Thursday, February 27, 2014

Global Twitter/Blogger Happiness Project - thank you for the happiness you give to me.

What is happiness to me?
I’ve asked this so often it’s become my mantra - and boy does it work like a charm.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Today is an ordinary day - it sits there on the calendar and has no special markings or stickers on it. 

It is simply February 27th.

I like this day!

Yes, this is my kitchen calendar!
My dear friend, Jane, has it in her kitchen (we are birth-mates too).
And, I laughed so much when I saw this calendar I had to have my own!
Here's the cover shot - just in case you need your own!

Did you know some amazing people were born on February 27th!

I’m one of them - hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

Aw, that’s just too funny! I’m making myself laugh!

No, really - I went and looked it up and here’s a few of the greats born on this day…

Jenny Pearson - think it and you become it! (think big or go home!)

Jane - my calendar buddy! 


Elizabeth Taylor - really, I’m fond of having her as a birth-mate!
She’s my role model in the marriage department - it’s true, I think she had it all figured out. (giggle)

Dear Lizzy was quoted saying:

"The problem with people who have no vices is that generally you can be pretty sure they're going to have some pretty annoying virtues."

Too true, too true!

I could have added more names to my list - but no - I will stop here - that’s a long enough list, don’t you think!

Besides - I’m heading out the door to stir up a whole whack of happiness - those caught in my wake are going to be in for a wickedly, wild ride!

Bet you wished you were tagging along, eh! 

Have a great February 27th - whether or not it’s special to you just get out there and stir up some happiness! 

You deserve it! 

Cheers, Jenny

PS - to all my buddies (you know who you are) that have been making this day “special” I want to say - THANK YOU! 

There’s nothing nicer than when one day is stretched out to encompass a whole week! Now that’s happiness!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Global Twitter/Blogger Happiness Project: If the shoe fits it must be red!

What is happiness to me?
I’ve asked this so often it’s become my mantra - and boy does it work like a charm.

Well, summing it up in a word, happiness is...


Red in all shapes and forms has been the means of much of my happiness these last few days!

I’m surrounded by it - 

from red roses to red toes…

and wrapped around my cute red toes are these little puppies.

There are still "firsts" to be had on my epic journey through life!
This is one of them. My first pair of Capezio dance shoes! 
I confess - the bow was just too much - I had to have them.
Thank goodness they are comfortable - as well as sexy!
And check out how they do up - it's a special clasp so I don't have to unbuckle!

My newly acquired belated Valentine’s gift or early Birthday present - no matter how I sliced it I knew I was worth it.

I took them out for a spin on Tuesday evening; a Tango lesson then some dancing.

God - I’m such an addict! Yikes - with me it’s feast or famine and right now I’m gorging myself… thankfully the Argentine Tango is a delicious non-fat treat and I just can’t seem to get enough of it!

Well…there you have it! 

Is there a colour that lifts your spirits and makes you smile?

I hope this finds you all enjoying your own happiness and asking yourself the daily question, “What is happiness to me?” 

Are you getting wonderful, uplifting energy from your answers? I know I am!
Cheers, Jenny

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Global Twitter/Blogger Happiness Project - Walk, Ocho, Molinete… and… breathe!

Happiness is… ?? You tell me.

The pretty woman on the DVD( Tango for All - Beginners Series - Vol 1 my amazing instructors lent me) said…

“Most importantly remember to breathe!”

To which I laughed out loud and startled wee dog from her post walk snooze.

Oh… breathe, you say, well - let me just work that in with the fifty other things I’m trying to remember as I learn the Argentine Tango.


In lieu of posting daily - which clearly is NOT working I will do a summary post every few days. 

Okay with you? 

I see you nodding in approval - to which I say “thanks for understanding!”


Rather than do a play by play, like the last post, I’m going to feature a few of the highlights - okay!

Here goes…

Monday the 10th:

I started my day with a Sprint 8 workout - happy, happy, happy!

I had another private Tango Lesson (1 1/2 hours). My instructors lent me some CD's and that awesome DVD (mentioned above) which really goes into amazing detail as to the footwork. I’ve been busy - watching it over and over again! 

