Thursday, April 20, 2017

Success! LCHF cures diabetes.

Well? Did that title pique your curiosity? I hope so.

Quick timeline overview:

July 2015 - I started my mother (then 83) on a Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) program. Her diabetes was literally killing her. She was done. She no longer wanted to live with the continuing weight gain, the ever increasing insulin injections, the diabetic neuropathy and its associated pain - in short her go to statement at the time was, "Kill me, I don't want to live like this." Yes, that was what she asked her family physician each and every time she saw him.

October 2015 - By this time I had taken my mother off her anti-depressant, her cholesterol meds, a potent pain medication - which I replaced with CBD (a derivative of cannabis), I reduced her insulin injections by half... and her weight was significantly down.

Note - mother's GP was stunned when he saw her, yet he chastised me for "playing doctor" - like he was doing a better job.

2016 - continued to reduce mother's insulin, she continued to lose weight.

Present time - as of April 15th my mother NO LONGER INJECTS INSULIN INTO HER BODY. She is down a full 29 pounds. Now when she sees her family doctor she states, "I want to live."

And, her family doctor has quietly acknowledged my success, sheepishly saying he wouldn't have believed it if he hadn't seen it with his own eyes.

Further, he tells me he's looking into this "LCHF stuff" but that he has to be careful because it goes AGAINST the Canadian Medical Association's advice and he could get in trouble. Go figure.

In light of all this amazing, and continued success, I invite you to visit a website I have put together to focus on sharing what I have learned on this journey.

On this blog I will share the websites I look at, the books I devour (there are many, and it's ongoing), the doctors/scientists/researchers that support LCHF thinking, and the research - the endless research that once and for all refutes the very bad and deleterious advice from one Ancel Keys - a man whose sole mission was to prove all fats caused coronary heart disease (CHD).

Ancel Keys, in my opinion, was worse then some of the noted war criminals and dictators that have marked history for he is still killing from the grave because of the entrenched hold he has, to this day, on the American Medical Association (AMA), the American Heart Association (AHA) and the American government.

The rampant obesity, diabetes, countless neurological disorders afflicting children right on up to seniors can be, without denial, attributed to the unproven diet/heart hypothesis spread maliciously by Ancel Keys. With his forceful and denigrating manner he pushed his unproven and seriously flawed hypothesis onto the AMA, the AHA, and even the government of his time. He should be rolling over in his grave with shame for what he's done to the American people.








YOU WILL CURE YOUR DIABETES. (Type 2 Diabetes is a food related disorder - stop eating foods that require insulin and you'll cure yourself of diabetes. IT IS A FACT.)


Come join me as I continue to help my mother regain the good health she was robbed of by bad advice from doctors who should have been willing to listen to their own GUT INSTINCT and challenge a system that has been failing patients for over 70 years.

To your health,



  1. Goes to show that medical professionals aren't all knowing. And it is soooooooooo stupid that they can't buck the trend. Have to stick within their guidelines to keep their jobs.

    1. Hi Pat, too true. The fear is real for doctors that "buck the trend". What I didn't know was how their insurance works - if they are sued for malpractice and they are found to be giving advice/recommendations outside that of the medical association they belong to their insurance can refuse to cover them. I guess I'd be wary of what I said too at that rate.

      This very thing happened in South Africa with Prof. Tim Noakes. Fortunately he was found not guilty of giving the advice he did. I think that trial is now going to have a real impact on exposing the truth on how doctors are forced to tow the line. Particularly when it has been proven that the dietary advice being given out (based on Ancel Keys unproven hypothesis) is completely destroying health all over the globe.

      Thanks for visiting and engaging in the dialogue.

  2. I don't feel good at all on a high carbohydrate diet. I chronicle my long journey that brought me from a diet addicted teen to now listening to my own body signals and eating accordingly. Diets increase our cravings for starches and high sugar food that puts weight back on quickly. Anyway, my latest book Slim Within is all about learning the hard way lol. Because we can't listen to the "experts" any longer if we want to be truly healthy. I remember when they came out and said eggs and milk were bad for you. How can something that is so natural and delicious and been around for centuries now all of a sudden be bad for us? Ugh! I'm glad your mom is feeling better and regained her joy for life!

    1. Hi Karen, thanks for sharing your success with your diet. So true about not being able to listen to the "experts" - and family physicians are the worst as they have virtually no nutritional training.

      Even when it was bad to eat eggs they were, and still are, an important part of my diet. Plus lots of saturated fats in the form of olives, avocados, pecan/walnuts, and lots of coconut oil.

