Sunday, February 02, 2014

Global Twitter/Blogger Happiness Project - and so it starts… a little ripple in a big pond.

Good Morning, fellow bloggers and tweeters. How is your day shaping up?

I’m excited to see a few of you have given the question What is happiness to me? some thought.

In replying to my request for help with this project I am aware that some of you are seeing this as a possible blogging hardship in respect to posting daily.


Let me put a different spin on my Global Twitter/Blogger Happiness Project for you - what I really want is for participants to THINK about HAPPINESS and what TRIGGERS it on a daily basis for two months.

I have an end objective and final question for those that take the time to make the THOUGHT of HAPPINESS a daily event.

If you blog about it daily - WOW - awesome. (you go, Claudia)

If you tweet about it daily - ANOTHER WOW - again, really awesome.

What happens at the end of this project will make your participation worthwhile.

Jot down your daily “ah ha” moment on your wall calendar, or the notepad on your smart phone, you will appreciate the effort.

Then, post a weekly update, or fire me off an email (tweet a link to your blog) - I would love to know what triggers that wonderful feeling of happiness.

Also… are you finding it hard to “find happiness” on a daily basis? Let me know that too… what’s blocking it? 

Do you look for happiness in specific things… you know, those big ticket toys? 

Or… are you content with finding it in something as simple as watching a child (yours or others) find delight in chasing a butterfly?

Do you even stop to drink in those little moments - or do you rush on by, on route to that “important” thing you need do do? 


Ask yourself daily, What is happiness to me?, and see what happens.

Participate on a level that is comfortable to YOU - but do it daily.

Cheers, Jenny

Today, February 2nd:

My feeling of happiness, today, is triggered by knowing I will be seeing my daughter this afternoon - and the tight, deep, loving embrace that will ensue.

I’ll be smiling all day just thinking about what awaits me later.

Happiness is… ?? 

You tell me.


  1. Et voila!

    1. Well done, Claudia - I'm sensing this has revitalized your blogging energy - in light of the upcoming A-Z this will be a wonderful exercise in helping us appreciate the little things in life that give us our true happiness and might even give way to some interesting topics for that Challenge.

      Also, I see you have a link to your post - might I be so bold as to share a post with you that I did on LINK BACKS IN COMMENTS which then would make it easy for readers to click on the link and be taken directly to your post rather than needing to copy and paste.

      Anything to make it easier for an interested blogger to get to us is always my objective… hope you find it useful - if not, no harm done, right!? :) :)

      Cheers, Jenny

  2. Heeeellllllloooooo Jenny! Always positive lovely things happening here when I come to visit! Oh...happiness is indeed a wonderful subject to ponder for two months...or eternity. Right?

    I hope you had a lovely visit with your daughter today! Can you believe it's February!?!

    Blessings to you Jenny! xo

    1. Well Heeellllllooooo right back, dear Lisa!

      I just love the energy you pour onto my page with your wonderful, uplifting, positive words - thank you, thank you, thank you.

      As our dear blogging buddy, Carole, wrote on her blog today "happy, happy, happy" that's what reading this makes me.

      I know you are the kind of person that counts her daily blessings and looks for the happiness in all things - I can feel it every time I visit your blog - so this challenge is already part of your daily habits I suspect, right?!

      Yes… I'm in disbelief too that it's already February - in a few weeks I'll be a year younger - I'm counting backwards as of this one! Hahahahah

      Thanks for dropping in - you're a treasure I'm happy to have found out here in this vast blogosphere!

      Hugs, Jenny


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