Saturday, January 19, 2019

Best rebuttal to Jillian Michael's views on the Keto Diet

YouTube exploded with rebuttal videos after Jillian Michael's decided to rant (HERE) about the Keto Diet.

I checked out quite a few, and hands down, this one is THE BEST.

I appreciate Mike Mutzel, MS, from High Intensity Health, for clearing up Jillian's "botched facts".

Here is the video - take a look and get the facts and science about the Ketogenic Diet.

I am impressed with Mike's presentation - out of all the videos talking about Jillian's views on the Keto diet he has done the subject justice. 

Without attacking her he has pointed out that Jillian is not providing facts to support her views. I liked when Mike said, "She needs to freshen up on her nutritional biochemistry..." - and I agree. 

If this subject interests you I encourage you to check out High Intensity Health's YouTube Channel for more great videos.

To your best health.