Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Global Twitter/Blogger Happiness Project: If the shoe fits it must be red!

What is happiness to me?
I’ve asked this so often it’s become my mantra - and boy does it work like a charm.

Well, summing it up in a word, happiness is...


Red in all shapes and forms has been the means of much of my happiness these last few days!

I’m surrounded by it - 

from red roses to red toes…

and wrapped around my cute red toes are these little puppies.

There are still "firsts" to be had on my epic journey through life!
This is one of them. My first pair of Capezio dance shoes! 
I confess - the bow was just too much - I had to have them.
Thank goodness they are comfortable - as well as sexy!
And check out how they do up - it's a special clasp so I don't have to unbuckle!

My newly acquired belated Valentine’s gift or early Birthday present - no matter how I sliced it I knew I was worth it.

I took them out for a spin on Tuesday evening; a Tango lesson then some dancing.

God - I’m such an addict! Yikes - with me it’s feast or famine and right now I’m gorging myself… thankfully the Argentine Tango is a delicious non-fat treat and I just can’t seem to get enough of it!

Well…there you have it! 

Is there a colour that lifts your spirits and makes you smile?

I hope this finds you all enjoying your own happiness and asking yourself the daily question, “What is happiness to me?” 

Are you getting wonderful, uplifting energy from your answers? I know I am!
Cheers, Jenny


  1. They are gorgeous shoes! Slightly reminiscent of the Wizard of Oz.

    Have you heard the song, "Happy" yet? I think of you whenever it's on. I love that song. I'll be using it for my post inspired by you.

    Be well, Jenny!!

    AJ's wHooligan in the A-Z Challenge

    1. Yes, Elsie, I saw the W of Oz resemblance immediately! I spent quite a bit of time in the Dance Shop (where I bought these) trying on a few different styles - ultimately these were the most comfortable and also, surprisingly enough, quite affordable! What a win/win!

      Again… Yes - I have heard the song, "Happy" - because you, Miss Sweetcheeks, put me on to it in a previous post! I even featured it in a recent blog and gave a link back to you. :) :)

      I'm looking forward to that post… yeah!!!

      Thank you for dropping by, Elsie - it's always a treat! Hugs, Jenny

  2. Nice shoes!

    I love gradations of green/blue, especially teal. :)

    1. Hi Linda - green/blue is right up there in my books too. I imagine these shoes would look pretty in that colour combination!

      Colours of the sea are most appealing to me - so we are in good company! :)

      With smiles and happy thoughts, Jenny

  3. Red is it for me. Did you know that the Russian word for Red has the root word beautiful in it? Krasnaya-red, Krasyvaya-beautiful. Those shoes are perfect tango shoes, lovely.

    1. Ah… a red girl! Thank you for stopping by, loverofwords, and for the 411 on the Russian word for red - I'm going to see if I can work it into my conversations today!

      Have a happy day, Jenny

  4. Those shoes rock!! So awesome. Happiness to me is those moments when I am content...and I strive for more of those every day. Red is my fave too! Have a great day!

    1. Thanks, Tracy Jo - I'm thinking they rock too! On my outing, Tuesday, I must say they really stood up to some serious dancing and my feet were still happy little campers when I got home; a good sign the shoe fits well and is well made. (my first criterion over colour - but hey, being red didn't hurt their chance of being bought) :) :)

      Glad to read that red is a "fave" of yours too!

      With smiles and happy thoughts, Jenny :)

  5. Sounds like you are having fun. Cool beans, Boogerbutt.

    1. Yes, dear Whiskee-poo, I'm a happy little Boogerbutt - and when I read your comment I laughed out loud in the waiting room of a medical lab (needed more blood tests). It was like a morgue so I think I woke a few of the dead!

      Happy as always to see your cute little avatar here! Hugs, Jenny

    2. Laughed out loud. That is great to hear.

  6. You can't cut wood in those!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Green! I long for green grass and leaves and all my little friends living in my garden!

    1. Hahahahaha - really, you think! Hmmm, and here I was going to get my tool belt and my hammer - thought it might be a great look for renovating. :P

      Ah… GREEN - now, that is my actual colour of choice for all of my years on this planet. I love all greens, but my most favourite is Granny Smith Green! (my favourite apple is Granny Smith - go figure)

      Once, as a little girl, I had this bright lime green dress, I wore it literally to death - one day I came home and Mom had tossed it out - I cried for days - even writing this makes me a little sad (not that I'd be wearing that particular dress now) but it was my most cherished piece of clothing.

      I have even wanted a Lime Green house - yup, might still do it - with yellow trim!

      I do think I could manage to cut wood though in these puppies… might have to try! hahahahaha

  7. I love those shoes. It used to be red for me too, but lately it's morphed into orange.

    1. Hi Annalisa! I do think we make changes to our personal colour palate as we ebb and flow through life.

      Mostly, it's all things GREEN, but in this instance, and with it being Valentines, I must say RED was right up there!

      Thank you for stopping by - your visit made me happy. :)


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