  3. Great job, girl. You gotta be your own advocate. Always.

    1. Thanks for stopping in Ivy - always a treat. (a low carb treat to boot, hahaha)

  4. I happened to glance to the side on my nav bar and saw your title. Didn't know what it meant, but clicked on it to read. Ha! LCHF!!!! I've done that for the past year and have lost 50 pounds. I am off blood pressure meds, my blood sugar is no longer "questionable", I have energy, I learned to ride a motorcycle, my back doesn't hurt and I can walk long distances again - fast. I don't get heartburn, I'm not hungry, I'm wanting to do stuff. I am 66 years old and I feel as I did when I was 35. My doctor has conceded to the fact that this works and has begun to do his own research on it. He admitted that we have been doing a disservice to people by telling them to go low fat. Ta-dah!
    It does work. It is good. I always thought there was something wrong about not eating fats when that was what our great-grandparents did and never got heavy or overate. Something changed. Diet.
    Glad you took matters into your own hands. Doctors need to be better researchers. I know they don't have much time, but really, it's important.
    Donna Smith
    Mainely Write

    1. WOW - Donna, that's amazing and so good for your health. I'm tickled to read your wonderful success story with LCHF.

      I'm pleased that your doctor is taking stock. More doctors are realizing they may not have been given "all" the facts about what is good for our health since characters like Ancel Keys were determined to withhold the truth.

      My mom's situation clearly shows the correlation between diet and poor health - too many carbs and health deteriorates. Remove the carbs and health improves. Not a myth, but a fact.

      Thank you for sharing your good health story here - much appreciated. Wishing you continued good health.

  5. Hi Jenny - that's amazing ... well done and I bet your Mama is so pleased to feel so much better - as you too ... cheers I'll read your ongoing posts ... for now I'm A-Zing ... take care - Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary - wonderful to see you here. Mama and I are loving her success. She's so much easier to be around too - her mind is clear and her thoughts are happy ones.

      I'm pleased you're doing the A-Z... I wasn't able to make the commitment this year. But I do enjoy checking in to read your posts. You always have something I can learn from. Enjoy it!

  6. I've always gone by the rule of keeping things varied and balanced, including (shock, horror!) fats and carbs, and largely ignoring the fad of the month from the medical pundits. The trouble is, each of us has our own unique genetics, history, and metabolism, so what works for me may be poison to someone else. The trick is to find out what works for you.

    I think the food industry also has a lot to answer for. My wife concluded a while ago that she is gluten intolerant after a lifetime of no problems. Odd thing is, when she took the kids back to the UK last year for a visit she was able to eat bread and cakes there without a problem. Just seems to be the wheat we use here. Go figure.

    1. Ahhh, there was a time I would have shared your sentiments about fats and carbs in moderation. Alas, with the research and scientific evidence that has been available for decades, but sadly buried by the likes of Ancel Keys, human do not require carbohydrates of any kind to exist. That is indeed a fact.

      Of the three Macronutrients - Fat, Protein, Carbohydrate - only Fat and Protein are required for the human body to function. There is nothing we require from carbohydrates.

      An excellent read is a book called The Big Fat Surprise, by Nina Teicholz which uncovers the decades worth of scientific research revealing how vital saturated fats are for optimal health - particularly for cell development and brain function.

      Dr. Perlmutter's books Grain Brain, and Brain Maker should be mandatory reading for all physicians. He is a neurologist and his research is not a fad, but a fact. I see this in the cognitive improvements with my mother since implementing his recommendations.

      Further, wheat across the entire plant is now GMO and not anything like the wheat our grandparents used. There is no logical reason your wife would not experience gluten sensitivity eating UK baked goods other then she may not be as sensitive as she first thought. Often gluten sensitivity can be directly related to an imbalance of the microbiota of the gut. Probiotics help ease gut sensitivity. So I would ask, "did your wife eat a lot of yogurt or fermented foods while in the UK?

      As to finding what works for us - I agree. Europeans have not taken the unproven diet/heart hypothesis of Ancel Keys as gospel, whereas the Americans view all fats as the cause of heart disease.

      What the tradeoff yielded for North Americans (Canadians included here) is we see ever increasing rates of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, the very things we were told would be cured if we ate more carbohydrates.

      Dr. Jason Fung, author of The Obesity Code, is a Canadian doctor based in Toronto and is leading the way for clear and open discussion on how to stem the growing health burden rooted in over consumption of grains and sugars.

      Clearly, this is not a fad. Sadly we've been lead to believe, by the giants of the food industry, that wheat products are good for us. This tide is changing and very soon consumers will be asking "if it's so good for me why am I so sick?"

      My mother and I are living proof that saturated fats (olives, olive oil, coconut oil/products, avacodos, nuts, and yes, animal fats such as butter) are vital for optimal health of the entire body, especial the brain which is 50% cholesterol.

      I hope you have a chance to visit my new blog GUT INSTINCT and check out the reading list - many are available from the library and in audiobook format - I've listened to The Big Fat Surprise several times and cannot stress enough how urgently we need to question our belief that carbs are essential in a healthy diet.

      Thanks Ian, for your interest in sharing your thoughts - I always appreciate your comments.

  7. Three cheers for you!!! Doctors have never and will never know all. I'm spreading this everywhere.
    Perspectives at Life & Faith in Caneyhead

    1. Hi Barbara - thanks for spreading the word. So true, doctors don't know it all - nor should we expect them too. The problem I have is they get virtually no training in nutrition and this is where the really issues with obesity and diabetes stem from. Doctors buy into the "give them this pill" from Big Pharm and don't take the time to challenge the unproven diet/heart hypothesis which states "all fat causes coronary heart disease" - sad times.

      If wheat and sugar are so good for us why are so many of us ill? This is the question that needs to be answered.

      Thanks for stopping by - I appreciate your comment and your adorable little Avatar which always makes me smile.


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