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C is for Carbs are POISON

My theme is Low Carb High Fat. 
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But, that’s not all - it’s about a journey to better health. 
It is about two women. 
One at death’s door, the other not far behind.

As you follow this journey you will be surprised by what you read here. I hope it impacts you and causes you to question what mainstream medicine is doing to you, and those you love.

Here we go… 

C is for Carbs are POISON

Ok, now that we’ve got a little bit of background on Mom, let me fill in a little background on the other woman in this story. 


Back in Feb 2014 I had my routine physical. I have one every two years, this one was at the 2.5 year mark. 

Mom’s stroke had thrown me off schedule as I visited her daily in hospital, and then twice daily at rehab, which covered a four month period.

I have my physical every 2nd year because I’m the spitting image of GREAT health. I was in great shape, at my best weight in years. I had no reason to worry.

Until I got the phone call.

You know what phone call I’m talking about, right. The one your doctor makes, not their staff, asking you to come in right away.

I was immediately booked in for extensive liver tests. Which indicated a serious problem.

Without delay I was sent to a liver specialist. 

That visit will also be a day I will not long forget.

Within the short 15 minute appointment I was told I had PBC (Primary Biliary Cirrhosis - now called Primary Biliary Cholangitis), a rare liver disease. 

I was told it generally strikes women between 40-60, there is no known cause, and no known cure. 

Oh… and here, take these pills I was told, they seem to slow down the progression of this disease. 

And, just in case I wasn’t shocked enough, I was told liver deterioration, in some patients, may occur in just a few years - a liver transplant is an option for some. But, the new liver will end up getting the disease since PBC is an auto-immune disease

I was given a prescription for a drug called Ursodiol. It’s synthetic bile salts which has been known to prolong the inevitable. The dose is based on weight. And yes, it too has a host of disturbing side effects.

My appointment ended and I was booked in for the following month. 

If it wasn’t for an observant woman who grabbed me before I stepped off the curb as I was walking to the bus stop I would have been hit - so dazed was I by this news.

It took three full days for me to come to terms with the diagnosis. I rallied a dear friend and with her help I started my research into the world of PBC.

I contacted a renowned PBC specialist at the University of Alberta, Edmonton to see if he might look at my results.

Why? Because I did NOT have one single symptom. I was sure I was misdiagnosed. He confirmed the findings. So much for that.

Well, not so fast, my search for answers was just beginning. My journey has been long, arduous and frustrating, and it’s far from over.

So… now you have insight on the two key players.

We will put me on the back burner for a wee bit, because though I was in shock about my PBC diagnosis, my mother was returning home from rehab in March 2014. Life would definitely be a challenge getting Mom settled into her home, the garden suite on the ground floor of my house. 

I was no one’s priority, not even my own - how sad of a statement is that.

The time between March 2014 and March of 2015 was simply some of the hardest days of my life… on every level. There’s no point in hashing it all out here. I’m trying to keep this short (ha) and to the point.

So… back to July 2105.

Mom was getting more and more depressed about her weight, her diabetes, her neuropathy, her eyesight… etc. while I was in the trenches of the World Wide Web (aka Google) researching PBC and diabetes.

Like peeling an onion, there were layers upon layers of information. It was mind bending - and exhausting. And, it still is.

After reading those negative comments about that “diet” pill Dr. Thompson prescribed for Mom I found myself researching natural nutrition sites, watching some YouTube stuff. (And let me tell you folks just because you can make a video DOES NOT mean you should. The junk I weeded through was amazing.) But I did come across a few gems. 

And Dr. Sarah Hallberg, was the brightest of those gems.  

Her TedxTalk at Purdue University was a game changer.

FYI - Dr. Sarah Hallberg is board-certified by both the American Board of Obesity Medicine and the American Board of Internal Medicine. Dr. Hallberg also has a master’s degree in exercise physiology and has worked as a fitness trainer and instructor. (Read more on her HERE.)

I watched this video in utter amazement. I thought, man, this is unbelievable. 

I hooked Mom up to watching it, not once, or twice, but three times over two days. That’s right. Dr. Sarah Hallberg’s talk is worth pounding into your head so it sticks.

This folks… was the start of a miracle.

Now I have a special favour to ask those of you taking my journey seriously - PLEASE pass along Dr. Sarah Hallberg’s video to everyone you know suffering from obesity and diabetes. 

Question for this post - After watching Dr. Sarah Hallberg’s video can you see how Carbs are POISON, and should be avoided as much as possible? 

So, for those of you riding along, remain seated and buckled in because we are expecting turbulence.

Cheers, Jenny

Note: For those of you really interested in taking responsibility for your health I have a blog roll called TO YOUR HEALTH - start there. You’ll soon be feeling empowered. These are serious doctors and researchers whose work will change your life.


  1. The comment section is not an appropriate place to detail all the ways this post resonated with me. Suffice it to say, thank you!

    I will watch the video later this afternoon - and probably many times after that.

    1. It really is a personal preference to share or not to share in the comment area. Some people really benefit for reading what others are doing.

