Monday, April 09, 2018

Moving on... I had a good run with it, but now I'm done.

Sometimes, the past needs to be left exactly where it landed - IN THE PAST.

I really wanted to get back in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge saddle, alas it's just not happening.


Well, it could be that I didn't stick to my original plan - which was put out the sequel to an earlier A to Z Challenge story.

Or, more likely, it could be my A to Z days really are done, and trying to make it happen again is not in the cards.

To those who entered on time, had their posts ready, and all that - high five. Seriously - I tip my cap to you all.

My best A to Z entries, in my humble opinion, will always be the ones I winged. (2011 & 2013) Those were spontaneous and fun for me and for those that dropped by. You never knew what was coming. It was a blast.

This trying to post to a Theme does not work for me - plain and simple - I'm the winger - not the planner. LOL

Me - when trying to plan posts.

Anyway, I've deleted my entries - and now will revert back to blogging when the mood moves and when time permits.

Happy Blogging.


  1. I've done the A-Z a couple of times, but it's exhausting and demands a lot of time. Blogging as and when is much more relaxing. I was worried you meant done with all blogging, so I'm glad you're sticking around :-)

    1. Hi Annalisa,
      I should have known better - even in my days of winging it time constraints were huge. I own a business, and tax time is April here in Canada - so, it has always added extra stress.

      I don't think I need more stress, and on top of that my Theme was not thrilling me. While I enjoy playing AC Pocket Camp there are other things I enjoy more - like my Flash Fiction writing.

      So, with that - I'm moving on.

      Thanks for dropping in, means a lot. Cheers, Jenny xo

  2. Hi Jenny - well if you're not ready ... it's better to not stress about it and leave. But as Annalisa says ... as long as you're not leaving the blogging world ... we'll see you when we see you - cheers Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary,
      Not ready, and not having fun with my Theme. I should have known better. As I said to Annalisa there are other things I would have had more fun with, like a little bit of Flash Fiction.

      Anyway, I'm not stressing, one way or another it's all good.

      Thanks for always stopping by and giving your support, much appreciated.
      Cheers, Jenny xo

  3. If it isn't fun, it isn't worth doing! Glad you stopped stressing ;)

    1. Hi Andrea,
      So true, if it isn't fun I'm no longer pushing myself. I did think I would like the Theme, but alas, I was totally bored by letter C - call me CRAZY!!! LOL

      Oh well... on to more enjoyable things... Flash Fiction, which I adore.

      Thanks for stopping by - much appreciated. Cheers, Jenny xo

  4. I don't have the time and stuff to do the A t o Z and think those who do are amazing

    1. Hi Jo-Anne, thanks for dropping by.
      I'm on the same page. Lately I have too much other stuff taking up my time and attention. I had hoped my AC Pocket Camp Theme would be doable - it wasn't, too many photos to take. It didn't give me the joy I had hoped it would.

      Those that do this A to Z are definitely amazing!

      Cheers, Jenny xo

  5. Oh, dont do that! Its fine if you don't want to stick to a theme. A theme is useful in only guiding the choice of words. This is my 2nd time and I had drawn up a draft list of topics. But each entry has been changed and the posts are coming spontaneously. That's the fun of it all.

    1. Hi Anupama, thanks for stopping by.
      I'm happy you're giving the A to Z another 2nd go. Indeed a theme is useful, the trick though for me is finding a theme I will stick with. :)

      From the start, back in 2011 I enjoyed winging it - writing and posting on the same day - it was great.

      Then, in 2015, when I assisted Arlee Bird (founder of A to Z), I pretended to use a theme, had a calendar and everything, but actually winged it on a daily basis too.

      This year, I had sequel in the wings, but at the last minute I opted for the Pocket Camp theme - bad call.

      That said, I found myself not feeling the joy - so I wrapped it up and called it a day. I'm okay with that decision.

      Enjoy the challenge, I'll drop by and give your posts a read.
      Cheers, Jenny :) :)

  6. This shouldn't feel like a chore! So just keep posting what you want, when you want. The world has not come to an end...just your alphabet! Have a happy day of exploring your world, and post again when you have a mind to!!!

    1. Hi Donna, thanks for stopping by.
      So right you are, this blogging stuff should not be a chore. And, per your good advice :) I will continue doing my thing which, speak of the devil, I just did. LOL

      I posted about books I've enjoyed this past two weeks. Maybe if the mood moves me I'll post another one in about 2 weeks with the next batch I'll have devoured.

      Anyway, thanks for checking in on me - so sweet - much appreciated. Cheers, Jenny xxoo


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