Monday, March 03, 2014

Global Twitter/Blogger Happiness Project - past reflections help anchor the present.

What is happiness to me?
I’ve asked this so often it’s become my mantra - and boy does it work like a charm.
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February is done.

March, the second month of my Global Twitter/Blogger Happiness Project, has begun and will continue on its own volition. 

Some things I have no control over.

The bench is anchored firmly and accommodates the lone sitter as she takes a moment to rest after her long trek up the hillside to its location.

She had sat on this bench often on her short visit to the region years ago.

She still sits on it when taking a turn back in time to yesterday - a yesterday so long ago.

Memories of happiness and sadness weave the shawl that drapes warmly over her tired shoulders.

She is neither happy nor sad on these visits to a time past - she is but a silent observer of the soundless videos playing themselves out in her mind as she sits and looks out upon the village below.

Years have passed; contentment, joy, and happiness of an assorted variety have filled in the holes once occupying a large portion of her subconscious mind.

The bench, while anchored firmly, has lost its importance and is now a bittersweet, lingering reflection of a turbulent moment when still waters had run very deep and belied the storm above.  

One storm passes and another brews off in the distance waiting its turn - and yet the sun shines as it always does when one is willing to see it even in the midst of dark, looming grey skies.

She lets her internal sun shine freely letting its warm rays penetrate every corner of her being - yes, she is happy.

The bench, still anchored, still firmly, will always be a place of reflection; a place to revisit a time past - a time long gone.

It has shaped her essence. 

The person she is today is because of time spent sitting on the bench nestled high up on the hillside. 

Cheers, Jenny

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Do you reflect on what has shaped you into the person you are today? 

Are you thankful for the experiences - whether good or bad?

Have you been choosing “happiness” on a daily basis?

What is happiness to you?  

You tell me.


  1. I do often reflect on the people, places, and events that shaped me. That's one reason why I started my memoir blog and I guess I still often do this on my main blog. I am very thankful for every minute of my life because it has all brought me to where I am now.

    Happiness? Knowing that my family and I are doing well and are safe and relatively healthy. Family is my greatest source of happiness. I can stay in the house all day and feel very content. Happiness is not having a lot of stuff or always doing something, but being blessed with a simple life where I can be at peace with myself, those around me, and my community and to have as much control in this as I possibly can have.

    Gosh, you're making me think now. Maybe I need to do a blog post about this in the future.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

  2. To the extent that I reflect on past events (when nostalgia strikes me, for instance), I am grateful for the good and the bad. A life without conflict would soon become as boring as a book without conflict--it's the hard things that strengthen our spirits, and make us enjoy the good things that much more. :)

  3. The past is written, denied change. The future however remains unsolved.
    I only seek to better myself based upon happiness so seeking is solving.

  4. Hi Jenny - I ponder occasionally what would I like to have done .. yet if that had come about I wouldn't be where I am today, and wouldn't have had those experiences that hold me in good stead now. Life hasn't been easy - yet I'm here .. and I love where I am right now .. happiness is where one is peaceful in one's life ... then other things can and do flow in waves from it ... sometimes not so helpful, mainly we remember the good times and the fact in general we're lucky with our lot .. we're free ... is a very happy feeling, yet perhaps a selfish stance in some ways and we could do more .. I would like to move more towards that place - cheers Hilary


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