      I actually don't share this much info as a rule, however, sharing this story is important and given the great success Mom and I are having with Low Carb High Fat eating I felt it was necessary.

      Take from it what you can - and hopefully you too will have amazing success.

  2. My niece has NDFLD. She is finally doing something about her weight and is eating less carbs.
    I do eat carbs, but not as many as I used to.
    My daughter takes bile salts, but they are natural bovine bile salts. She had her gallbladder out and it helps her digestion.

    1. NAFLD~ That makes more sense.

    2. I'm please your niece is being proactive with her diet. It will definitely help her liver disease.

      Bile salts are beneficial with respect to gallstones also. If it helps your daughter than that's a good thing. Until I had this liver condition I did not fully understand how the pancreas, gallbladder, and liver work together.

  3. My husband had Hep C and after much research I put him on Milk Thistle which generates new liver cells. His doctors were amazed that his liver did so well. He died of end-stage renal disease, but his liver was OK. Only one doctor admitted that milk thistle is beneficial for the liver, the other ones said, "we don't know." Maybe research and see if this can help you. It won't hurt; anyone who drinks even moderately should take it to keep the liver healthy.

    1. Seems you and are researchers by nature. I have done extensive looking into things like Milk Thistle and various vitamins that impact the liver.
      My liver specialist was not happy when I told him I was also mediating on my liver - visualization techniques, which, by the way, reduced my liver enzyme count by 7% before I even started on the meds. He just shrugged it off - so typical.

  4. Another great post. I'm sorry that you felt you weren't a priority... I look forward to watching the video today.

    1. It was a tough time, that is all I can say. Hard to think back on too. But, you know me... a trooper and a "take no hostages" kind of gal. LOL

      I do hope you make the time to see this video - it was a real game changer for Oma and me. Hugs, Moo

  5. I am trying to eat better and at least eat complex carbs!

    1. It's a start - going no wheat will yield you the very best health. Sorry if that sound preachy - but our bodies require nothing from carbs. Proteins give us amino acids, Fats give us fatty acids. These two we cannot produce on our own. Carbs give us NOTHING - we do not need them.

      We eat them because we've been given very BAD advice over the past 70 years. Which now is causing the worst health crisis known to Americans and will bankrupt the medical system if changes don't come into effect soon.

  6. So, I'm thinking I shouldn't have that leftover pizza for lunch?
    I had no idea, Jenny. You have my best wishes for everything!

    1. Well, given your exit strategy you go right ahead, old man, and eat that leftover pizza. Suffice it to say I'll be serving leftovers at your party... you old folks are sooo easy to manipulate. Just look at how Big Pharma has you popping pills like M & M's. YUM.

      Thanks for the best wishes... now, if you can send money that would be really helpful. LOL

  7. Goodness! Such a shock

    1. Indeed is was.

      Thanks for visiting Pearson Report. I hope you're enjoying the A to Z Challenge.

  8. Hope you are finding time to take care of you!

    1. Thanks Andrea - I am. I am getting better at putting me at the top of my list. Seems when I'm in good shape everyone below me, on my list, benefits.

  9. I have hypoglycaemia so I know carbs are not good at all. I also have my dad's sweet tooth which makes it difficult to keep away from some yummy stuff. We do need to step back and stop all the sugar. Carbs are bad and they are everywhere.

    1. You would like Xylitol. I use it to make Truffles for Mom and me. One bar of Bakers Chocolate (unsweetened), 1 cup Whip Cream (36%), 1 Tbsp Vanilla Extract (non alcoholic), 5 Tbsp Xylitol. This makes quite a lot - we freeze them. One or two as a treat every few days makes life blissful.

      Yes - Carbs are very bad and they truly are everywhere. But, they are easy to avoid if we err on eating real food.

  10. Beautiful Jenny,

    Finally snatching some time to catch up on your A-Z posts! Per usual, I am floored by your honesty, humor, and sincerity. You are seriously so incredibly inspiring to so many people, myself obviously included. What a wonderful topic-- my family has recently been getting more into REALLY seeing what foods are made of and making more health conscious decisions. My mom has always been pretty anti-drugs and we've only gotten limited's amazing the things some people want to put into their bodies for the sake of "health".

    Anyway, I commend you for telling your story and for whatever bravery it takes to do so. I know that your story will be used to FREE as well as educate many proud of you. Thank you for simply being you-- you've mastered the art far better than many, many people. Looking forward to D, E, F, G, H, and beyond!

    Much love and many prayers,
    Anne Marie

    1. Dear Anne Marie - thank you from all of my heart for this beautiful comment. It really touched me.

      I'm glad you and your family are paying closer attention to what you are eating - this is a wonderful way to respect your body, a sacred vessel and one we often abuse with packaged, processed foods.

      I'm sending you smiles and hugs, Jenny

  11. Thank you for the video. Great post. Sorry you had to go through this but it shows second opinions are required sometimes.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Pearson Report. Yes, second, and sometimes third opinions are necessary. So is lots and lots of reading and research.

      I hope you have a chance to sit and watch the video - it truly changed our lives.


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