Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Global Twitter/Blogger Happiness Project - shall we dance?

Happiness is learning the Argentine Tango.

Today, I could not let the day end without sharing how much happiness filled it.

From start to finish happiness has filled almost every moment.

Every moment…

Yes, I am feeling the effects of asking myself the question “What is happiness to me” at every turn.

This causes me to laugh as by nature I am a happy person - so why ask myself this question? It has indeed been intriguing.

Even my dear Miss CP has queried the meaning behind this Global Twitter/Blogger Happiness Project of mine.

Really - it all started because though happiness runs easily through my veins I have, as of the last few months, been dealing with aging mother issues that have, at times, left me spent and overwhelmed - leaving me less happy than usual.

And, in this space of 'less happy' I have found a level of impatience that I do not like in myself - so it was time to take stock.

Happiness is ours to create and enjoy yet -  I, Miss Happiness herself, have been flying under the happiness radar for a while and not liking it one little bit.

Something needed to change.


I started taking Argentine Tango lessons - I’ve had two private lessons and two group lessons.


Oh my goodness - it’s the most exciting dance and so romantic.


Happiness is learning the Argentine Tango.

And learning this Tango has caused me to enjoy my wide open - waiting to be renovated - kitchen. It’s perfect for practicing my steps.

My wee dog lies there, in her little beddie, and wonders what her crazy owner is up to as I move gracefully backwards around my kitchen - yes, I must be quite a sight!

Here, this is me in my “outfit” for my lessons…

Take by my sweet niece, Desi, the other day on my back steps.

Well - happiness is coursing through my veins - as it ought to be.


It’s time for me to check in with YOU - are you still asking yourself “What is happiness to me?” on a daily basis?

I hope so! 

Keep smiling and enjoy the happiness that you deserve.

Cheers, Jenny


  1. Tango! Now that makes me happy!

    1. I discovered it purely by chance - went on a date - this was his choice.
      Well, date's over - and I'm still tangoing! Hahahaha

      Wait till you see what I've got in store for an upcoming post… it will surely make you giggle! This happiness thing is doing wonders for my head space!

      Thanks, Carole, for checking in - it's always a treat having you here.

      Hugs, Jenny

  2. You look awesome, Jenny! A ray of sunshine. Aren't dance lessons a ton o' fun? I took Swing lessons a few times. What a blast.

    Have you heard this song yet? Every time I read about your Project it runs through my head:


    Pharrell Williams, Happy

    Be well!!


    1. Awww… thanks, dear Elsie - I wished the photo was taken after I fussed with my hair - hahahaha, vanity be my name!

      I am loving Tango - but I imagine Swing would be quite fun too. One step (literally) at a time though as I am finding there's a lot to learn with Argentine Tango.

      I'm off to listen to the song - thanks for linking me to it - I'll add more to this after I take a listen.

      Thanks for your support and encouragement with this Project - I'm having fun with it!

      Hugs, Jenny

  3. I'm getting there. I am happy most of the time but there is still too much connection to Bruce yet via the pc so emotions can run high. I have started getting out and meeting new people though. I'm like you. I am too happy to let this get to me. You look fabulous and I bet you own that kitchen floor!!!

    1. Hey Barb - I was thinking of you as I started this project. Yes, we have "happy" in common. I've always sensed, by your writings, that you enjoy the ups and try to keep a lid on the lows.

      In light of your recent parting of ways I thought this daily challenge of asking "What is happiness to me?" would keep the "happy" flowing and make going through this trying time easier.

      And… hahahaha - yes, I do own the kitchen floor in more ways than one!!! Too funny, eh!

      Hugs and smiles coming your way, Jenny.

  4. Sorry to hear about your mom. But glad to hear that you're doing something to help yourself in a positive way.

    1. Thanks, Happy Whisk. She's making progress but ever so slowly. Yes, making time for me is what is helping me cope.

      Cheers, Jenny


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