Sunday, June 25, 2017

Summer, Winter - take your pic(ture).

Ever wonder where time goes?

Yeah, me too.

Well, don't look here for the answer - 'cause I ain't got it. (gotta love good grammar, eh!!)

That said, we just hit the, "Oh my God (aka OMG) it's SUMMER and I haven't even put away my WINTER clothing", time of year.

Finally SUMMER has arrived. It'll last 5 minutes, but hey, it's here - PARTEEEEE! Yeah, right!

Of course if you're a Down Under dweller you've got that, "Oh my God (aka OMG) I'm so glad I live here not there where it's WINTER 365", thang going on.


I thought I'd pop in here to my dormant blog and say....




Make the most of the season you're in because you'll turn around twice and the whole deal will be done and you'll be wondering what the hell just happened.

Life happens - help it along - enjoy - party on - stop and smell a rose, or at least take its picture.

A rose by any other name...


  1. Yeah, this winter has been just a bit too persistent for comfort, hasn't it? And I don't know where the time goes either! Ah well, hope you enjoy summer ... and happy Canada Day coming up shortly!

    1. Totally agree - persistent is definitely what Old Man Winter was, hopefully he's on vacation this year and we'll get a pass.

      I'm enjoying the sudden arrival of warm/hot weather and loving it. Lord knows it will be gone as quick as it came. You're in a beautiful spot on the Island so hopefully you and your family are able to get out and enjoy it.

      Thanks for dropping by Ian - and Happy Canada Day to you too. Cheers, Jenny

  2. Hi Jenny - we've just had our summer - all five days of it! But it's Wimbledon and summer seasonal life ... so it'll rain, but giving us roses, green grass (usually!) ... good to see you and enjoy your partying - cheers Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary - so happy to see your avatar in my comment area. :)
      Are you enjoying all the Wimbledon games? Summer life is fleeting but I'm sure you're making the most of it.
      Yes... rain seems to be the reason the roses/grass are looking their best this year, so I will not complain (too loudly).

      Enjoy these warm and sunny days. I'm sending smiles and happy thoughts your way. Hugs, Jenny xo

  3. Before you know it, my complaining about mowing the lawn will be replaced by shoveling the driveway.
    I'm never happy, apparently.

    1. Hey Al... how's it going? Love your tweets! You crack me up.

      Ditto - lawn, snow, snow, lawn... damn vicious cycle. So long as I'm able to see a little sun in amongst the toiling I'm generally a happy gal. (Which means I've been a vile nasty piece of work this past Dec to mid June - hahahahahaha - yup, it's been virtually nonstop rain all that time.)

      Sorry to read you've got happiness issues - isn't there a drug for that... Puff the Magic Dragon... LOL :) :)

  4. I know what you're saying about that time thing. I continually play catch up with my life anymore. I've still got issues that are a few years old that I haven't addressed. And now I'll be off on another vacation. Seems like I never completely unpacked from my last summer vacation. Come to think of it I guess I didn't.

    Have a great summer (and winter and everything else)!

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. I read you loud and clear when it comes to playing catch up. But... I figure that's what tomorrow is for. LOL

      I hope you have a wonderful vacation. Where to this time? Leaving a bag packed and ready is a good thing, right! I mean you never know when you got run! hahaha
      Maybe you'll fully unpack after this vacation - might find stuff in your luggage you thought you lost!

      Thanks Arlee for stopping by and leaving a comment that made me smile! Enjoy the summer.

    2. Going to all my usual family visit stops--Houston, Tennessee, Virginia, and New Jersey. Southern route going and probably coming back through mid-America.


    3. Sounds like fun - enjoy yourself.

  5. I do love summer but it's never long enough. Winter, on the other hand, can go even faster as far as I'm concerned.

    1. So true. Here summer barely waves then its done. We've had a really cold winter, a wet spring, a nondescript summer (so far) and fall will probably be like spring - YUCK. I'm getting tired of all the rain.

      Thanks Karen, for dropping by and sharing your weather thoughts. Cheers, Jenny

  6. Hey, I've seen those roses somewhere before. Now where was that? Summer has been here in Florida for quite some time but now we're in the rainy season which means wet, muggy, sweltering days. I at least have a personal weather watcher to let me know what's happening outside..hahahahaha

    1. LOL - yup, on Instagram is where these lovelies first appeared. Finding IG a fun and easy avenue for sharing photos.

      Your weather, lately (June mostly) has been wild. Lots
      of thundershowers and rain. Glad I postponed my trip.

      Personal weather watcher??? hehehehehe lucky you!! xxoo

  7. Hello and it is hot and humid in my neck of the woods. I just exchanged my winter and summer stuff about a month ago! I love your pictures and the coral roses are beautiful!

    1. Hi Birgit - thanks for dropping by. Hot and humid - yikes, I'll let you keep that and enjoy it for the both of us. hehehehe

      I really was surprised at the beautiful roses around my neighbourhood this year - all I can attribute it to is the rain. (Dare not give a gardener any credit, might go straight to their head! LOL)

      Happy Summer. Cheers, Jenny xxoo

  8. really loved my visit here,what a happy blog and lively writing!!!

    thank you for such delightful flowers,they made my day

  9. Stopped in to say, Happy Halloween 🎃


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