Tuesday, July 19, 2016


This is pretty epic for me.

Some of you loyal hanger-ons ,dropping in now and then to see if the vultures have stopped swarming around my carcass, know I am passionate about writing.

Well, did you know I am also passionate about reading.

Last year I ventured down the Flash Fiction highway and loved the journey.

So much so, that I’ve been putting my stories together for a book.

The ISBN number is waiting patiently as I stumble and trip over the “how to get it published” part. Which, by the way, lead me to discover I don’t need the costly addition of photos to actually print the stories. 

Well, blow me down and fluff up my feathers - I did not figure this out until July 12th.

July 12th...

a day to remember, well, until August 9th arrives, and then that will also be a day to remember.

Back to the 12th though - I went to the Cottage Bistro and bent an ear while 10 storytellers did their thing. 

It was then I figured that I too would like to tell a tale - a scary, spine chilling, freak-you-out sort of story, you know, the kind I like to write.


That would be the draw to be a storyteller for the upcoming August 9th Vancouver Story Slam.

And today, after four days of suspense - where I confess I breathed in deeply from my lavender essential oil bottle and imbibed of the red wine spirit (gods come in many forms) - I was sent the email bearing the subject: “Story Slam draw results”.


So, look out Vancouver - I’m ready to rumble... well, okay...

I’m ready to read! (then rumble!)

If you’re in the hood - drop in and listen, if not... say a word or two to your favourite spirit. Hey, you never know.


I’ve even got two stories I’m polishing. I’ll decide the night of which I’m going to read. 

Kudos to my mother, the great IZ (kinda like OZ, eh) who’s been my audience of one while I read and reread my selections. 

I mean to go in prepared, and come out feeling like I did myself proud.

A special thank you to Bouncin’ Barb and Bushman - two of the best readers a girl could know. Your supportive comments over at WBC (under construction) has brought me to this spot. I’ll take the stage on August 9th knowing your spirits are with me.


  1. Hi Jenny - well done .. and so good to be nearly at the start gate - that's awesome ... now may the stars be with you ...and whistle you and your stories around the world to great sales en route ...

    Cheers and all the very best - Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary - thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I hope I can finally make this book thing happen.
      I was aiming to publish 90 of my Flash Fiction stories along with the photos that prompted each story but it was becoming a printing nightmare.

      In light of realizing only I needed the photo prompt and the stories themselves can be read without them I have now embarked on getting things rolling. What I may still do, as suggested by my printer, is add only a few photos where I think it would be of interest to the reader to see what inspired the story it goes with.

      Being able to read my stories in public is the real thrill. So far, from the private readings I have done, I am hopeful this first "public" reading will go well. Fingers crossed.

      I hope you are enjoying Summer - hopefully the weather in your area is true to the season. Here it's been more like January than July at times.

      Sending smiles, hugs, and happy thoughts your way, Jenny xxoo

  2. Hello sweet lady and I'm just sooooo happy for you. I'm happy you were selected and I sure wish you weren't so far away. I'd be there in a flash but you definitely know I will be there in spirit from Connecticut because I'll be vacationing with my girls then!!! Woo Hoo. So August has very special times for both of us. I miss your daily dose of flash fiction more than you know. It was such a thrill to see what you came up with from a photo each and every day. You are a star!!! Hugs and love....XX BB

    1. You're not going to believe this... I have tried 3 times to post a reply and each time it's been eaten by the Blogger Goblins - yikes.

      So... third times hopefully the charm! :)

      I'm tickled you're here, Barb. Thanks. I sure would be stoked if you lived close enough to attend. I would love it - we'd most seriously be going for a beverage (or 3) afterwards. LOL

      I hope you and the girls have a wonderful vacation, I know how much they mean to you. Have fun. I'll be looking forward to reading your post about it. :)

      In the meantime - I'm working on my writing blog, it's been getting a small overhaul and when it's up and running you'll be getting the VIP invite (along with Bushman) to take a few stories for a spin.

      Until then, sending you love and hugs, Jenny xxoo

  3. That's exciting news, Jenny. Hope it all goes well in August!

    1. Thanks, Ian. How's life on the island? Hope your writing's moving along smoothly. I'll be over to visit your blog. Now that I've come out of hibernation I think it's time to drop in on my diehard loyal blogging friends.

      I really appreciate you dropping by, means a lot - sending smiles and happy writing thoughts your way. Cheers, Jenny

  4. Replies
    1. Ahhhh, dbs... your singular word speaks volumes.

      Mine in return, though not singular are: Thanks, you dropping in means a lot. Much appreciated. JP

  5. This is great news! You should be proud of yourself because you have met the challenge and was chosen. I know you will do well so congrats to you!

    1. Hi Birgit - thanks for the kind words. At this stage I have met no actual challenge, other than being lucky enough to have had my name drawn. Eighteen names, but only ten spots.

      The real challenge comes on Aug 9th when I will read my 4-6 min story and then be judged by the listening audience. Now that's challenging!

      I'm so happy to have this opportunity to read in public, a chance to see how people respond to my kind of writing.

      I really appreciate seeing you here - I'm sorry I haven't been around and paid you the same kindness. I feel like I've shed a skin and am ready to reenter the blogging world. I look forward to checking out what you've been up to.

      I'm sending smiles, love and happy thoughts your way, Jenny xxoo

  6. That's awesome, well done. That's the kind of thing I find so scary, but Hubby has plans to get me reading aloud more. Wishing you lots of luck. Looking forward to hearing more about your book too!

    1. Hi Annalisa, thank you for stopping by.
      It is scary!! But, I'm up for it because I want my stories heard. The lengths writers will go to, eh!! LOL Your hubby is on the right track, getting you reading aloud is the best way to get stories moving.

      As the book progresses I'll be putting up posts to keep you all in the loop. Time I got back into blogging and sharing the journey.

      For you too, I send congratulations regarding your latest book. I know it will be a great success.

      Sending smiles, love, and hugs your way, Jenny xxoo

  7. Rumble baby, rumble. Much congrats.

    1. Hi Ivy, the word rumble is making my tummy grumble as I'm thinking of breakfast (even thought it's lunchtime).

      Thanks for dropping in, always a treat to see you. Hugs and love, Jenny xxoo

  8. I am so happy for you. This is great!!! :)

    1. Thank you Linda - I appreciate you dropping in and taking a read of my post. I'm truly excited to have this opportunity. I think there will be a video of it, and if so, I will post it. Then you all can see me freaking out!!! LOL

      Sending smiles, love, hugs and happy thoughts your way, Jenny xxoo

  9. Wow, that sounds so exciting and scary! Wishing you luck!

    1. Hi Jennifer - welcome to Pearson Report, very kind of you to drop by and leave a comment.

      Yup, it is both exciting and scary - I'm feeling the love on both ends!!
      Thanks for the luck - always open to getting more of what money can't buy... and luck is right up there!

      Cheers, Jenny :) :)

  10. Thank goodness. No vultures.

    1. Hi Mr.Bones! Your avatar always puts a smile on my face - thanks for stopping by.

      Yup, no vultures... just crows for now - and I've got them figured out. LOL

  11. Congratulations! I hope you kick butt and take names! Writing is a sad and lonely business, so when you get a little nod in affirmation from the gatekeeper, it's pretty cool. Have fun!

    1. Hi Pamela, yes indeed - "writing is a sad and lonely business" and getting that nod is definitely cool. Very!!!

      I downloaded your book on my Kindle. I started it and find myself immersed and intrigued. I'm enjoying your journey.

      Sending smiles and happy thoughts your way, Jenny xxoo

  12. Stopped back again to see what you are up to. You have been missed. Lots.


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