On this evening I had fun with my camera - and my wardrobe! 

Here… see, this is me being crazy…

Note the framed in door… yup, still renovating!
And while playing dress up I enjoyed a little beverage - Blueberry Bombay! (my own creation, oh BB!)

Tuesday the 11th:

My Polar Heart Monitor arrived (I ordered it off Amazon). I was so excited to use it for my Wednesday workout.
I’m a fan of the Polar Heart Monitors - I’ve owned one for years but the battery died on my last one and it wasn’t one that could be replaced, hence the new one.

Another high point of my day was having a coffee with my Dad!

Wednesday the 12th:

Did a Sprint 8 session - with new HRM - okay - I’m stoked! (aka “happy”)

I got back in my swimsuit and hit the water - well at least I wasn’t hitting any walls

Swimming is a real happiness generator for me. I’m Pisces so I think the fish in me craves water - both internally and externally.
My daughter and I tried a different pool this evening - one that does not have bulkheads!! 

Oh - last week we did have a swim over at a new aquatic centre, not far from my home, and they DID have a red line painted on the base of all their bulkheads. Not only that, the vertical lines went to the bottom of the bulkhead. 
Very impressive - and yes, you could EASILY see what was coming up ahead when swimming at the bottom of the pool.

Thursday, the 13th - today:

Though this may not seem like a “happiness” moment I went to my GP and had my face checked out - even had some x-rays done of my nose. Now, if only my nose would stop hurting I’d be extra happy!

And… while there I had my yearly blood-work done - which I get every second year because I’m in such damn good health!  hahaha

Then I worked in some practice, and more practice, of my dance steps - I dare say… I’m getting it! Go me!!

Now… do you want to know HOW I got interested in the Argentine Tango? 
Hmm… are you just a wee bit curious?

Well, I met this man at the rehab place where my mom is - he was visiting a friend of his who is getting rehab also. Seems this friend (the guy getting rehab) thought the two of us should meet.

Well, meet we did - and now we are dancing! Currently we dance on Fridays - but seems like everyday is a Tango day in this city. 

Well - there you have it… in a nutshell!

Everyday, all day, I ask myself, “What is happiness to me?” and surprisingly enough it is not hard for me to see it, and feel it, in all aspects of my day.

Cheers, Jenny

So… where are you finding your daily happiness?

Happiness is… ???

You tell me!

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Global Twitter/Blogger Happiness Project - forward momentum…

Happiness is… ?? You tell me.

Hello fellow bloggers and tweeters!

I hope today finds you all well and happy - as you should be if you’re asking yourselves, “What is happiness to me?

So, what’s been going on with me? I hear you asking!

Okay, first I hopped a jet and flew to Buenos Aires, Argentina; had some private Tango lessons and fell in love!


No kidding - hence my absence from this little corner of my world.

Do you ever live life so fully in your dreams that they take on a hint of reality - well, that’s where I’ve been practicing my dance steps! (besides my wide open kitchen - still waiting to be renovated)

I’m a great believer in visualization techniques for improving a skill set - golfer do it - I did it in my earlier year when learning tennis - and I’m doing it now.

Dare I say - it is a great way to advance a learning curve - week three and I’m on fire!

Hehehehe - well, a small fire at any rate!


Here comes the recap:

February 7th, Friday 

Daily weigh-in - check!  137 lbs. Maintaining my goal of 135-138! Go me!
Morning workout - Sprint 8 done using my uber professional skipping rope (use to speed skip as a teenager) and it’s too cold to run hard outside right now. Are you familiar with Sprint 8? (a little reading for those interested) I do it three times a week.
Some running around - buying nylons etc for my dancing.
Prepping for dance - gotta love the preening that goes on! Painted my toes pink.

Last week they were red!

Private dance lesson - big smiles and lots of fun but hard work.
Group dance lesson - yup, loving them too - my partners are commenting on my improvements. (same faces each week)
Milonga - that’s the dancing part where everyone comes and dances only the Argentine Tango. 
I haven’t been staying for that part the last two weeks simply because the lessons have been so intense that I really needed to focus on practicing my steps first before “going public”.
This evening rocked! 
By the time I got home I’d been dancing for 4 1/2 hours (lessons and dancing) - EPIC!

