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E is for Eating for Energy

My theme is Low Carb High Fat. 
(#LCHF on Twitter)

But, that’s not all - it’s about a journey to better health. 
It is about two women. 
One at death’s door, the other not far behind.

As you follow this journey you will be surprised by what you read here. I hope it impacts you and causes you to question what mainstream medicine is doing to you, and those you love.

Here we go… 

E is for Eating for Energy.

E is also for taking it easy, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do with this post.

Let’s face it - it’s been pretty heavy going these last four posts.

Today we are on even terrain; relax, look out the window, stand, stretch your legs… this part of the journey is easy.

What does a NO CARB (or very low carb) diet look like?

Let me first start by explaining something - gotta get this out of the way.

The word “diet” stands for Did I Eat Today - and if you’re not eating because you’ve been told cutting calories is the answer, you’ve been sorely mislead. Big time!


Sooo… here are some shots of what LOW CARB / NO CARB eating looks like in my house.

Coconut Flour Cookies - chocolate and plain

Pizza using cauliflower, egg and cheese for base.
So much like a real pizza my son-in-law was shocked how good it tasted.

Cheese loaf, with green onion - using my Grain Free Coconut Flour Bread recipe.

Self explanatory - damn yummy is all I can say.
Those pancakes are my recipe too.

Meals I prepare for Mom.
Hemp Heart sautéed in butter serves as "rice" side.

Peanut Butter cookies using Xylitol.
Find out about Xylitol HERE.

A favourite dish - crustless quiche - soooo yummy.

AND THIS… was a slice of the BIRTHDAY CAKE I made for myself.
I played with my bread recipe - added Xylitol and 3 TBSP grated Lemon Rind
along with extra lemon juice.
Sliced it in half, added real whip cream and strawberries
then topped it with cream cheese/butter/xylitol and a little pureed strawberry.

I have featured my grain free coconut flour bread HERE and my coconut flour pancakes HERE on this blog. (Note: I will be featuring an updated version of both, made a few minor adjustments/additions. But both are great the way they are.)

And for added inspiration I would like to introduce you to the one and only... 

Dr. Ted Naiman.

He’s a board-certified Family Medicine physician (based in Seattle) and has devoted much of his career to the study of diet and exercise and their relationship to health. More on him HERE.

One look at Dr. Naiman and you can see he practices what he preaches.

His website, Burn Fat Not Sugar, is concise and very informative, you can also find him on Twitter @tednaiman. 

He has a section called MEAL EXAMPLES (which THIS LINK will take you to) where you can salivate as you watch a slide presentation showing 385 fantastic meal ideas. 

Don’t tell me there’s nothing to eat when you remove CARBS from your diet.

Here’s were today’s journey ends, see, no bumpy bits - just easy going.

And, Eating for Energy is exactly that too - EASY!

For those of you still along for the ride, tomorrow we’re going to Egypt for a quick visit of the pyramids. Buckle up and get ready for some fun.

Question for this post - Did you find yourself totally blown away by the Low Carb High Fat food we’re enjoying? 

Cheers,  Jenny

Note: For those of you really interested in taking responsibility for your health I have a blog roll called TO YOUR HEALTH - start there. You’ll soon be feeling empowered. These are serious doctors and researchers whose work will change your life.


  1. YUM!!!! Can you come to my house and cook for me? Please? Love the big pats of butter on the pancakes. It's a lot of energy you put in making these delicious recipes. I admire your focus and stamina and love for your family.

    1. Hi Leigh - hahaha, I actually will be starting a serious of videos (my daughter has offered to help me get this going) as I think some of these recipes are so easy if you all could see them you might start whipping up some of these goodies on your own.

      Love butter on my pancakes - double yum.

      Also, thank you for your many kind words regarding my love and devotion to my family. I love my mom and daughter to pieces. I have a small family, it makes me happy to see Mom so much healthier. I want to get healthier too so my daughter will be able to enjoy me as I get older. Besides... I'm trying to instill the importance of carrying for our elders. :)

  2. Yum yum! I'm looking forward to my birthday cake this year! Great post, great pics Mum! <3

    1. LOL - you bet, you're going to have an awesome cake. And, I can't wait to have a big slice of it.

  3. I decided back when I tried the Scarsdale Diet that fat was essential, although they didn't think so. Also when I've avoided carbs to some extent, I've felt better too. I like the fact that the doctor suggests some weight training to tone the body too! I tend to stay with the Clean Eating plan for the most part. (I'm not obsessive about it though)

    1. Hi DG - fat's where it's at, in my book anyway! Particularly saturated fats - coconut oil, avocado, olive oil, nuts, butter, and animal fats - all so important. NO CARBS in our world - now grains, no sugar, no starch vegetables. NONE. If one wants to get healthy one needs to know what is killing us - and that is wheat.

      Any balance is good - if the Clean Eating works I empower you to continue. Each of us must find our own comfort zone. Good luck.

  4. I have done the candida diet and the first phase was cutting pretty much all carbs out. Even certain veggies were out. I don't use xylitol. When too much is ingested there is a possibility of stomach/intestinal issues. I have enough problems in that area so I don't want to chance it. I do like using maple syrup, honey, and molasses for sweetener though. I have made a pizza crust with zucchini before. It calls for flour, but coconut flour works great. Have you ever riced cauliflower? It's great. Look up The Detoxinista. Great website. Great recipes.

    1. Over the past many decades one doctor, Ancel Keyes, is the soul cause of the obesity epidemic being experienced today in the US. Sadly, we have been so entrenched in thinking fat is the problem that we can't see past the serious damage being caused by wheat and all grains. We are not equipped to handle the over processed and over refined foods being touted as health foods.

      It seriously is time for us to get back to basics. You are taking a proactive step by raising egg laying chickens. Every bit gets us heading in the right direction.

  5. I've never heard of Xylitol before.

    1. Hi Alex, check out the link I provided it will give yo the low down. It is a natural extract which does not raise blood sugars. It tastes identical to sugar, has the same texture and is the same in cooking.

      I did a lot of research on it and am extremely impressed with it.

      I'm still interested in your low fat high carb diet - would you share a little of it with me. I'm curious what fats you do eat and what carbs you avoid (and eat).

      Great to have you visiting - thanks.

  6. I have been on Paleo for 5 months. ALL of my blood labs improved and went back to normal. It's hard at times because you are always cooking and shopping, but it is worth it. I just need to add more exercise.

    1. Paleo is great - I have Nora Gedgaudas's book Primal Body, Primal Mind. It's fascinating. I'll be touching on this Paleo topic in my P post.

      I also have Dr. Terry Wahl's book, The Wahl's Protocol on her journey of recovery from MS (fast progressing variety, diagnosed in her 50's) with great experimentation she is a totally functioning doctor again. Her story is powerful and very inspiring. Her book also does a detailed step by step walk through of following the Paleo program. I find it really helpful.

      As to the exercise bit. Most folks don't realize as little as 15 mins a day of Resistance Training (mostly using our own weight) is the best. Dr. Ted Naiman (whom I mention above) has a great section on exercise over on his website. I highly recommend checking it out.

      Thanks for visiting. Always a treat having you drop by. xo

  7. Your meals and desserts look delicious. I do have low carb for the most part


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