Saturday, February 01, 2014

Global Twitter/Blogger Happiness Project.

Where does your happiness come from?

Is it really an “inside job”?

Pearson Report is going looking for that elusive and highly sought after thing called “happiness”; I want to know what triggers it for you!

I’m doing a little research and I need your help.

Are you up for an adventure?

Good - I knew I could count on you!

For the next two months (Feb/Mar) I would like you to tweet, or blog, about what triggers happiness for you on a daily basis.

Simply put - what makes you happy?

Is it the same thing every day?

Is it something different day by day?

I am going to tabulate my findings and write a post (and tweet) about what triggers happiness; whether there’s a common denominator; where we find it; and how we use it to cope.

Do your part for this Global Twitter/Blogger Happiness Project by tweeting, or blogging, about what happiness is to you and what triggers it on a daily basis.

Ask yourself daily, "What is happiness to me?" - you might be surprised by what tickles your happiness bone! 

Let me start the ball rolling...

Today, February 1st:

Happiness is hearing my wee dog saw logs at the foot of my bed - at 14 she saws loudly - I feel blessed she’s still with me.

How about you - what triggered your happiness today?

If you blog about it - link back to your post in the comment area.

If you tweet about it - let me know @PearsonReport.

When the two months are done I’ll let you know what I’ve discovered about happiness and where we find it.

Happiness is…  ??

You tell me!

Cheers, Jenny


  1. What a nice idea, let me see if I can be that disciplined to blog daily :)

  2. Short and true

    1. Thanks for participating, Claudia - I tweeted a link to your awesome post on what makes you happy today!

      Have fun with this challenge! Cheers, Jenny

  3. Hmmmm...the every day part will stress me a direct conflict with the happiness. Well today cross country skiing made me happy.

    1. Hi Andrea - I hope you will participate by thinking about what triggers your happiness on a daily basis. No need to blog daily - this isn't about that per say but I would love to hear from you - now and then - as to what does set off your sense of happiness.

      I hope you can jot down, for your own use (and for the purpose of this project), your daily thoughts regarding your state of happiness.

      There is something about acknowledging it daily that I want to look into with this project.

      I envy you your cross country skiing - I'm a skier from way back, but it's been years since I headed up a mountain. Hmm… I remember it creating more than enough happiness to fill a day. I hope you enjoyed yourself!

      Cheers, Jenny

  4. That's a happy furball!
    My Lord makes me happy every day. So does my wife.

    1. Hi Alex - thanks for dropping by and weighing in. Yes, my little pooch is a fur ball - she's in need of a trim but since it's still winter I'll wait a bit.

      I think you've got it figured out in the happiness department. There's something very peaceful and soothing in knowing we are connected to something bigger than our mortal selves and letting that be what guides us to find happiness from within rather than externally.

      Your wife must be a very special person - I've picked up on that from previous chats we've had. That is true happiness indeed.

      I do hope you'll think about my project and even jot down, somewhere, your daily thoughts on happiness - I am using my findings to help answer a question… but I must save that till the end otherwise it negates the purpose of the exercise.

      Either way - I'm so please you dropped by, Alex - it always adds to my happiness.

      With smiles added, Jenny

  5. Anonymous7:43 am

    Hi Jenny!
    What a nice project. I'm not sure I can keep up every day, but it is something that I will make sure to ask myself every day. The question alone will be sure to force me (because, let's face it, some days it is tough) to find some happiness in my day. Thank you for making me think!

    1. Hi Laura,

      Thank you for taking an interest in this project. You've got it right - the question alone will be the catalyst in helping shape the outcome of our day.

      Please drop by anytime and share your progress with this project. I am keenly interested in how thinking of happiness on a daily basis alters our perception of it.

      I look forward to visiting your blog - thank you for stopping by.

      Cheers, Jenny


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