February 8th, Saturday

Daily weigh-in - check! 135.2 - yikes, at the low end of my goal. Dancing really burns calories! Must be careful - at my age one doesn’t want that too thin haggard look. 

Let me take a moment to explain the whole weight thing, according to me - it’s all well and good to be slim or thin but it means nothing if you are not FIT. 

I’m fit! Sorry if that reads a little boastful or vain, but it’s the truth. I can run faster and longer than woman half my age and I can lift more dead weight than most men my age - so, at 135 lbs. I’m as “slim/thin” as I want to be. I actually have to eat lots to stay here - mind you since eliminating ALL WHITE foods from my diet I go crazy for nuts to help give me the extra calories I would have received from the starches I have eliminated. More on this another time.

Visit Mom - She smiled when I arrived and that was happiness times ten! I curled her hair and did a manicure; plus clipped her toes - it’s my passion (read day job) and making mom pretty makes me happy. (See, another happiness moment)

More visiting - After seeing mom it was home for a quick bite and a pee break for Miss Lucy-fur then off to visit a friend in hospital with a broken hip. He laughed and said it’s my destiny to be in a hospital! Well - dare I say - better as a visitor than a patient, right?! (and the happiness just keeps on coming)

Home to relax - and visit my little town, Meryton, in my Animal Crossing New Leaf game. Yes, it’s a bit of a vice! If you play it you’ll know what I’m talking about. To visit my town - go to the Dream Suite (in yours) and ask to visit Meryton - Lizzy - that will be my town! Maybe later I’ll add my Town’s Address for those interested in checking it out. 
Okay - yes, it’s a really, really cool little town I’ve built!


All that’s left is TODAY.

February 9th - Sunday.

Daily weigh-in - check! (always at around 7am) 136!
Coffee in bed - My Nespresso machine does it just right! Tango music accompanying me as I type - loving it; wee dog sawing her little logs at the foot of my bed. 

Happiness is thick in the air - can your feel it! I can.

Cheers, Jenny



Where are you finding it? 
Does it come easier since asking the question or do you struggle to find it on a daily basis?

HAPPINESS IS… ?? You tell me.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Global Twitter/Blogger Happiness Project - finding rhythm and resolve.

Happiness is… ?? You tell me.

Okay, I confess, this whole staying focused on "What is happiness to me?" is work but I must say it is having a positive effect. 

Let me share with you a little of what’s been going on over her in my world…

Mother has been recovering from a stroke which affected her cerebellum - the balance centre of the brain - and has been in rehab since December 13th - and was in hospital for five weeks prior to that.

Needless to say, I’ve been a busy daughter. 

It’s taxing - stressful - painful - and heartbreaking.

Hence my need to find the “happiness” in all of this and that's where the Argentine Tango comes in.

I’m loving what it’s doing for me - and the music is so delicious, so soothing for my weary soul.

I have lessons twice weekly - and, I have homework! I’m smiling as I write this because, as I stated the other day, I am using my wide open kitchen to practice the walk, ocho and molinete steps.

Sometimes I wobble, but mostly I’m surprised at how much rhythm I have - who’d have thought!

Well, maybe I shouldn’t be all that surprised - I've loved dancing all my life, just never did the Tango.

See, it’s not to late to learn something new!

I just bought this album off iTunes.

Gosh, it’s beautiful music. I made a playlist with a few of the songs that were rated popular on iTunes - but I'll give them all a go and decide for myself.

I am going to love learning about the music and culture that accompanies the Argentine Tango.

Yes… I do think I found a little happiness today!

Hey… I want to shout out a sweet "thank you" to Elsie - who hooked me up with this music video - she said it reminds her of my Global Twitter/Blogger Happiness Project

Cheers, Jenny

How’s it going with you - are you asking “the question” daily?

What is happiness to me?” - yup, that’s the one!

I hope your days (and nights) are full of happiness and joy.

You deserve it!

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Global Twitter/Blogger Happiness Project - Old Man Winter seems happy enough, eh!

