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In light of a few readers asking for their very own copy of the alluded to Coconut Flour Pancake recipe in my last post - here it is for those of you not bold enough to ask…. hehehehehehe… I read your minds.

I have a recipe for CREPES (using wheat flour) - it's easy and I've been making these crepes for as long as I can remember - love, love, love me some crepes.

Well… since dabbling with all things GRAIN FREE I started wondering if I could whip up some grain free crepes. Ever the risk taker with my new found passion (aka making a mess in my kitchen) I decided to play with my crepe recipe.

First, for those of you loving crepes and not minding wheat flour - here is the crepe recipe I've used for decades. It comes to you compliments of my Kate Aitken's Canadian Cook Book. (circa 1971)

FYI: It has been one of the most useful cook books I own. It's about the size of a pocket paperback, and chock-full of amazing tips too.

I took a photo of the recipe - click to enlarge.

Okay… here's where it get interesting.

So… looking at this crepe recipe (which I always double) I took 4 eggs, beat them to within an inch of their lives, added 1 1/3 cup of 36% whipping cream and coconut milk (that's about 2/3c each), added 3 Tbsp. butter (I added 1 more than the doubled amount) and gave it all a good beating. I never add the salt, well, almost never. And I for sure NEVER add lemon rind - you see, it says optional. I never add optional stuff - just me!

Last, I added in the coconut flour. I only used 1/2 cup as I have noticed coconut flour acts like a sponge and absorbs liquid quickly. The mixture was very much like crepe mixture should be - runny.

With the above steps done I decided to try and make a crepe. I poured some in my skillet, did the circling bit so it was nice and thin.

Everything was looking good - until I had to flip the dang thing.


DISASTER…. it wouldn't stick together. It fell apart - pieces everywhere.

Into the garbage it went.

THE LIGHT BULB TURNED ON AT THIS POINT. I realized I needed to add something to act as glue to hold it all together.

Psyllium Husk Powder came to the rescue. Now… here's where the risk taking came in…

I asked myself - "How much Psyllium?" and I decided on 1 Tbsp. I based this on how much I use in my bread and muffin recipes.

WELL - I looked at the mixture which was NOT runny like it should be for crepes so I thought… hmmm, how about making little pancakes.

OMG They were so amazing I can't even tell you. I ate them all. I slathered them with butter and REAL maple syrup (none of that fake stuff for us Canadians) and thought I'd died and gone to Pancake Heaven.

Seriously… talk about falling into the batter, but this was really a great trial and error moment.

I have written it out properly and will now share it with YOU.

Here it is…

GRAIN FREE PANCAKE RECIPE, a Pearson Report original.

4 eggs, well beaten
1 1/3 cup milk (use something thick like whipping cream, or whole fat coconut milk)
3 Tbsp melted butter
1/2 cup coconut flour (doesn't need to be sifted)
1 Tbsp psyllium husk powder
1/4 tsp salt (won't hurt if you don't use it)

Beat the first 3 ingredients together, then add the last 3 to the mixture, beat again. Note: this mixture looks runny but thickens quickly because of the psyllium husk, it will surprise you.

Heat frying pan/skillet on medium high, add some coconut oil or butter to the pan, then add the pancake batter by the spoonful (large or small, your call). Just don't make them big - harder to flip.

Brown, then flip and brown the other side. Serve right away with butter and REAL maple syrup.

Can be enjoyed cold with jam or cheese.

***I can't stress enough how important it is for you to tweak this recipe as you see fit. For example, some folks might add a few drops of Vanilla Extract, others might enjoy the salt, or the lemon rind. 
That's the fun part about recipes - make them your own. 

 Let me know how it all turns out.

Some pics to give you some idea of what I'm talking about...

See how it thickens
Psyllium Husk Powder, in jar, and Coconut Flour
Frying in Coconut Oil and Butter
Flipped and looking good
More butter, some awesome real Maple Syrup
and down the hatch - these puppies did not last long on the plate.

There you go - straight from the Pearson Report Kitchen - man, am I one talented chick! What next, Donald Trump's running mate?  I'm falling off my chair in a fit of giggles!

Well… what have you been messing with in your kitchen?

Here's what I've got in store for you next - my Cauliflower Crust Hamburger Pizza - double yum!

Happy salivating!

Cheers,  Jenny


  1. I couldn't give up my crepes, Jenny, but my recipe comes from The Joy of Cooking, where the batter is 'allowed to rest' for cohesiveness, I suppose. Those pancakes do look good, though, especially with maple syrup. And right again, nothing beats maple syrup. Enjoying reading about your cooking feats!

    1. I totally understand. When we have a favourite recipe it doesn't matter what anyone else says. hahaha That's how I feel too. So if crepes recipe makes you salivate than it's doing its job.

      I knew you'd be on the same page with the maple syrup. I can't imagine how anyone can use the fake stuff.

      Thanks, DG, for stopping by. I'm happy to regale you with my cooking feats (aka lucky mishaps). Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon. xo

  2. I love crepes-They are delicious but I have never made them

    1. If you don't have wheat issues I really do recommend the original crepe recipe at the top of the post. It is so amazing, and so easy; throw everything into a bowl and beat it together - no fuss.

