Friday, June 13, 2014

SIWC - decision made. FEATHERS - great writing stuff.

The Master Class options for the upcoming SIWC are impressive.
There are two awesome choices in the time frame that fits my schedule.

It’s been a while now since my superpower (of being in two places at the same time) stopped working so, like you mere mortals, I was forced to choose.

Choose I did.

I chose door number two - the class given by Donald Maass, titled The Emotional Craft of Fiction. 

I was leaning toward the class given by Sean Cranbury, on Owning Your Online Space. I had the pleasure of having coffee with him the other day and, given he resides in my fair city, I felt I could book subsequent time (at a fee of course) for some one-on-one time to address how best to use social media (his specialty).

He’s also giving other classes, at the SIWC, which I will be checking out.

So, you see, since Sean Cranbury is readily available for consultation here, close to home, whereas Donald Maass is located in New York - just a bit out of the way - my choice, thought difficult, was based on geography. 

My final decision was further based on my immediate interest in all things emotional - namely the current state of emotional unrest my characters are experiencing - they've requested I seek immediate help. Some characters are so pushy.

Decision made!

✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻

I was out on a run the other day. I ran into a cemetery and found all the makings of a great story. 

So… I ran with it!  Oh gosh… it’s getting late and I’m running into a brick wall (aka writer’s block) - or maybe falling headlong into a freshly dug grave.

Have you ever seen feathers after a bird fight… here, look at these.

You know the drill, if you click on the photos they will get bigger… wow!  Really!
From a distance, as I entered the cemetery - I thought it was the remains of a small fire.
Up close, look at the feathers, the way they are thrown into the ground… weird.

See the crow - he circled me, like I was some kind of prey… (fool)
Just as I was leaving the cemetery, this caught my eye - truly beautiful… but still eerie!
It looks like a book, right, but it was a solid object.
Click on it to read the verse - it's touching.

Here are a few extra photos I took on my run… one always needs to balance the weird with the normal… right?

While having a coffee I thought my new runners deserved a little attention!
Now they are immortalized… 

Where do you find material for your writing - deep within the recesses of your mind, or out in that oasis called reality?

Cheers, Jenny


  1. Don Maass is a great presenter. I enjoyed the Master class I took and spoke to him afterward. Hope you have a great time! The hard part will be waiting. . . lucky you with 3 days at the conference.

    1. Hi D.G. - you're right, the waiting will be tough. In the meantime I'm honing my writing skills - working on a few pieces for the contests the SIWC has. I had entered a piece a couple of years back and was shortlisted - seems the drive is in me to give it another go.

      Now, you are in my neck of the woods, I'd love to have a coffee and talk about how to maximize my conference visit from your perspective - if that is something you'd be interested in doing drop me an email at pearsonreport dot gmail dot com. It would be a real pleasure to meet you.

      Cheers, Jenny

    2. Perhaps we can arrange something during the summer, it's hard for me to plan something too far in advance as I have a chronically ill adult daughter who sometimes needs our support. We do photo shoots sometimes in downtown Vancouver, so may be able to plan something around that. I will email you this weekend with more explanation.

      Are you following the blog on the site? I'm still on the mailing list since I loved my time at SIWC, it's a conference that concentrates on writers IMO. Take care.

    3. At your convenience, DG - whatever would work best for you, will work for me. I know all too well about being there for family. In my case it's my mother. You must do what you must do - if that means we can fit a coffee in during a photo shoot that would be great. My time is extremely flexible as well.

      Yes, I follow the SIWC site. Like you, I'm on their mailing list. I am hoping to get the most out of it and choosing to stay on site will be helpful. Though I live close, the drive, at night, would be an added stress - and I'm trying my best to avoid stress.

      I look forward to hearing from you… remember, no stress, no worries, just whenever if works for you, DG.

      Cheers - enjoy this overcast Saturday.

  2. Ahhh pictures are are worth their weight in feathers!!!!!!

    1. In light of our chats I thought you'd like the visuals that go with the story!

      I hope your having an awesome Saturday! :)

  3. Now that you're back in action, I'm rejoining your blog. You had it closed off for awhile, but I always kept you on my blog roll, just in case you came back.

    Great to see you here again. Cheers and boogie boogie.

    1. Hey Happy Whisk - thanks for rejoining - put a smile on my face.

      I'm glad to be here, cheered on by so many wonderful bloggers - thank you. :)

    2. Hope you stick around this time and NOT worry about writing the PERFECT post, but instead, just have fun with it. Cheers and boogie boogie.

    3. Yup - no more perfection here - warts and all will be the new thing! haha

    4. Nothing wrong with warts.

  4. There are superstitions about feathers, some believe that departed loved ones will show their presence with the appearance of a feather.
    I pick them up, perhaps to use in my painting at a later time.

    That purple flower is gorgeous

    1. I didn't know that - I'll look into it because that might add something to my story.

      As to the purple flower - I almost sent it to you to use for a distraction while working on Cityscape - it made me think of you when I took it! Weird eh!


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