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G is for Gut, it all starts here.

My theme is Low Carb High Fat. 
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But, that’s not all - it’s about a journey to better health. 
It is about two women. 
One at death’s door, the other not far behind.

As you follow this journey you will be surprised by what you read here. I hope it impacts you and causes you to question what mainstream medicine is doing to you, and those you love.

Ruth pointed out something I failed to catch (and white out) in yesterday’s post. The Food Pyramid Mom and I use has one flaw - it “allows” Diet Drinks - which I do not drink, nor promote as part of a healthy pyramid. I generally white it out, but failed to do so for the Pyramid I shared - I have corrected this. 

Do your best to avoid ALL diet soft drinks, juices of any kind, and beverages pretending to be health drinks. Drink WATER, it’s what the body wants. 

Here we go… 

G is for Gut, it all starts here.

In much of the reading I have been doing I have come across the role of our GUT, how it does its job, and what causes it to stop functioning properly.

Pretty much everything that ails us starts in the gut.

The list of gut related diseases is long - and I’m not going to cover any of them here - that’s right, suffice it to say I will provide great links. Feel free to do some reading.

What I do want to say about THE GUT is this…

There is proven correlation to gut related diseases and grain consumption. Yes, all grain. And sugar. They adversely affect the PH of the gut which in turn seriously alters gut microbiota health.

Eating fermented foods is an essential part of maintaining healthy stomach bacteria - the good bacteria we need for optimal intestinal health.


The No. 1 Top Pick - Sauerkraut

If you suffer from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease), Colorectal Cancer, Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes you need to take a look at how THE FOOD you eat is impacting your GUT’s MICROBIOME.

There is growing evidence that the gut microbiota plays a central role in human GI health and disease. 

So… here are links to things I’ve been reading… knock yourselves out.

Role of the gut microbiota in health and chronic gastrointestinal disease: understanding a hidden metabolic organ (THIS STUDY IS AMAZING - YES, A LITTLE BIT OF A READ - BUT, WORTH IT. Scroll down to read the specifics on IBS, IDB etc.)

The Infinite Argument: Is Man Vegetarian or Carnivorous? (really good piece of writingEver wanting to rattle a few cages I added this in. What is your take? If you read this let me know what you think.

Change Your Microbiome, Change Yourself (comprehensive look at research into Human Genome)

The bus pulled into the station a little late last night - hence the delay in this post… but, all good things are worth waiting for! See you tomorrow… if my hormones don’t interfere!

Question for this post - Do you take prebiotics or probiotics to help your gut stay healthy?

Cheers, Jenny

Note: For those of you really interested in taking responsibility for your health I have a blog roll called TO YOUR HEALTH - start there. You’ll soon be feeling empowered. These are serious doctors and researchers whose work will change your life.


  1. Interesting, Jenny. Nice of you to share this information. I have a touchy tummy and always have. I've tried several things but when I limited my diet from certain things, such as red meat, fatty meats, whole wheat & white bread and some dairy products, I improved. I have problems eating things that are pickled, spicy, or fermented (like many cheeses). French wines seem to work for me, but the ones actually bought in France were the best as they are generally made in smaller batches. Good luck with your journey to improve your diet and enhance your health!

  2. I do take probiotics. I have whole food vitamins that also have probiotics. I prefer to get what I can from food though. I like Bubbies sauerkraut, which is fermented. A lot of what is in stores isn't. That and kimchi is good. Last year I tried making my own fermented pickles, but I had problems. I think it had something to do with the canning jars. I have read about fermented salsa, but haven't tried it.
    I think that being a vegetarian takes a lot to make sure you can get the right amount of protein from nuts and beans and also adequate vitamins to stay healthy. It does help if you vegetarian and not vegan so you could get protein from eggs and cheese.

  3. Interesting read thanks for sharing

  4. I loooove probiotics, I drink kefir all the time, it's delicious! Thank you for sharing!

  5. I do love me probiotics. I drink a probiotic liquid yoghurt almost every day, and from time to time also take a few probiotic pills (they clear up the skin immediately, especially pimples and such things). I wish they would put them in more different products here in my country.

  6. It spit seems more and more women have that body where their legs are thin but the body is round like an apple. I can't eat sauerkraut...dis like it


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