Thursday, January 06, 2011

Meet Lucyfur, a devil of a little Jackshit!

Meet Lucky aka Lucyfur - she's part Jack Russell and part Shitzu...

It's late, really late, so I'm hitting the hay - way too much going on and I need my beauty sleep, so I'll get back to this later and give your the lowdown on Lucky!


  1. It's Lu! Hi Lu!! Aw, what a good little girl! That is such a cute picture of her too! ^^

  2. Yeah...isn't she sweet.
    I'm going to post a few more so check back later.

    Have a great day CP; I'm looking forward to more lunchtime awesomeness!

    Hugs and Love, Moo-tastic - no longer frustrated with my program.

  3. Sweet little thing, she looks so obliging, but does she have a naughty side?


  4. tucker says hello...he loves other puppies!

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  5. Smashing blog, will be back. You deserve more readers.


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