Happiness is… ?? You tell me.

Seems Vancouver is finally experiencing some “real” winter weather.

Well, if we were to talk to my buddy, Bushman, I think we’d all agree Vancouver hasn’t got a clue when it comes to what winter is really all about.

Today, a local news station I follow on Twitter (@GlobalBC) featured this photo.

I had to chuckle because we Vancouverites are busy hunkering down for this "big deep freeze" heading our way, yet look at what Regina and Winnipeg are dealing with - yikes.

I took my wee dog, Miss Lucy-fur, out for her morning commune with Mother Nature wearing only a hoodie over my pjs - bear legs and all exposed to these sub-zero temperatures. 



I guess the point of all this is to just let you know that I feel quite blessed not having to deal with Old Man Winter’s real wrath and fury.

Seems he (OMW) really hasn’t got much time for us wussy West Coasters and is leaving us relatively unscathed as he busily puts the rest of Canada in a deep freeze! 

So, is there some happiness in all of this - you betcha!

Happiness is… a warm winter coat on days like today! 

Or, in my case, right now… 

Happiness is… being snuggled under my warm duvet - coffee to my right - wee dog to my left; my little slice of heaven in this deep freeze hell! 

Cheers, Jenny

How’s winter playing out in your neck of the woods? 
Are you happy with it?

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Global Twitter/Blogger Happiness Project - shall we dance?

Happiness is learning the Argentine Tango.

Today, I could not let the day end without sharing how much happiness filled it.

From start to finish happiness has filled almost every moment.

Every moment…

Yes, I am feeling the effects of asking myself the question “What is happiness to me” at every turn.

This causes me to laugh as by nature I am a happy person - so why ask myself this question? It has indeed been intriguing.

Even my dear Miss CP has queried the meaning behind this Global Twitter/Blogger Happiness Project of mine.

Really - it all started because though happiness runs easily through my veins I have, as of the last few months, been dealing with aging mother issues that have, at times, left me spent and overwhelmed - leaving me less happy than usual.

And, in this space of 'less happy' I have found a level of impatience that I do not like in myself - so it was time to take stock.

Happiness is ours to create and enjoy yet -  I, Miss Happiness herself, have been flying under the happiness radar for a while and not liking it one little bit.

Something needed to change.


I started taking Argentine Tango lessons - I’ve had two private lessons and two group lessons.


Oh my goodness - it’s the most exciting dance and so romantic.


Happiness is learning the Argentine Tango.

And learning this Tango has caused me to enjoy my wide open - waiting to be renovated - kitchen. It’s perfect for practicing my steps.

My wee dog lies there, in her little beddie, and wonders what her crazy owner is up to as I move gracefully backwards around my kitchen - yes, I must be quite a sight!

Here, this is me in my “outfit” for my lessons…

Take by my sweet niece, Desi, the other day on my back steps.

Well - happiness is coursing through my veins - as it ought to be.


It’s time for me to check in with YOU - are you still asking yourself “What is happiness to me?” on a daily basis?

I hope so! 

Keep smiling and enjoy the happiness that you deserve.

Cheers, Jenny

Monday, February 03, 2014

Global Twitter/Blogger Happiness Project - finding happiness in the simple things.

It’s day 3 of my two month Global Twitter/Blogger Happiness Project and in my little sphere I see things shifting.

Let’s take a quick look back at yesterday - I attended the annual ESI Spa Show here in Vancouver with my lovely daughter, Courtney.

I gave her the lowdown on my project - she was vaguely aware of it having read my first post - but, like a few folks I’ve heard from, she was not quite sure what it was all about.

So… a recap of sorts…

For two months, February and March, I am focusing on this one question:

What is happiness to me? 

The objective is to ask myself this question daily, often - not just once but several times as the day unfolds around me.

I have invited YOU to participate.

I have asked you to jot your answer (namely the thing that created or triggered your happiness) down somewhere - a calendar, the note pad on your smart phone… somewhere you can see it and reread it.

If you wish to blog it or tweet it all the better.

Mostly what I’m interested in is the “doing it daily” bit and seeing what happens to our “state of happiness” in doing so.

