Friday, February 16, 2018

Life is a SMORGASBORD. How much is on your PLATE?

As I return to my roots - here, at Pearson Report - I have discovered how easy it is to take on WAY TOO MUCH stuff.

While cleaning up my blog, placing many posts in Draft Mode, I realized how FLIGHTY I have been.

I looked up FLIGHTY and found these synonyms:

inconsistent - mercurial - whimsical - capricious - skittish - volatile - impulsive

INTERESTING...  (A true Piscean... sorry my fellow fishys, the truth hurts, I know.)

I picked "flighty" because it describes my tendency to be all over the map. Which, I confess, I am.

It's the nature of my beast.
See... I can own my baggage... I don't like my baggage, but, I will own it.

Okay, this baggage I love! (Miss CP and I on route to Disneyland!)

Here are words I think describe me, when it comes to how I tackle life, and the things I think of as my passions.

ambitious - zealous - distracted - eager - motivated - determined - enthusiastic

Yet, things don't get done, completed or otherwise finished.


No, I think it's having too many plates on the go at the Smorgasbord.

Is there a quick fix - NO, there is not - and don't let anyone tell you there is. They are lying!

So then... what is the REAL QUESTION I need to ask myself?

Why, dear ME, do I need to taste everything at life's SMORGASBORD?

Time to scrape off my many plates and start over again with an eye to filling one (small) plate,  satisfying my immediate cravings. Ah, what joy, what happiness will then be mine. I smile at the thought.

Why does seeing a smile make us want to smile too?
(Original artwork by me!)

I see, from perusing my past posts, I have, on several occasions, left this blogging platform - YET, return time and time again.


Well, the easy answer might be, because I like it. 

But it's more than that - it's about community - about common ground - real people sharing real stuff.

That's the real answer.

Yes - Twitter IS fun. I mostly use it to keep up with the LCHF (low carb high fat) community and give my local transit company the gears (they are really bad at transportation).

Yes - Instagram IS fun. I like the ease of using it. I like seeing what friends and family are up to, in very quick bites. No lengthy ramblings (like here, eeek). But... it still lacks that something I'm looking for. 

Maybe... the reason I keep coming back here is because it allows a certain freedom - I love writing (typing too), I love reading, I love sharing my journey - and this platform fits those best.

Long and short... in a nutshell, I need to
- being everything to everyone
- having so many project on the go at once
- putting off the thing that needs to be done now (okay, I hear the paperwork for tax time calling)
- letting my mind wander to greener pastures (read, yet more ideas/projects)

And finally I need to STOP saying YES to things I don't want to do.  (this is a biggie)

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a pushover - I just like being helpful... to everyone but ME.
Yikes... there, I said it out loud.

Now, I'm outta here - time to go for a long walk and clear my mind of the clutter that's stopping me from reaching my potential.

(Yup, I drew this!)

You got baggage?

What do you do with yours?


  1. Hi Jenny - good to see you again ... and plenty of baggage do I have ... in fact I picked mine up and deposited over the water from you - I'm now on Vancouver Island for a couple of years ... and hope to get to the mainland. I do like connecting, but realise everyone needs breaks ... life goes on - cheers for now - Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary, I'm laughing re the baggage! I guess you would need quite a bit if you're going to be here for a few years.
      And on the Island, no less, you're a ferry ride away.
      If you find yourself heading my way I would be so happy to meet you (or have you to my place for coffee) and catch up.
      You can email me directly at pearsonreport at gmail dot com.

      I can hardly fathom what has brought you all the way here for an extended visit. If you're up to it please fill me in. I feel I've missed out on a whole chapter of your life.

      Sending smiles and hugs, Jenny xo

  2. I love seeing you back, Jenny! So much! Also, I love seeing that you're still drawing. That's awesome. At times I feel like I have too many plates up in the air and they end up crashing down to the ground and I don't feel like cleaning them up. That's because I'm hopeful I can get it all done. The cleaning up part stinks though. I've learned to just let it go if possible. Some projects I can, others not so much. :)

    Oh, I forgot to mention in my email about the comments. There is a link in the sidebar if you need it or you can comment as a guest if it's easier. Again, sorry for the frustrations! It's so good to see you!


    1. Hi Elsie, so great to see you drop by. Thank you. I sure have missed this platform. It always draws me back.

      I've been in research mode this last half year - finally getting a handle on things of importance but still the plates fill up.

      I will check out your site again and see what I need to do to actually post as me - not as a guest. I enjoy your site and find your journey to be fascinating.

      With smiles and hugs, Jenny xo


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