Monday, May 06, 2013

Beauties on the Beach

Sunday, May 5th, was a glorious day - one that should really fall under the heading of Summer’s bliss.

I was down at English Bay Beach on a particular mission (not today's tale) and while there I took in the sights around me. 

I espied a beautiful woman sunning herself up on the rocks.

There was something quite exotic about the tilt of her head, the air of her manner and the way she had wrapped her hair with her scarf that begged a closer look.

Do you ever do that… see something that needs closer inspection and appreciation… and do just that - inspect and appreciate up close; well, I do.

So I did… here is what I saw. Can you see the beauty too… captivating, alluring, enticing and yet tranquil, soothing, uplifting - very Zen like.

I partook in delightful conversation with Jaziz (dare I say, exotic in both appearance and name) and learned she was an Interior Designer, with her own business - to which I believe fate played its hand in this unlikely meeting as I am in need of some expert advice on my colour palate for the upcoming rebuild of my house.

☀   ☀   ☀   ☀   ☀   ☀   ☀   ☀   ☀   ☀

From atop the rocks I had the advantage of catching a rare appearance of some other beauties; two mermaids had swum ashore to sun themselves before heading back out to sea.

As I made my way from English Bay Beach toward Sunset Beach, a stones throw away, I drank in the beauty that Mother Nature laid out before me. 

Here... take a look at the beautiful vistas I enjoyed on route to my car. 

View toward the Planetarium and Vanier Park
Taken from Beach Avenue above Sunset Beach
Wedding Ring Sculpture above Sunset Beach 
Burrard Street Bridge with Sunset Beach in foreground

Thank you for joining me for my Sunday outing even if it is a few days after the fact. It’s always fun when the sun can be enjoyed long after it has set.

I hope the sun is shining on you and yours… including those of you busy in your gardens. 

A while back I mentioned a blogging friend of mine, Bushman - a gardener extraordinaire - I've been dropping in on his blog and am wowed with what he's been up to - if you are at all serious about gardening this man is your go-to guy. 

How is your Spring shaping up… is it the garden or the beach that's calling your name? 

Cheers, Jenny

Footnote: My blog header and background are also of Sunset Beach; taken as I walked passed the Burrard Street Bridge on route to Sunset Beach. (circa 2012)

The photos above were taken as I walked toward Sunset Beach from the opposite direction, heading toward the Burrard Street Bridge.

- - - - - 

And... a little update on my boo-boo -  head's much better; in fact, I think it knocked some sense into me and I'm seeing things a little differently; and that, my dear friends, is a really good thing. 

I see many changes upon the horizon... will keep you in the loop.


  1. Very nice photos, Jenny. The lovely mermaids look like someone else I've seen around here on your blog. Our beaches do look nice in the sunshine.

    1. Thanks, DG.

      Our beaches are truly spectacular and my new camera is doing them justice. I bought a Canon PowerShot SX240 HS, thought it still falls in the "pocket" category it packs a big punch and has a very sweet little zoom lens.

      I used this outing as a chance to play with some of its many settings - I hate the learning curve, when does it ever end... (I know, never!)

      Thanks for stopping by and taking a look. :)

      How are your "shooting" days - are you out and about as well with your camera?

  2. Hi Jenny .. what a great outing .. such a lovely part of the world. Your Jaziz lady sounds a delight .. and looks wonderful too! I'm so pleased you met her .. as you say "it was meant to be" ...

    Lovely views .. cheers Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary - it was "great" indeed. I do live in a stunning city when the weather is like it is at present - not so sweet when the rain sets in though.

      I'm glad you dropped by to check out my photos - yes, it was a delight meeting Jaziz and so photogenic... my camera enjoyed capturing her! :)

      Thanks for stopping by, Hilary - hope all is well with you. :)

  3. Jazzy is beautiful, but the mermaids are amazing. Great capture. Fun post.


    1. I'll agree, Rhonda - beautiful and amazing... all of it! I did have fun with this post too.

      Thanks for your visit - always appreciate seeing you here. :)

  4. I really like this post. Very cool to see all these pictures. The girl is beautiful as well.

    1. Hi Happy Whisk - aren't you sweet, I'm glad you like this post! That put a big smile on my face.

      I live in such a beautiful city it's hard not to share it with my readers... and on this particular outing to find such a stunning model to try out my new camera on, well, what can one do but start snapping away! So I did!!

      Thanks for stopping by! Your avatar makes me giggle - to which I say thanks again!

  5. Thank you for including us in your Sunday adventure! What a site to behold, mermaids! I just watched a show about a merman out in california. He was fascinating. Jaziz is a beauty and so are your surroundings.