Does thinking of happiness daily alter our perception of it?

You tell me.


Let me share with you the way this morning unfolded. I received this text from my daughter.

It instantly put a big smile on my face.

“Why?” you ask.

Well, I wanted to see if asking herself the “happiness question” would lift Courtney's spirits and change how she sees things. 

Lately she’s been overloaded with stress from work, family and health related issues and she’s been rather down about it all.

Yesterday, as we walked the convention floor, I stated openly things that were making me happy.

Such as… 

I am happy with my career choice. 

I find happiness in being a member of the longest standing beauty association in BC.

I smile at being so easily recognized and valued in my field - this gives me true happiness.

After thirty years I am still deeply passionate about what I do - there’s happiness if ever I wanted it!

We came upon a booth wherein worked the most amazing young woman, Tirra - she radiated warmth, kindness, compassion, gentleness and spiritual awareness.

It was wonderful being in this woman’s space. When we concluded our business with her we embraced and shared a hug - it was the hug of growth; of caring and sharing - it was a magical hug.

Did you know hugging is so underrated - I love being hugged! It refuels my soul. And, dare I say, my soul was most generously topped up.

Dear Miss CP (as I affectionately call my daughter) received a hug too - we all smiled.

Whereby I openly stated…

Happiness is being present and accepting the gift of touch - of kindness and compassion - this sharing of a hug and all it offers.

Here is a photo of me and Tirra - I wanted to capture the moment to share with you.

We left the convention with an added bounce to our steps. Heading over to the Pan Pacific Hotel for dinner I noticed the lightness and happiness resonating from my daughter. 

During our meal I asked Courtney if she would partake in my Global Twitter/Blogger Happiness Project - she agreed without hesitation.

I think I can safely say it was one of my happiest moments. 

Back to this morning…

As I dog-sit Courtney’s wee pup, Al (whom I featured in last year’s  A-Z Challenge) I see my daughter daily.

What I saw today was my “ah ha” happiness moment - I’m smiling broadly as I type this - she bounded into my home with such wonderful energy - truly happy.


Because, she tells me, she woke up and immediately embraced the question… she found happiness in something as simple as how she started her morning.

How about you?

Are you asking yourself, “What is happiness to me?” daily?


What’s your answer?

Cheers, Jenny

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Global Twitter/Blogger Happiness Project - and so it starts… a little ripple in a big pond.

Good Morning, fellow bloggers and tweeters. How is your day shaping up?

I’m excited to see a few of you have given the question What is happiness to me? some thought.

In replying to my request for help with this project I am aware that some of you are seeing this as a possible blogging hardship in respect to posting daily.


Let me put a different spin on my Global Twitter/Blogger Happiness Project for you - what I really want is for participants to THINK about HAPPINESS and what TRIGGERS it on a daily basis for two months.

I have an end objective and final question for those that take the time to make the THOUGHT of HAPPINESS a daily event.

If you blog about it daily - WOW - awesome. (you go, Claudia)

If you tweet about it daily - ANOTHER WOW - again, really awesome.

What happens at the end of this project will make your participation worthwhile.

Jot down your daily “ah ha” moment on your wall calendar, or the notepad on your smart phone, you will appreciate the effort.

Then, post a weekly update, or fire me off an email (tweet a link to your blog) - I would love to know what triggers that wonderful feeling of happiness.

Also… are you finding it hard to “find happiness” on a daily basis? Let me know that too… what’s blocking it? 

Do you look for happiness in specific things… you know, those big ticket toys? 

Or… are you content with finding it in something as simple as watching a child (yours or others) find delight in chasing a butterfly?

Do you even stop to drink in those little moments - or do you rush on by, on route to that “important” thing you need do do? 


Ask yourself daily, What is happiness to me?, and see what happens.

Participate on a level that is comfortable to YOU - but do it daily.

Cheers, Jenny

Today, February 2nd:

My feeling of happiness, today, is triggered by knowing I will be seeing my daughter this afternoon - and the tight, deep, loving embrace that will ensue.

I’ll be smiling all day just thinking about what awaits me later.

Happiness is… ?? 

You tell me.