Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The KINDNESS of strangers...

Linda (not a stranger, but very kind) sent this link to me.

And now, I'm sharing it with you.

You may have seen it - you may not. Either way it's worth looking at more than once.

I know, because I've enjoyed it several times.  It's called "Unsung Hero".

(You might want to view in full screen mode to read the captions)

On Sunday I met such a Hero.

Per my last post I'm in the market for laundry machines but while I'm renovating a portion of my house where the washer and dryer reside I am without these life altering appliances so I made a trip to my local laundromat.

I arrived early - so I thought, 10ish - the place hopping. I needed four machines; the fellow running the place, a mild mannered middle-aged Asian man, pointed me to some that were available. 

I needed coins too, a dollar fifty per washer, and I needed laundry detergent because, yup, I forgot to bring some with.

As I asked the owner about detergent and its cost (Tide, a dollar a box, single use size) the customer, a little Vietnamese woman,  he had just given coins to turned to me and said, "You can use mine - I have lots. I just filled up my bottle." She then held up a big dark blue bottle.

Now, okay, laundry snob that I am, I thought, "What did she fill that bottle up with?" It was labelled Tide something-or-other (you know Tide has many options) but I asked her what was in it anyway. 

"Purex, I like Purex, I get the big bottle at Costco." she pipes up. Then adds, "This morning I added more because something tells me today I would share it." She grinned, ear to ear, as if I had done the right thing by forgetting my detergent.

My reply was simply, "Thank you. That is so sweet, and so kind of you to share you detergent." It's important to receive graciously - it's the karmic wheel turning. What goes around, comes around; today it was my turn to receive.

My kind detergent benefactor stood by as I poured a half capful into each load encouraging me to use more, after all she had lots she reminded me. Not a Purex user I erred on less being more.

That done I sat and waited - thirty minutes - during which time I watched the people at this laundromat, and do you know what I saw…

People helping people. An air of kindness and patience.  Voices were gentle and soft and people waited patiently for machines to come available and for tables to fold laundry on.

A young boy, accompanying his father (his mother works Sunday's) was sitting quietly playing a handheld game. I took out mine and he came to see what I was playing - we compared notes, and laughed. His father came over to apologize thinking his son was disturbing me.

When I told him what a good boy he had he smiled and told me he was proud of him - all this in broken English. I figured he's new to the country but willing to try his hand at the language - kudos to him. I appreciated the effort - and I think it indeed was an effort, but he smiled all the while.

When it came time to use the dryers - my little Vietnamese friend, Loang, gave me the lowdown. I acquired more quarters and went to town. What huge dryers too - two washer loads can go in one. And fast too. Twenty-five cents for five minutes, but in twenty minutes my two loads of bedding were done. I gave the towels an extra five minutes.

All in all - what I came away with, besides clean clothing, was a feeling that kindness is alive and well in my corner of the planet. My entire day was impacted by this experience.

It was on the next day my friend, Linda, sent the video. It made be think about the Unsung Heroes in my world.

How about you? 
Do you encounter random acts of kindness coming your way?

Cheers, Jenny


  1. Hi Jenny - it's funny .. so often kindness happens more in communal places - love your story ... and I'm so pleased you posted to let us know ... and the video is beautiful - cheers Hilary

    1. Very true, Hilary - I find lots of people still doing turns of kindness for their fellow human. Let's hope that never ends because then we really are doomed.

      Thanks for dropping by and looking at the video - it is inspiring, that's for sure.
      Cheers, Jenny :)

  2. I have never seen that video and it is beautiful and serene. We often centre more on the negative and forget all the sweetness that happens in 1 day. I have experienced gentle acts of kindness and it always makes my day and fills my heart up. It simply means there is hope and faith around us every day

    1. Thank you, Birgit, for this lovely comment. I'm happy to read you too have experienced "gentle acts of kindness" - it definitely fills the heart up. Mine was nicely topped up after my time in that laundromat.

      Cheers, Jenny :)

  3. Great video. What a world it would be if everyone was like that. I don't remember the last time I seen someone doing something nice for someone. I go out of my way sometimes just to hold a door or even to get something off the top shelf for the short lady at the grocery store. It leaves me with a good feeling and that is my reciprocating factor! Thanks JP

    1. Yeah, I really think it's a great video, hence the sharing. After my experience in the laundromat is when I saw it and thought of how random kindness can be.

      It is a given that you are one of the good guys in this department. I only hang with the best! What I found interesting in my case was, like you, I do those little things that are just part of being a decent human and when this happened I thought, "hey, okay, I'm on the receiving end of it" - it feels good to be there too.

      I still like the doing/giving - makes me feel like I'm making a difference in a small way.


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