Sunday, March 30, 2014

Global Twitter/Blogger Happiness Project comes to end but not without leaving something in its wake.

Did you really think I wouldn’t follow through and make it to the end? 
(Feb 1 to Mar 31 was the time frame I gave this little project of mine)

Forward momentum requires taking a step.


Though I did not post here daily - I wrote each and every day in my journal; a beautiful one my darling daughter gave me for Christmas.

Asking “What is happiness to me?” has truly come to be part of my daily routine and something I give much credit to for altering my perception and attitude toward many a thing as I make my way through any given day.

I have been out here reading your posts - I have not commented. For that I can blame Father Time for making a single day last only twenty-four hours; time seems to be on everyone’s wish list, including mine.

In reading YOU - I have discovered we are all going through change in many areas of our lives, both on and off Blogger.

In my case - I’ve had a few too many curveballs and not enough bats to hit them all - hence a little reprieve whereby I turned off my blog for the last week or so.

I’m turning it on to post this - my swan song.

It’s been a slice - a big, juicy slice of apple pie à la mode - or in my case a big bowl of pistachio nuts - my apple pie!

Thanks for weighing in - for holding court with me and for keeping me interested. I’m still interested - just not in this venue right now.

Need to breathe.

Need to process.

Need to think.

Life’s short - really short. Too short to ponder the relevance of this gig and all its trappings.

My bags are packed, note’s on the kitchen table - don’t wait up. 

This will be up for a bit - then it’ll be packed away neatly with the frocks and seldom worn bits and bobs of yesteryear.

Keep me in your thoughts, or prayers if that’s your bent, - me, good old Buddhist that I am, I will be chanting and prostrating and hoping I find a metal bat as I make my way through the dugout and onto the field… you know the field I speak of…

build it and they will come… 

look deep in the corn field… deeper yet… can you see me…

one must believe

miracles do happen - so I’m told.

Whether coming or going... the first step is the hardest!
And, it has been taken.

All I can say, as I exit stage left, is - damn, I've got mighty fine lookin' legs!   (cheeky too, eh)

Oh, now, don't be sad - I'm not dying… yet… remember, only the good die young! Me, I'm here for the long haul.

As for Pearson Report - yeah, now that's another story!  

Monday, March 03, 2014

Global Twitter/Blogger Happiness Project - past reflections help anchor the present.

What is happiness to me?
I’ve asked this so often it’s become my mantra - and boy does it work like a charm.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

February is done.

March, the second month of my Global Twitter/Blogger Happiness Project, has begun and will continue on its own volition. 

Some things I have no control over.

The bench is anchored firmly and accommodates the lone sitter as she takes a moment to rest after her long trek up the hillside to its location.

She had sat on this bench often on her short visit to the region years ago.

She still sits on it when taking a turn back in time to yesterday - a yesterday so long ago.

Memories of happiness and sadness weave the shawl that drapes warmly over her tired shoulders.

She is neither happy nor sad on these visits to a time past - she is but a silent observer of the soundless videos playing themselves out in her mind as she sits and looks out upon the village below.

Years have passed; contentment, joy, and happiness of an assorted variety have filled in the holes once occupying a large portion of her subconscious mind.

The bench, while anchored firmly, has lost its importance and is now a bittersweet, lingering reflection of a turbulent moment when still waters had run very deep and belied the storm above.  

One storm passes and another brews off in the distance waiting its turn - and yet the sun shines as it always does when one is willing to see it even in the midst of dark, looming grey skies.

She lets her internal sun shine freely letting its warm rays penetrate every corner of her being - yes, she is happy.

The bench, still anchored, still firmly, will always be a place of reflection; a place to revisit a time past - a time long gone.

It has shaped her essence. 

The person she is today is because of time spent sitting on the bench nestled high up on the hillside. 

Cheers, Jenny

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Do you reflect on what has shaped you into the person you are today? 

Are you thankful for the experiences - whether good or bad?

Have you been choosing “happiness” on a daily basis?

What is happiness to you?  

You tell me.