Monday, February 01, 2016

To your health

Current Read

Beyond the Paleo Diet
for Total Health
and a Longer Life
Nora T. Gedgaudas, CNS, CNT

Finished Reading

The Big Fat Surprise (read 7 times)
Why Butter, Meat & Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet
Nina Teicholz

Grain Brain (read 6 times) and Brain Maker (read 2 times, 3 coming up)
Dr. David Perlmutter

You may be wondering why I read and re-read these books. Well, simply put they are worth it. The information in them isn't just a one-off pass for me. I read them several times so the information sinks in.

Let me start by saying this about me - I like using my brain. I like thinking for myself. I like digesting information - fact based, well researched information. I then take the time to implement what I have learned and test the theories for myself.

Even before reading these excellent books I shied away from the propaganda which has veiled much of North America in a massive and sad health crisis since the early 1950's when Dr. Ancel Keys, with the support of the AHA (American Heart Association), hypothesized that all fat caused coronary heart disease. To date, this hypothesis remains unsubstantiated as Dr. Keys was unable to show conclusive proof for it.

As my parents are from Austria eating animal fat, particularly butter, was part of my upbringing. My father forbid any form of margarine and refined oils in the house. Food was as unprocessed and unrefined as possible, with much of the protein that made it to our table coming from my father's hunting and fishing efforts. We had a large and abundant garden. My mother baked using only lard and butter - no Crisco or "fake" shortening ever made it into our kitchen.

Sadly, even with all this wonderful wisdom it was easy to get caught up in the hype of what was good for heart health. Even my dear mother succumbed to the ravages of diabetes because of bad advice from dieticians which were told to promote carbohydrates over protein and fat.

If you suffer from any of the Western Diseases (also known as Diseases of affluence) such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis and depression than you really need to read the aforementioned books. NOW!

I would recommend starting with The Big Fat Surprise. You will be in for a rude awakening. Further, if you are an American you will be angry with your government for allowing this heart/diet hypothesis deception to continue.

But... here's the clincher... sadly, we have only ourselves to blame.

What ever happened to DUE DILIGENCE?

At what point are we responsible for our wellbeing and health related choices?

At what point did we stop questioning and become puppets, manipulated by the likes of Dr. Ancel Keys, the AHA, and even the government of the day into thinking they know what's best for us?

Take back your brain, and start using it.

Of course, you might want to first start by feeding your brain what it's been craving these past sixty years - FAT - saturated fat to be more specific.

Look for a follow up post on FAT... and its wonderful healing powers. Don't take my word for it though, eat some and see how your brain responds.

Written with your good health in mind.

Cheers, Jenny


  1. Hip Hip Hooray for fat! Especially deep fat fried chicken! Not sure if you meant this but....

    1. Hey Bushman! First up - hehehehe, early riser, eh! So, the nursery is looking good, you really have a knack for picking colours. :)

      Yup, three cheers for FAT! Now, regarding "frying" - here's the thing the only fat to be used for frying is SATURATED FAT. Vegetable oils are the worst. What you want is the most compatible oil for humans and that is any saturated fat - beef tallow, lard, coconut oil.

      Here's the link to Wikipedia's Oil Page- you'll want to look for oils that are high in saturated fat as the best option for frying.

      I'll be doing a full post on why we need to be particularly concerned about with regards to the oils we use to cook with. Staying away from polyunsaturated oils is key - very bad oils indeed.

      Anyway, I'm taking all this quite serious. These books should make it on your list. And in particular, Brain Maker - all about how we fuel our children's brains and prepare them for the best possible life by starting them off right.

      Let me know if you give any of the a read, I value your opinion. :)

    2. Well things have changed a bit int the last two days round these parts. Momma was just diagnosed with gestational diabetes so now I have one gluten intolerant child and one diabetic pregnant wife to cook for. So now I have to shop for high protein,low fat, low GI carbs, no sugar or added sugar and gluten free food. I think we will be eating cardboard for the next two months. No...that is probably all carbs but at least they will be starchy carbs!