      Thanks, Birgit, for stopping by - seems these crepes are a hit - too bad one can't reach into the screen an sample them. :) :) xo

  3. Looking forward to that pizza--sounds creative and delicious.

    1. Thanks, dbs. I'm looking forward to sharing the pizza too - you'll be wanting to rustle up your very own after you read how easy it is to make.

  4. I couldn't do this recipe, because I'd make so many puns about Psyllium being so silly-yum that my wife would just dump the batter over my head and then beat me with her whisk.

    I love making crepes. I stuff mine with enough Nutella to give you diabetes on sight...but it's totally worth it.

    1. You crack me up. I laugh at the name too. Weird, eh! If you don't have wheat issues make the crepe recipe - you'll be happy you did. Your wife will be happy you did too.

      Yum to the Nutella crepe filling idea - so going to do that! Thanks for dropping by and sharing that tidbit… an occasional sugar bomb can't hurt.

    2. My only wheat issue is that I love it too much. But I actually do want to try this recipe. It's different from ours.

      My personal favorite crepe concoction: Nutella with a little bit of peanut butter and some banana slices. The banana makes it healthy.

      (Not really)

  5. Now I'm craving pancakes...thanks a lot!! Lol. That next recipe souds very intriguing. Can't wait to hear about it.

    1. Hey Barb - the good news with these is they are extremely low carb. Since starting to do some cooking for my mom (she's diabetic) and cutting her carb intake she's reduced her need for insulin, dropped weight, and is feeling great.

      If that's the outcome of using coconut flour than I'm going to keep rustling up these recipes.

      As to the pizza - now, that's going excite a few folks that want to break away from wheat too. I love it - taste just like any other pizza - only better! LOL

      Thanks for stopping in - your smile makes me smile - and I like smiling. xxoo

  6. As long as your not doing creeps. Big difference there.
    I used to make crepes all the time for the children. (sounds silly)
    I would cheat and buy a can of ready to go pie filling and put a dab in the crepe, roll it up and drizzle chocolate syrup over it and serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. They thought I was the fanciest chef around. (oops, my secret is out)

    1. Hey, good buddy - I laughed when I read "creeps" because that's what I actually wrote - and didn't catch it until I was about to press "publish". Yikes.

      I love your crepe filling - yum! And… you are the fanciest chef around, I already knew that from all those yummy posts you do about making jerky, canning all your produce. I'm damn jealous is what I am. My creepy crepes are nothing to what you rustle up over yonder! LOL (your secret's safe with me)

  7. Coconut flour absorbs a great deal of water. About a fourth of coconut flour to plain flour is the difference. But man alive, it's great stuff. Have you started to play with sorghum flour and sorghum syrup (not the blends)?

    Keep going girl. There's a world of flippin' fun in these along with homemade nut and seed flours, which all make killer immune bustin' griddle cakes.

    1. Hi Ivy, thanks for stopping by. I figured you'd be in the know about coconut flour. I haven't even heard of sorghum flour or syrup… so off to Google I go, after writing this. :)

      I just finished a loaf of my coconut flour bread for a friend I'm seeing first thing tomorrow morning. I had time all day, but got busy with some Vista Print projects and now the oven just pinged so I can finally hit the hay.

      I'll let you know if I start playing with sorghum… and his friends! LOL

      Have a happy Tuesday… xoxo

  8. Those look really good.
    In my mind, there should not be such a thing as pancake & waffle syrup. To be fair, if I am out of maple syrup, I have made my grandma's syrup. Which is a cup of brown sugar, a cup of white sugar, and a cup of water brought to a boil. But, if I buy maple syrup, it has to be the real thing. Fake stuff is ick!

    1. I agree, Ruth. I was in a grocery store the other day and happened past the pancake/syrup selection. I stopped and read a few labels. Shocking what doubles for "maple syrup". They should be require to have the word 'fake' in bold letters on the label.

      The taste alone is worth the few extra dollars. And, I tend to keep one eye (the good one) peeled for when it goes on sale in this one particular store - then, I stock up and buy an extra one.

      At least grandma's syrup is a sugar/water mix, not corn syrup or corn maltodextrin. Let's face it, nowadays the corn industry has a strangle hold on the market. It's cheap, but it's so bad for us. I avoid it at all costs.

      Thanks for stopping by - hope all is well in your world. :) :) xo

  9. Darn that sounds good! I've never heard of coconut flour. But I do love crepes!

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Wrote By Rote

    1. Hi Lee, the first recipe, the crepe one, is with wheat flour. But as I no longer use grains I created the coconut flour pancake recipe. Mom and I enjoy this every Sunday, drizzled with real maple syrup, bacon, sausage, and a fried egg. Yup, life is good!

      I hope you've been having an awesome fall - I've been hiding, busy with a new job, and my book… there just isn't much time for blogging.

      Thanks for stopping in - you put a smile on my face. :) :)


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