Monday, September 05, 2011

Tide's in...what washed up surprised everyone!

What a glorious day in downtown Vancouver for visiting Third Beach in Stanley Park!
The setting couldn't have been better - the tide was in - people were out enjoying the last long weekend before another school year begins - no one expected to see the unexpected.
A mermaid was sunning herself on a large boulder nestled amongst the smaller ones covered in barnacles, the sun was dancing on the water keeping time with the laughter all around, a mother seagull feeding her young - summer was having its last hurrah.
Children and adults alike stopped to take in the magical sight for it isn't every day one sees a mermaid in Vancouver.
Such was the day where friends and memories came together and played between the layers of blue, and I captured some of it to share with you. Enjoy!

What did you do this weekend to take your mind off the start of another month?

Thank you for following, for commenting, for being out there and in here. 


  1. Aww, the mermaid is adorable!

    Glad you had fun.

  2. How magical to find a mermaid on that beach! Looks like a delightful place, and how lucky to have good weather like that.

  3. Neat stuff. Perhaps I could photo shop a picture of me sitting on the rock hanging out with the mermaid. I could tell the guys at work I didn't do yard work all weekend!

    ps I imagine that water is pretty cold. She must be a tough one!

  4. What fun! Thanks for adding a bit of whimsy to my morning. :)

    As for what I did this weekend -- last night we threw a big birthday bask for my son, niece, mother-in-law, and father-in-law, whose birthdays are all very close together. It was crazy, but fun.

  5. Must have been a fun surprise for the people at the beach to find a mermaid on the rocks!

  6. A very lovely little mermaid. You have blogged about her before, haven't you?

  7. Lemons - It’s you who is adorable...for dropping by and adding your comment!
    Big Hugs - and thank you!

    Claudia - Thank you! I had fun taking the pictures and am always surprised at the outcome of them.

    Thisisme - Yes, it is magical but I think one needs to see her tail in person, down by the water, to truly feel the magic - somehow the pictures just don’t do it justice.

    And...the weather, well it was (and still is) probably our best of the summer.

    Bushman - Funny stuff - you’d be surprised at how many men, both young and old, want a photo with her.
    I chuckle because I think most of us still want to believe in fairy tales to help offset the pressures of reality and she brings that out in people.

    The water is cold here on the Pacific Coast but it does warm up to a tolerable temperature for wading and swimming close to the shore.

    Linda G. - Glad I could oblige with the whimsy! My world is full of it so I’m happy to spread it around.

    You would need one big cake for that birthday bash - four on one day WOW - I hope the clean up wasn’t brutal! Definitely sounds like it was fun though.

    L.G. Smith - As the official photographer I am always having a private chuckle at the reactions from the crowds that flock around “my little mermaid” - it’s quite something to see.

    darev - Hey, you are observant - I have blogged about her in the past (lots) and will blog about her in the future (lots). ;-)
    Having my own ‘little mermaid’ is a ton of fun and definitely helps me cheat when looking for blogging topics! Pays to be well connected!

    BIG THANKS TO ALL OF YOU FOR STOPPING BY AND ADDING YOUR COMMENTS - You’re a special lot and I’m sending out some blog lovin’ just for you!

    Cheers, Jenny

  8. What a lovely mermaid! And some great photos too!

  9. Laura - thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my mermaid. I've taken ownership, it seems, and I think of her as my little sea creature pet!

    I appreciate your comment about the photos too - I really enjoy photography but am in desperate need of a new camera. The one I have is starting to play games with me - very frustrating!

    Hugs, Jenny

  10. Must have been some surprise to find a mermaid there! :)

    It looks like a beautiful place.

  11. Golden Eagle - Ahh...the bird had arrived, happy face moment!

    The funny thing is watching peoples reactions to her and to me moving about acting all "professional photographer" - it's like they want to know who she is, is she someone famous on some sort of photo is truly interesting.

    We do have fun out there and it sure helps when the sun is out - Vancouver looks its best wearing "sun" yellow!

    Thanks for dropping by!

  12. Yay for mermaids in Vancouver! That's so funny! This weekend was spent getting the kiddies ready for another school year. School started today in France. Very nice to 'meet' you! new follower here from KarenG's BBQ:)

  13. Well, if a mermaid were to show up in Vancouver, where else but Stanley Park?
    Perfect location. Great fun. Excellent pictures.
    Hope you have a grand September.

  14. Hi Jenny! I am stopping over from the BBQ - glad you made it. I love the mermaid! Cheers to a new month....


  15. I've never seen a mermaid. But, I am landlocked so I don't see that happening :(
    Nice pictures.

  16. I love the picture of her in the water with the fin. Now that one is pretty realistic!

  17. look ma it's a mermaid how wonderful bet the kids were loving her

  18. Beaches and a mermaid. What could be better than that?

  19. Miss Mermaid certainly looks like she had as much fun as you did taking pictures. What a great day!

    We enjoyed a trip to Port Renfrew to see a different part of the sea from what we see at our harbour. Wish we'd seen a mermaid!

