Sunday, September 16, 2012

Backgrounds and Morgues...I’ve done them both!

Frustrated with Blogger? 

Me too. 

I emailed them about a glitch with the sizing of header photos. Let’s see how fast they get back to me...or, more to the point, how fast they fix the problem.

I have been making matching header and background sets and have made a few interesting customized ones. It will be like sporting a new party dress around here over the next little while as I bring them out and show them off. (the things that amuse me…)

A work in progress...

Thanks to Dezz and Miss CP for their unstinting support and encouragement as I worked my way through some sizing and tiling issues. I think I have finally figured it out! 

I’m thinking of doing a video tutorial on what I’ve gleaned from this experience, thereby sparing someone else the major headaches caused by all the cropping, exporting, importing and re-cropping I went through just to humour my desire for something original. 

Thank god for BG + 3 O’s - and, if you’ve hung around Pearson Report for a while you’ll know what that code stands for. (any guesses)

All in all it was a fascinating journey borne out of patience and persistence.

But not as fascinating as my outing to the Vancouver Police Museum, on Saturday.

I took the “Sins of the City” tour. I didn’t bother to make a video of my walk-about since this one (that I linked to) is great - I learned long ago not to duplicate that which is already excellent. Right!! So do check it out.

My first stop, before going on the walking tour, was the actual museum which was housed in what was once the Coroner’s Office and the City Morgue. 

Here, as a teaser, are a couple of photos - more will be forthcoming shortly.

 Past a wall of illegal, confiscated weapons and counterfeit bills...

we find the autopsy room...surreal to say the least, and very interesting.

Everything here is authentic and original. This was the morgue, where they kept the bodies after the autopsies.

It's late as I type this, and I'm in need of some serious shut eye - but I think I'll settle for my comfy bed with its sheep fleece comforter and soft pillows. Ah, to be alive...

Have you visited a Police Museum in your city...or elsewhere? How about a morgue?



  1. Like you say these photos are surreal but damnit they're interesting Jenny, great post. Sorry to hear about your Blogger woes, your blog looks just great as usual on my computer right now at least though.

    1. Glad you liked the photos - I took 408 that day! I know, I'm crazy.
      As to Blogger - what can I say, I'm finding these new "improvements" more of a hinderance than anything else.

      Thanks Matthew, for stopping by. :)

  2. I haven't visited and morgues but sounds interesting and love the background you are so talented is there anything you can't do
    Come Say HI

    1. Oh...there's so much I can't do, Becca, it would shock you. My super-powers don't work on this planet, so it's a real slog for me at times. The reason it seems like I'm a do-all is because I am a details persons. I like to tinker...even if it's not broken! (maybe that's my problem)

      And...I'll be voting for you on Blogger Idol - you go girl! Yeah!! :)

  3. Anonymous7:23 am

    I haven't visited a morgue but I did visit the Catacombs of Paris. Heartbreaking.

    I look forward to seeing what you've got in store for us..and whether or not Blogger got back to you ha ha ha!

    1. WOW - Paris; Catacombs...very cool! Way better than a local morgue any day! (but still heartbreaking, and I felt that here too)

      I'm strapping on a party dress as we speak...who knows if I'll come out in public with it - I set up a test site to strut my stuff and see whether the hem is straight. (Queen of metaphors - that's me!)

      I won't hold my breath waiting for blogger though! :)

    2. Anonymous10:57 am

      Woo hoo, I love a good party! And a party dress? Heels too? I mean, if you're going to do it, do it right LOL Although, if you're like me, you'll fall down after a few drinks in those heels.

      I hope the "hem" is straight - good luck!

    3. Oh yes...stilettos. And I do (shamelessly) admit I rock the heels.

      Now, I ask, who doesn't wobble after a few with heels on...I'm the first to admit to needing a leaning post. (aka a steady man) *evil grin*

      The "hem" is driving me crazy...might have to wear the pantsuit! (hahaha)

  4. Goodness Jenny, it must have been really interesting viewing the Morgue! Not something that I have ever done. Your work in progress on your blog layout is looking really good, and I shall look forward to seeing it. Yes, I think a Tutorial to the rest of us would be an excellent idea!!

    1. It was, Diane. Mind you I wouldn't want to be there under more serious circumstances as it really is a cold and uninviting place. I don't know how someone would ever get over going to a morgue to identify a loved one...makes me shudder.

      I took lots of notes and screenshots of my blunders and successes with figuring out sizing for headers and backgrounds - now I can sleep again! (kidding - my sleep is never fraught with blogger stuff or anything else for that matter)

      Thanks for dropping in and taking a look! :)

  5. I'm sorry to hear that you've been having problems with headers. I change mine out often and haven't come across any glitches yet (knock on a skeleton's head).

    Great pictures as well.

    This past weekend we went to the cemetery in Evans City where they shot The Night of the Living Dead.

    So much fun.

    1. The header problem was a glitch that resolved itself, but at the time the Header Configure tool just wouldn't stretch the image to cover the distance it should. I gave up and came back to it half an hour later and it was fine. (makes me crazy though)

      I have made a few matching header/background sets and will be donning them as the mood moves me! It's always fun when their's just a trial making them. But now that I've made a few, back to back, I think I figured out the right numbers. (thank god!)

      Ooohhh, did you go at night to the Evans City cemetery? That would be really spooky!

      And...I just love that little avatar of yours...sooooo cute! (and spooky!! hehehe)

  6. Hi Jenny - no I haven't been in a morgue ... but I might try for a visit to a funeral parlour ...

    Great you're trying out the backgrounds to Blogger - I must see what happens when I've time to think ...

    Cheers Hilary

    1. I haven't been to our present morgue - I'm sure it's a whole different ballpark. As to funeral homes...been there with my mom to discuss "option" - yikes, scary and sad!

      As to my backgrounds and headers...I'm always playing around with the pictures I take and now that I figured out the formula I'm going a little crazy.

      Thanks for stopping by, Hilary - always good to see you here. :)


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