Brenda Ueland’s book, If You Want To Write, whereby I am not thinking (easier than I thought) just typing what comes to mind.

My copy - but you can get yours HERE.

Back on May 26th, in light of discovering the SIWC twitter site, I tweeted this:

Johnny asked, “How many more sleeps till Christmas, mommy?” Mommy smiled, “153 dear, just 153!” #siwc14 My gift to me.

When I got a reply from the SIWC Board I thought, “Hmmm, let’s play with this a little.”

And so it went…  

I found Johnny and Mommy taking on a life of their own through my tweets. It got me thinking how much fun it would be, given this is a Writers’ Conference’s twitter feed, to use (or abuse) Twitter shamelessly and write a story, in 140 character bits, as a way of partaking in the world of social media. 

If you want to see the story unfold… it’s HERE!

Given my love of social media (if you know me well, you’ll see I’ve lodged my tongue in my left cheek as I type this) I figured, hey, what the heck, give it a whirl - really, what can happen? I might even get a few extra followers to keep my stalwart 37 in good company. 

In fact, I’ve been toying with attending a Master Class, at the SIWC, given by Sean Cranbury on Owning Your Online SpaceTalk about a lot of links...

I imagine he will be supportive of my using (or abusing - see earlier definition) Twitter in this shameless fashion. If not… oh well, can’t fault me for finding the teats and milking them on the old Twitter cow, now can you.


On to the conference… which can be found at

I have decided to book myself into the conference hotel, up on the Club floor no less - really, go big or stay at home. 

Staying at home was not an option as I plan on consuming the occasional adult beverage (it’ll be noon at some point throughout the day) - and driving would not fit that plan. (I might borrow Drake’s costume if I go the route of imbibing too much. If you read comments you’ll get the reference if not - you know; you snooze, you lose.)

I’m springing for the whole enchilada - not just one of those taco things - no siree - I’m going for the beans and the beef! 

In other words, for you that don’t get my humour (so sad, isn’t it - you not getting it) I treated myself to the 3-Day full conference package - listed as the best value. I’m all about the best… value!

Now, if you’ve made it this far, and actually read most of it, Tex would say I’ve done something right in the layout, colour choice, picture selection etc… ‘cause she knows all about this stuff.

Now, back to some spontaneous writing… oh wait, that’s what this was… silly me!

I think I’ll lace up my new runners and head outside - sunny and warm, with a little breeze - just how I like it!

Cheers, Jenny

Well, how are you in the social media department - twitter much?

Or is Facebook your bent?


  1. Sounds like you're treating yourself, and why not? One of these days I might make it to a conference, good to know there's one not too far away.

    As for social media, no interest in either Twitter or FB. This ol' dinosaur is sticking with blogging for the foreseeable future.

    1. Hi Ian, from where you live it not be to much of a haul to come to Surrey and partake in this great event. You'd have to stay at a hotel - and there are a few others besides the convention hotel, should you decide at moments notice.

      Given your status with your book, namely that it's finished, this may be the place you want to be. Just saying…

      As to social media - I do not FB, never have, never will. It does not interest me in the least. As to Twitter, I think it has its merits - there are some interesting things it can do for promoting a person/blog/website if done well.

      I hope to pick up some pointers at this convention as Sean Cranbury will be there - it's his specialty - this social media stuff. Let's see what comes of it - I'll definitely be doing some posts about what I learn.

      Until then, it's always a treat having you pop by and weigh in on my posts.

      Cheers, Jenny

  2. I never found the Twitter Cow all that handy unless you’re the type who wants to hear the idle thoughts of so many celebrities that should never ever have been given access to an unrestricted worldwide soap box without an entire marketing department looking over their shoulder. Who wouldn't want to be around during Adam Baldwin’s next blowout?

    P.S. You can sample my creative juices any time.

    1. I'm not a fan of the useless rambling of celebs (and a lot of regular joes too) in any form, be that a news-stand rag, Twitter, FB, Blogs, you name it.
      I've resisted FB, not a fan, period. Like, I don't need to be 'liked' in cyberspace by people I don't know, like really, what's that all about. (see, I like the word like - I'm going to 'like' it!)

      I do sample your creative juices… you know, over at your blog! And, creative they are!!! :) :)

  3. That's the way to do it. Don't over think, just write and by gosh, try and enjoy every ding dong word, and have fun with it. Just enjoy.

  4. You make me smile! Thanks!

    Love the "ding dong" bit. I do enjoy every ding dong word I write these days - good or bad I just let if flow… like when my toilet gets backed up! (yikes, way more of a visual than we need, eh!)

    Hope life is awesome in your neck of the planet. Cheers, Jenny

    1. Perfection seems to be something you struggle with, which is unfortunate as it doesn't do much other than hold you back from enjoying the process.

      Keep on letting go, have fun and by gosh keep moving forward.

    2. So true - the perfection, in my case, is due to a ridged upbringing - if 'it' (pretty much everything) wasn't done to his (aka father) standard, which at best for me was virtually unattainable, the consequence was unfathomable. Ah, just the memory of it all… maybe therein lies the story… hmm…

      As always, thanks for your words of encouragement and support.

    3. I should add… and this is important - as an adult, though, it falls to me to NOT be driven by someone else's cattle herder. I am my own worst enemy in that I feel compelled to prove him wrong. Therein lies the failing, and the quest for perfection.

  5. Jenny, we were JUST talking about SIWC at our first DFWcon meeting this weekend. Donald Maass came to our conference and said it was amazing, and that it's very similar to SIWC, which he is equally over the moon about. Now I am massively jealous that I can't make it up there to see what all the fuss is about (not least because you'll be there too!)

    Well, regardless - hang tight to your joy, spontaneity, and enthusiasm, and (like I said in my post today), definitely don't sweat the blog too much - it is an extension of you, after all, and you are fun in a can!

    1. I wished you were on the SIWC speakers list, I'd be tickled. I just checked flight prices and going to the CONvergence is looking like a bit of a pipe dream. Sadly.
      Good to know I'm canned! And fun! :)

  6. I never picked up on the twitter thing. Frankly, I don't understand it. Hashtags and little @ running around everywhere. I signed up at one time. I even tweeted, twat, twittled whatever or however you say it. To me it was comparative to hollering my thoughts down a rusted out chute made of sheet metal and government cheese and waiting for a response or a check. I thought this is ridiculous...that's what my blog is for!

    1. I started my Twitter feed back when I co-hosted the A-Z, in 2012. One can see from looking at the numbers (tweets, followers etc) that I spend little of my nonexistent free time tweeting. (still working on birds…)

      That said, I've found I'm having a little fun tweeting my 'Johnny's Mommy' story… having just had a chat with Sean Cranbury about its many positive uses I'm trying (difficult as I'm set in my old ways) to open my eyes to the possibilities. (hmmm…. they are ??? - still working on this one!) hahaha

      Each to his/her own though and I totally get where you're coming from - it is an odd little bit of technology that may (or may not) still go the way of the great white elephant…

  7. I think I have dabbled in most of the social media things but I didn't play long with Twitter or Pinterest. Facebook, mostly, Google + some and lately I am loving Instagram.
    Loving the fun in these posts. I am smiling

    1. I've been the lone hold out on much of social media.

      I started my Twitter account back in 2012 because of co-hosting the A-Z, but didn't really understand how to use it - not that I'm any sharper at it! :) :)

      As to Facebook - I just won't do it - after reading THIS I am surprised anyone wants to be on Facebook.

      I'm glad you see the fun in these posts - I've been having fun putting them together. :)


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