  20. A truly stunning and magical mermaid. Looks like a lot of fun

  21. My weekend was nowhere as beautiful as yours!
    Although, my brothers and I had a few Yuenglings. We didn't see mermaids, but we saw plenty of six foot tall rabbits, pink elephants, and Rosie O'Donnell in a French maid's outfit.
    I'm just kidding.
    We didn't see any elephants.

  22. Creepy Query Girl - HI! Welcome to Pearson Report! I’m very happy to ‘meet’ you too! That was a great BBQ and I’m impressed you flew all the way over from France!
    I hope you enjoy your visit here and take a moment to look around.

    Rob-bear - What a great avatar! We do see a few of those critters (brown bears mostly) around here lately...a little closer to home than one might like.
    Also welcome to Pearson Report - I’m pleased you found the post appealing!
    I too wish you a ‘grand’ there any other kind?

    Tracy Jo - Welcome to Pearson Report! How exciting it is to ‘meet’ new bloggers.
    That BBQ was something alright...I’m still full from all the wonderful dishes brought from all corners of the globe.
    Thanks for dropping by and taking a look around.

    Ruth - It’s always a pleasure seeing your the smile!
    So sorry to read that you are landlocked...I don’t think that would work for me; I need water and mountains to exist.
    I’m glad you could at least see a mermaid this way!

    KarenG - Hey Party Girl! That was some BBQ - it’s on my “must attend again next year” list. I met some very interesting people. What a clever idea that was!

    And, as to that pic in the water...well, I got big brownie points from my “little mermaid” for taking that shot! Sometimes it just comes together...that was one of those moments.

    Becca - Hey are you doing? I’m so glad to have you drop by and check out my girl.
    Yes...the kids do go wild for her, that’s for sure. (even the boys)

    Life 101 - Hi! Welcome to Pearson Report. You’re right, beaches and mermaids...there is nothing better (well, maybe a nice glass of wine while sitting on the beach enjoying the sight of a mermaid sunning herself on the rocks! - Yes, I think that might be a wee bit better!)

    Carole - Hey Miss Traveller - you back, settled in and busy painting up a storm...hmm?
    Did all those wonderful Island sights/sites stir your creative juices into a magical be consumed while wielding your brush? I can’t wait to see what’s happening over at your place.

    Thanks for taking the time to pop over and see my mermaid in action.

    Mynx - Hey girlfriend! Awww, so sweet, thanks for throwing ‘stunning’ in the a mom I do think the camera is kind to her - and somehow she doesn’t mind me taking a couple hundred photos in one shoot.
    As for magical, how can a mermaid be anything but -’s lots of fun, that’s for sure!

    Al - Are we saving the best for last, Al...YES, we are!
    I’m tickled that you popped by to take yet another look at my fishy gal! Lord knows I’ve been milking this little package for quite a while now...I wonder if she’s cottoned on! Great blogging fodder, eh!

    Alrighty, you’ve got me, what the heck is a ‘Yuenglings” huh?
    No pink elephants...hmmm, you’re not hanging with the right peeps...I’m seeing those babies everywhere I go lately!


    Cheers, Jenny

  23. Now, I'm confused, is that mermaid you or someone related to you? She appears here quite often :)

    Greetings to Mrs. Inge too :)

  24. DEZMOND - I say this every time don't I, but your avatar just sets me to smiling, it really does.

    Okay...about the mermaid - she is my daughter. She keeps goading me to make a tail too, but right now I think one mermaid in the family is enough.

    I'll extend your greetings to mom - I call her Inge too!
    She's Austrian and has this great accent, which I mimic perfectly.

    I used to do stand up comedy and did a bit on my heritage - dare I say...even I laughed! Every time I broke into the Inge accent the crowds went wild - too funny!

    My clients crack up when I do my Inge impersonation. Now, bear in mind, I do it lovingly and without degradation - purely light and fun.

    I'm chuckling just thinking about it...hmmm...I really ought to get back into it. It was fun, but being a comic is very stressful, the prep is the hardest part and very time consuming.

    There you have it...confusion alleviated, hopefully!

    Thanks for dropping by Dezz, I always appreciate your comments.
    Cheers, Jenny

  25. Hi Jenny. I've popped over to see you again in response to your lovely comment over on my blog, and the poem entitled The Journey. I have replied to your comment over there, but, just in case you didn't look at it again, yes, of course, you may use that poem. I thought that it was rather special. Take care.

