Wednesday, March 09, 2016


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Well... call me a glutton for punishment.


Maybe I'm just a really thoughtful and devoted blogger. (choking on my spittle as I laugh)

Truth is...

It really is the latter - my topic is important and worth sharing.

To that end...

Following is a peek at my TOPIC line up (subject to change, but currently I'm getting posts done for this list)

YES - shock and awe... 

I, the GREAT JENNY, am doing the UNTHINKABLE...

I am pre-planning my posts.

No winging it this year.

And, the reason for that is...

I actually have a topic I want to share in earnest with you.

DRUM ROLL PLEASE... yes... you do...

My topic for this year's Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is....  #LCHF - low carb high fat

Here's the rough breakdown of what my 26 posts will feature...

A - Attitude Adjustment
B - Backing up the Bus
C - Carbs are POISON
D - Diabetes - the CURE
E - Eating for Energy
F - Food Chart - the right one
G - Gut and Brain connector
H - Hormones, how they effect us
I - Intermittent Fasting
J - Juice nothing, Eat something
K - Ketosis how it works
L - Lose fat by eating fat
M - MEAT, your friend
N - Nothing ventured
O - Oils 
P - Practice makes Perfect
Q - Quantity controls itself
R - Rehash and Review
S - Sugar equals Sickness
T - Taking Stock 
U - Understanding it all
V - Vegetables - green please
W - Wait? for what?
X - eXercise - eXpending energy
Y - You need to take ownership
Z - Zzzz’s, the importance of sleep

I hope you will join me on my quest to share this important topic.

Are you currently following a specific eating program?

If so, what is it, and how is it working for you?

Happy Eating - and Reading!

Yup - that's Miss CP, and bringing up the rear... Me!

My daughter, Courtney Pearson, of was the motivating force behind me signing up for this year's A to Z Challenge. Thank her if I blow it! (eeeeekkkkk)

Her topic, however, will be sure to keep you entertained and fascinated.

Drop in and say HI to her mascot - Tweakfox is totally charming... and ohhhh so cute! 

PS - What to check out some great #LCHF sites?  My TO YOUR HEALTH Blog Roll, on the right, is where you'll find the folks that have inspired my TOPIC.