Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Patreon Launch - I'm sharing my Story Cards

Hello my fellow bloggers!

It has been a while since I posted - and this one is SPECIAL.

I've started a Patreon Page- J W PEARSON is creating flash fiction Story Cards  - WOW!

My story card, #20 - Keeper of the Marsh Trees - is on its way to Summer School. It will be used as part of the teaching tools for the Creative Writing portion of the Grade 12 English program.

I am STOKED!!!! Yes, I am! How exciting to see my flash fiction short stories used to encourage the love of writing, and reading. It's quite an honour.

I would love to have you drop by - no pressure to be a patron - and take a look around my Patreon Page.

I would enjoy knowing you've been by and had a look at the setup and maybe even read the free stories - which will be plentiful.

I started my Patron Page on June 21 - so, I'm ironing out the bugs, but so far, so good. What an amazing platform as well. I had some issues and asked for help - the support team was right on it - I mean right on it... the email was barely sent and they replied. Now, that's excellent support!

Okay... that's all for now.

I hope you're all enjoying life - keeping busy - and pursuing your passions. I know I am!

Hugs, Jenny


  1. Hey!! Waving :-)

    Patreon is one of those things I keep hearing about but have never really understood. Is it possible I'm getting too old for this s***??

    I saw on your last post you've read My Name is Lucy Barton. I loved that book - so many people didn't. (I read Goodreads reviews for sport)

    1. Hi Annalisa - thank you for dropping by.

      Patreon is something I've known about for a while since I sponsor my daughter on it. I decided to try my hand at it - the jury is still out! Not quite sure if it's for me.

      I listen a lot of books via Overdrive, which is hooked up to my local library. I can go through about 3 - 4 books a week. So there are days when I'm on the look for a good book, feel free to share your list with me, I would enjoy knowing what you're reading. :) :)


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