  26. he he he ... you're not the only one who got charmed away but my avatar :) It's the first step in my cunning plan of world domination ;)

    I remember you said Inge had something to do with the Governator :) I personally like hearing German and Russian accent when somebody speaks English. And Scottish too, but I usually don't understand that one :)

    Nice to hear mermaid is your daughter! Tell her to beware of the crabs and scorpions on that beach.

  27. Thisisme - Thanks for coming back and letting me know about the poem - it is worth saving.

    DEZZ - Cutie!

    Crabs, scorpions, fishermen on the look for a trophy (must be wary of all sorts of things lurking on the beach) - dare I say, Miss CP would look cute stuffed and over a mantle...I won't tell her though...she'd be all over me with "what kind of mother are you anyway" - it's that wicked "Inge" humour coursing through my veins - can't be helped!

    Actually Arnold is from a neighbouring town to where my father grew up and when I was about sixteen my dad and I went to see Arnold do a guest pose as Mr. Universe, here in Vancouver, for a body building competition.
    Because dad spoke German he and Arnie chatted up a storm and when my dad introduced me I just about had a heart attack (at 16) - I didn't wash my hand for a week. I still have the signed picture of him! Too cool!

    I even worked Arnie into one of my comedy routines...ahh the good old days!

    I'll have to dig out that photo and post about that day!

  28. So cool!!! I HAVE to show this post to my daughter. She will be thrilled! :)

  29. Samantha - Thanks for dropping by and taking a look! How old is your daughter? If you want you should take her over to, my daughter's site, where there are photos of many different mermaids we saw on our trip to Vegas in August, at the Mermaid Awards Convention.

    Also, if your daughter has any tail related question Courtney is more than happy to answer them for her!

    I think it's every girl's secret wish to be a mermaid like of the fairy princesses!

    Oh...I thought you should know my mom, Inge, an avid reader, is hooked on Before Ever After...she's very impressed with your writing and the story. I'm next, I can hardly wait!

    Cheers, Jenny

  30. Now that is a sight I would certainly love to see, a mermaid sunning on a rock by the sea...what a delight :)
    Hope she swims back to bring smiles for another day.
    Thankyou so much for joining in with my dreams and cheering me on..makes me shimmer like the sparkles on a mermaid's tail :) xx

  31. What fun, it certainly looks as though you had lovely weather last weekend, sorry I am so late calling by.

  32. My weekend was hunting lions, cheetahs, elephants, giraffes, hippos etc…managed to shoot most of them…Hope to be hanging them on the walls of ch√Ęteau BlackLOG soon…

    Perhaps next time I'm in Vancouver I should turn The Beasts attention to Mermaids...

    P.S. If the Bronze beach is that good what are the Silver and Gold ones like???

  33. Your little mermaid is beautiful! Is it risky to swim in the tail fin? In any case thanks for sharing; it's really quite inspiring to see imaginative people speaking out for those who cannot.

  34. Jenny Blair - I’m the fortunate one as I get the pleasure of seeing this mermaid regularly. 

    As to your dreams...pursue them, you are very talented and your creations are beautiful - I enjoy visiting your site and seeing colours come to life through your pieces.


LindyLou - Hi! How is Italy? Thank you for coming by and taking a peek at my mermaid. 
The weather, this time of year, is often some of Vancouver’s best. As I write this we are in a mini heatwave that will last another day or two.

    BlackLOG - My you have been a busy little beaver...shooting up a storm. I’m hoping it’s the “aim, focus, click and print” kind of shooting since I’ve seen your (camera) equipment.

    I imagine the walls of Chateau BlackLOG would be enhanced with a shot of a mermaid photoshopped in between lions and cheetahs!

    If The Beast (you and your camera) and his lovely assistant (Mrs. B) ever find themselves in this part of the world then most definitely a mermaid hunt would be arranged! 

    The Bronze Beach is the Best. The Silver, really can stay as Second Beach, but the Gold Beach really needs to be down graded - it’s currently called English Bay!
A mermaid would much rather swim up to the shore of Third Beach any day - better beach, cuter sunbathers, tastier hotdogs! 

    kneesandpaws - Thank you for your lovely comment!
I am very proud of my daughter for finding a way to speak out on issues concerning our oceans and their inhabitants; presenting herself as a mermaid helps make the connection, particularly with the younger folks - although adults seem quite intrigued as well.


As to your question about swimming in the tail fin - she has no problem with it...I will be doing another post with her so that she may answer this and other questions in more detail. 



Cheers, Jenny

  35. ah, it seems Arnie was a nice fella back in his young days, who would have though he would turn into a governator lunatic who sleeps with his housemaids and makes kids with them :)

  36. Dezz - In Arnie's case I think he can lay blame on his steroid use and an evil drug called ego...the undoing of all the greats that use it!

    I do feel for his wife and embarrassing - for all involved. So sad!

    Cheers, Jenny

    PS...coming up to page are you doing with the page turner?


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