  2. I have befriended a nutritionist who convinced me to get off cholesterol meds because your brain needs it and it's all about government control and $$. She's into AstroBalance which I find fascinating. Glad you are taking this stuff seriously. Miss you though!!! Xx

    1. Hi Barb, good to read you are off your cholesterol meds. As we age we need more, not less, cholesterol to keep our brains healthy.

      I'm intrigued with AstroBalance - I've googled it but am not sure if you mean Estro Balance. Give me a little more info please. The learning curve for me never ends, I'm on one big loop. Miss you too. xxoo

    2. Let her know you found out about her through me if you contact her. Her name is Holly.

  3. I used to buy books like this, but I never read them. My intentions were good I guess. I guess I figured having the books around might inspire me to read them or at least start doing better with my eating habits.

    I guess I've gotten a little better with healthy eating, but not much. Considering all, I think I'm in pretty good shape. Now if I can cut back on all the sugary sweets in which I indulge I'll be doing much better.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. Ahhhh... the buyer that never reads. We've all got books like that, so fret not and know you're in good company.

      If you're not inclined to read these books they are all available as audiobooks, and can be downloaded via the Overdrive app to your phone. This is how I've "read" The Big Fat Surprise 6 times - I bought the actual book (7th read) as well so I could earmark pages for later reference.

      I view sugar as the equal to cocaine. It cripples the body and mind. It isn't something I have anymore - not even a wee bit.

      Since dealing with my mother's diabetes and being able to turn things around for her by cutting "all things white" out of her diet, and adding in wonderful fats and proteins, she is a different person. Friends of Mom's have been totally amazed at her transformation, not only mentally, but physically.

      The best gift you can give yourself, Lee, is the time to read one of these books. They all have the same message - AVOID CARBS AT ALL COSTS.

      Let me know if you ever find your way into the folds of one of these books. If you do I know you will not regret it. :)

  4. I like the idea of the pro-cheese and butter book. If you've read it so many times, I'm wondering if maybe it has good recipes.

    1. Hi Karen, no recipes to speak of. Primal Body, Primal Mind does have some.

      Mostly the reason I listen/read them so many times is the information is pretty intense. I like it to sink in. I have 2 of these books as audiobooks hence being able to "read" them over and over.

      These are must-read books for anyone concerned with any one of those Western diseases listed in the post. So much of what makes us sick is directly related to the amount of carbohydrates we are consuming. Cut the carbs, add more saturated fat and one instantly feels the difference.

      Thanks for stopping in - hope life is good in your neck of the world. :)

  5. Look at The Real Meal Revolution by Professor Tim Noakes....this Banting way of life (better than using the term diet!) has taken South Africa by storm! This is how we now live and my 81 yr old father no longer has type 2 diabetes! High fat, medium protein and low carb is the way to go...sugar is the devil!!

    1. Hi Possum! Good to see you here. And dare I say I love your comment - right on track with my thinking.

      Thank you for the recommendation of Professor Tim Noakes - I will look into it right away.

      Like your father, my mother's Type 2 diabetes is virtually gone - still a little way to go, but I have great expectations for her.

      Yes - sugar is the devil! As I mentioned to Arlee, in my reply, I view sugar on par with cocaine - I don't have it, ever.

      Eating low carb is also very easy. I call my program "Greens, Eggs and Ham", meaning I will eat anything green (grown above ground), I eat eggs (and any other fat based protein), and I adore my bacon (organic, with little sodium and no nitrates). I am NEVER hungry. Bonus - I've lost 25 lbs since July - without effort.

      Thanks for adding such a supportive comment - I hope more people cotton on to how dangerous carbs really are, and how we've been blindsided by doctors, and big pharma, with their hidden agendas. :)

  6. I'm with you. Good Calories Bad Calories 9 times.

    1. Hi pjensen - welcome to Pearson Report. Gary Taubes is a worthy read. Good call, thanks for sharing your comment here.

  7. I like to learn stuff and re-read as well. Great fun. Wishing you a WholeNew week and a great big side of boogie boogie.


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