    1. Hi Elsie - I wished you could have been here in person taking a stroll with me - now that would have doubled the enjoyment of this outing.

      What was the show, about the merman, called? Was it a movie or documentary type thing? If you can link me to it that would be great, or just the details and I'll surf for the rest.

      Jaziz did catch my eye and as I am in the learning stages of a new camera I was excited when she allowed me to capture her on film - my camera was most please. :)

      As always, your visits add smiles to my day. :) :)

  6. What a wonderful blog post! You are very brave to approach people on the beach and convince them to let you take their picture! I couldn't do it. But see what you got out of it? Lovely pics and a possible interior designer to work with you.

    1. Hi deathwriter!

      Your comment has put a broad smile upon my face! If you were to be a fly on the wall and watch me on my outing you might just shake your head. I'm definitely NOT shy and love, love, love interacting with people. So much so that I am often seeking out the unique and different just to find out what makes them tick... or talk! :)

      I've been an extrovert all my life! (a curse and a blessing) :) :)

      I did get lucky as Jaziz was a most kind and willing model for my camera - and I enjoyed my conversation with her as well. A double treat!

      Thanks for your visit - most appreciated. :)

  7. This is amazing Jenny, I find it just insane that you were just walking by and happened to see her and become struck by her beauty enough to make conversation with. That beach seems fun, of course you're included in the beauties on the beach theme as well.

    1. Thanks Matt - I am a "chatty cathy" as they say. I love talking to people and enjoy engaging strangers in conversation. I had been observing Jaziz from the beach area were the mermaids were and as I looked up I saw her sitting is such an exotic and striking way that I couldn't resist calling up to her and asking if she mind if I photograph her...

      Shortly thereafter I went up and thanked her whereby I asked if I could take a few more shots. As you can see she was very easy for my camera to capture - such grace and elegance.

      It's my nature to be social so I don't have difficulty approaching people - sometimes it's a curse but mostly it's a blessing. I just go with it! :)

      Yes... there was much beauty to behold on the beach that day!

      Thanks for dropping by, Matt. Hugs to you.

  8. Great pics ! Those ear rings she was wearing almost looked like walrus tusks! Thanks for the shout out. It's been a busy spring so far

    1. Jaziz had two earrings: one is a rectangular shape in brown (not sure what it is) and the other is indeed of an ivory colour and a long cylindrical shape - could be a bone of some sort. I was fascinated with them too, but erred on not being too forward. (which is not always my style - but I do know when enough is enough and the imposition of photos was the cut-off for me) :)

      My pleasure re the shout out - I figure I'm enjoying your gardening posts and I know how much I appreciate getting the 411 on great blogs; yours is a great blog and so sharing is just the right thing to do!

      I wished I lived closer as I would be raiding that garden - it wouldn't be critters you'd have to worry about! hahahaha

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks, Claudia - I did not alter or photoshop any of these photos - the light was really that perfect!

      Thanks for your constant support and visits, Claudia, - much appreciated. :)

  10. Spring seems to be in full bloom there and here - nice that you let us paticipate : ) As here are no beaches and as I have no garden I enjoy my balcony (less work though) and nature by bike, of course.

    1. I'm always happy when you can join me on one of my outings, Martin - even though you may have no beaches your countryside is stunning - I miss Fellbach with its beautiful rolling wine mountains. I used to run everyday in them - the makings of some of my most cherished memories.

      A balcony garden is great - particularly where space is limited and time too! Cycling is a favourite pastime too - now that this weather is likely to stay I will take my bike out for a tuneup and start enjoying getting out for evening rides. I hope you too are enjoying the beauty of this season.

      Thank you, Martin, for you visits to my blog - they are most appreciated. :) :)

  11. What beautiful scenery. Yes, the beach calls my name, too, but it's far away and i'm a little hard of hearing, so it has to scream really loud for me to hear it these days.

    1. Thanks, Susan - the beach calls my name too. I answer in the form of brisk walks, runs or even cycling close to the water. I'm not much for laying and baking in it though. I love to fish so being on the water that way is cool too!

      Thanks for dropping by - much appreciated! :) :)

  12. What a delight that spring is here, huh? This weekend I open the pool. Hurray!

    1. What time did you say you were having that pool party... just need to pencil it in on my calendar!
      I'll be bringing Ginny... she's my new best friend, but she seems to like hanging with Olive - a rather round gal with a greenish tinge to her complexion. We make a great trio! :P :P

      Yes to the "Hurray" bit!


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