Monday, February 03, 2014

Global Twitter/Blogger Happiness Project - finding happiness in the simple things.

It’s day 3 of my two month Global Twitter/Blogger Happiness Project and in my little sphere I see things shifting.

Let’s take a quick look back at yesterday - I attended the annual ESI Spa Show here in Vancouver with my lovely daughter, Courtney.

I gave her the lowdown on my project - she was vaguely aware of it having read my first post - but, like a few folks I’ve heard from, she was not quite sure what it was all about.

So… a recap of sorts…

For two months, February and March, I am focusing on this one question:

What is happiness to me? 

The objective is to ask myself this question daily, often - not just once but several times as the day unfolds around me.

I have invited YOU to participate.

I have asked you to jot your answer (namely the thing that created or triggered your happiness) down somewhere - a calendar, the note pad on your smart phone… somewhere you can see it and reread it.

If you wish to blog it or tweet it all the better.

Mostly what I’m interested in is the “doing it daily” bit and seeing what happens to our “state of happiness” in doing so.

Does thinking of happiness daily alter our perception of it?

You tell me.


Let me share with you the way this morning unfolded. I received this text from my daughter.

It instantly put a big smile on my face.

“Why?” you ask.

Well, I wanted to see if asking herself the “happiness question” would lift Courtney's spirits and change how she sees things. 

Lately she’s been overloaded with stress from work, family and health related issues and she’s been rather down about it all.

Yesterday, as we walked the convention floor, I stated openly things that were making me happy.

Such as… 

I am happy with my career choice. 

I find happiness in being a member of the longest standing beauty association in BC.

I smile at being so easily recognized and valued in my field - this gives me true happiness.

After thirty years I am still deeply passionate about what I do - there’s happiness if ever I wanted it!

We came upon a booth wherein worked the most amazing young woman, Tirra - she radiated warmth, kindness, compassion, gentleness and spiritual awareness.

It was wonderful being in this woman’s space. When we concluded our business with her we embraced and shared a hug - it was the hug of growth; of caring and sharing - it was a magical hug.

Did you know hugging is so underrated - I love being hugged! It refuels my soul. And, dare I say, my soul was most generously topped up.

Dear Miss CP (as I affectionately call my daughter) received a hug too - we all smiled.

Whereby I openly stated…

Happiness is being present and accepting the gift of touch - of kindness and compassion - this sharing of a hug and all it offers.

Here is a photo of me and Tirra - I wanted to capture the moment to share with you.

We left the convention with an added bounce to our steps. Heading over to the Pan Pacific Hotel for dinner I noticed the lightness and happiness resonating from my daughter. 

During our meal I asked Courtney if she would partake in my Global Twitter/Blogger Happiness Project - she agreed without hesitation.

I think I can safely say it was one of my happiest moments. 

Back to this morning…

As I dog-sit Courtney’s wee pup, Al (whom I featured in last year’s  A-Z Challenge) I see my daughter daily.

What I saw today was my “ah ha” happiness moment - I’m smiling broadly as I type this - she bounded into my home with such wonderful energy - truly happy.


Because, she tells me, she woke up and immediately embraced the question… she found happiness in something as simple as how she started her morning.

How about you?

Are you asking yourself, “What is happiness to me?” daily?


What’s your answer?

Cheers, Jenny


  1. Well, you know, I am the Happy Whisk, happiness built right in.

    Good luck and fun in your new blogger/twitter challenge. I have my own going on where I'm posting for 44 days in a row. I love the number 4 so I had to go for 44. The next step would have been 104, but I might pass on that one. Haven't fully decided yet.

    That's all from me. You have an oogie boogie day.

    1. Dear Happy Whisk - indeed it all there in your name, isn't it! I think that's what drew me to follow you in the first place - your blog resonates a mindset of happiness.

      For that I say thank you!

      Your commitment to your 44 day challenge has been inspiring - I think any challenge that keeps us focused and moves us forward is good - both for us mentally and physically!

      Yes, these self-imposed challenges can be overwhelming, time consuming and even daunting - but that's that just adds to our appreciation of our eventual success in accomplishing what we set out to do. So… to you my hat is off - I wish you success (a forgone conclusion in my estimation) and lots of joy and happiness on your journey.

      That doesn't mean you shouldn't pose my question "What is happiness to me?" as you ponder your day - mind you, I think you already do look for the happiness - I read it in your post - so, in that case, carry on! You've got if figured out!

      Do keep an eye on the ending of this project - I imagine my final question will intrigue you!

      And… you have yourself a "oogie boogie" day too - that just puts a big grin on my face. Love it!!

      Cheers, Jenny

    2. Thanks for the nice words, Jenny.

      My husband, Tim picked my screen name back when he put my food blog together.

      Have a most excellent day. Cheers and boogie boogie.

  2. Hey Jenny! You already know how happy I am today but I just had to add that this blog post and the comment you left on mine made me smile inside.... happy here on the Island.

    1. Aw, Carole, so sweet of you to drop in and leave such a treat! I'm glad this post added to your "happy, happy, happy" state!

      There really is something to looking for the happiness in all we do - sets the day right!

      I look forward to a Spring visit! It's time I came for tea - and an updated tour of your art studio!

      With warm hugs, Jenny

    2. I look forward to our visit too!

  3. So far so good :) kind of love your challenge!

    1. Dear Claudia - what I love, and what gives me true happiness, is your interest, and participation, in this challenge!

      I am enjoying your inspirations and your photos! You are a wonderful blogging friend - thank you for your support and encouragement with this project.

      Smiles and happy thought are coming your way, Jenny

  4. Jenny,

    How in the world did I miss this challenge? It's right up my alley.

    You look great in the picture! So very, um, happy! It's the little things that make me happy. I think sometimes people look for grand gestures to find happiness. For me, I'd rather appreciate the little things in life because they add up to one huge grand gesture.

    1. Ah… my dear Elsie, how happy I am to see you here!

      Welcome to my Global Twitter/Blogger Happiness Project! I hope you embrace the "question" and find your daily happiness by asking it.

      While it is only Day 3 I am overwhelmed with the effect this project is having on me and those around me - I've got this going all over the place: with my friends; my family; my clients; and out here in bloggerville!

      You're so right - it's in appreciating the little things that happiness shows it's true power.

      Thank you so much for popping in and leaving your kind words.

      I hope life is treating as it should - beautifully, kindly and with lots of love - you deserve no less.

      With hugs and smiles, Jenny

    2. I'm planning on doing a post for your project. I think it is such a great idea to focus on the positivities of life rather than dwell on sadness and let downs. I'll be sure to let you know when I post it and link up with you. =)

    3. Dear, sweet, Elsie - I'd love that - but only if time permits - no pressures. I do think focusing on the positivities (as you say) does help. It has truly been remarkable for me, and Courtney, we both are finding this little daily exercise to be most helpful in creating a sense of joy and gratitude for the small things that we often overlook or don't take the time to "drink in".

      Let me know if you do write something as I will link back to your blog - I love your support and energy for this project, Elsie - thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a dear blogging friend - big hugs are coming your way.

      Cheers, Jenny


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