Thursday, February 13, 2014

Global Twitter/Blogger Happiness Project - Walk, Ocho, Molinete… and… breathe!

Happiness is… ?? You tell me.

The pretty woman on the DVD( Tango for All - Beginners Series - Vol 1 my amazing instructors lent me) said…

“Most importantly remember to breathe!”

To which I laughed out loud and startled wee dog from her post walk snooze.

Oh… breathe, you say, well - let me just work that in with the fifty other things I’m trying to remember as I learn the Argentine Tango.


In lieu of posting daily - which clearly is NOT working I will do a summary post every few days. 

Okay with you? 

I see you nodding in approval - to which I say “thanks for understanding!”


Rather than do a play by play, like the last post, I’m going to feature a few of the highlights - okay!

Here goes…

Monday the 10th:

I started my day with a Sprint 8 workout - happy, happy, happy!

I had another private Tango Lesson (1 1/2 hours). My instructors lent me some CD's and that awesome DVD (mentioned above) which really goes into amazing detail as to the footwork. I’ve been busy - watching it over and over again! 

On this evening I had fun with my camera - and my wardrobe! 

Here… see, this is me being crazy…

Note the framed in door… yup, still renovating!
And while playing dress up I enjoyed a little beverage - Blueberry Bombay! (my own creation, oh BB!)

Tuesday the 11th:

My Polar Heart Monitor arrived (I ordered it off Amazon). I was so excited to use it for my Wednesday workout.
I’m a fan of the Polar Heart Monitors - I’ve owned one for years but the battery died on my last one and it wasn’t one that could be replaced, hence the new one.

Another high point of my day was having a coffee with my Dad!

Wednesday the 12th:

Did a Sprint 8 session - with new HRM - okay - I’m stoked! (aka “happy”)

I got back in my swimsuit and hit the water - well at least I wasn’t hitting any walls

Swimming is a real happiness generator for me. I’m Pisces so I think the fish in me craves water - both internally and externally.
My daughter and I tried a different pool this evening - one that does not have bulkheads!! 

Oh - last week we did have a swim over at a new aquatic centre, not far from my home, and they DID have a red line painted on the base of all their bulkheads. Not only that, the vertical lines went to the bottom of the bulkhead. 
Very impressive - and yes, you could EASILY see what was coming up ahead when swimming at the bottom of the pool.

Thursday, the 13th - today:

Though this may not seem like a “happiness” moment I went to my GP and had my face checked out - even had some x-rays done of my nose. Now, if only my nose would stop hurting I’d be extra happy!

And… while there I had my yearly blood-work done - which I get every second year because I’m in such damn good health!  hahaha

Then I worked in some practice, and more practice, of my dance steps - I dare say… I’m getting it! Go me!!

Now… do you want to know HOW I got interested in the Argentine Tango? 
Hmm… are you just a wee bit curious?

Well, I met this man at the rehab place where my mom is - he was visiting a friend of his who is getting rehab also. Seems this friend (the guy getting rehab) thought the two of us should meet.

Well, meet we did - and now we are dancing! Currently we dance on Fridays - but seems like everyday is a Tango day in this city. 

Well - there you have it… in a nutshell!

Everyday, all day, I ask myself, “What is happiness to me?” and surprisingly enough it is not hard for me to see it, and feel it, in all aspects of my day.

Cheers, Jenny

So… where are you finding your daily happiness?

Happiness is… ???

You tell me!


  1. Heck, this is your blog. You post in any way that works for you. Though I am curious, since I am doing a daily post challenge. What did you find wasn't working about doing a daily post?

    I decorated my husband's blog in Valentine's Fun. Good stuff.

    1. Hey you! Miss crazy blog designer! Fancy seeing you here so late - we both should be snoozing - although I don't know what time it is in your neck of the woods. Here it's 11:05pm… time for my beauty sleep!!! :P

      So… what doesn't work for me - sadly it's my need for perfection. So typing and proofing and figuring out a single post can be rather much in light of the double duty I'm doing running back and forth (daily I might add) to visit mother, run a business, tend to my wee dog while dog sitting my grand-dog! (yes I have grandchildren in the form of a wee pup).

      So… somehow this posting daily is a handful - oh, don't get me wrong - I love blogging - I love typing - but getting them together for a date is hard! hahaha

      I loved what you did over at Tim's - maybe I should hand my blog over to you!!!

      Have a wonderful and Happy Valentine's Day! Cheers, Jenny

    2. Thanks for answering. I can see how that would make posting difficult. Glad though, that you found a way that does work for you. Cool beaners.

      After finishing the office last night I couldn't sleep. We were up for awhile.

  2. Yes, it is a good lesson!

    1. Hi Claudia - I'm learning so much from this project - and I'm so pleased you are finding it a helpful tool as you go through your busy days.

      Hugs, Jenny

  3. You're looking great Jenny! Your face is radiant! That was the first thing I noticed. Faces don't lie if you know how to look at them!
    I so understand the perfectionism glitch. I have it to. I won't even let the spell checker fix it at the end. I have to take care of it at the precise moment it pops up in red!
    Which leads me to my next statement that corresponds well with that particular glitch. I got a promotion at work! I can't blog about it yet because it isn't official until Monday. I have been made director of the new 5S system at work. 5S is a Japanese based philosophy on a clean, efficient and organized work place. Created by the the founders of Toyota. It is really the first step into the lean manufacturing world and because I am so darn OCD it fits perfectly! I'm pretty happy about it. No....ecstatic!

    1. When I read this, this morning at 6:30, it put a smile on my face and instantly upped my happiness quota - first because of what you saw in my face - I'm glad you see the radiance too because I sure feel it! I know that sounds strange but lately I've been at the top end of my happiness scale and I think it's because I've put myself at the top of my "important people to give a damn about" list!

      Second - but equally up there on my happiness radar is the news you've shared here with me - WOW! Congratulations, dear friend, you deserve the recognition and promotion. I know you'll rock the job! I know this because you rock just about everything else you do and I can only imagine your employer knows this too - hence selecting you for the position of Director!

      Yes, I think this safely qualifies for "ecstatic" status! I'm right there with you - I'm ecstatic for you - and the happiness this is bringing you.

      I look forward to reading all about it in an upcoming post.

      Again, my sincerest congratulations, Bushman, and thank you for sharing this with me (you know I'm your biggest fan) - hugs and happy thoughts, Jenny.

  4. If sitting on a chair makes you crazy, they're probably going to come haul me away.

    1. It's what you don't see that's the crazy part - but since my blog is rated PG13 for all us underaged oldies I figure you'll have to use your imagination! :P

      And… haven't they already hauled you away! hmmm…. hahahaha

  5. You look fantastic and there is such happiness radiating from your face. I think dancing is terrific fun and the tango is so elegant and passionate.

    1. Thank you Melissa - first for stopping by and then for your lovely comment! :)
      I'm loving my dancing but I do confess this Argentine Tango is hard work - my goodness there's a lot to learn!

      Watching the many talented dancers that show up at the dances I go to is just mind bending - I have to be careful not to look like a deer caught in the headlights - but I do confess I'm overwhelmed by the beauty of it all!

      With smiles and happy thoughts, Jenny


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