Sunday, February 09, 2014

Global Twitter/Blogger Happiness Project - forward momentum…

Happiness is… ?? You tell me.

Hello fellow bloggers and tweeters!

I hope today finds you all well and happy - as you should be if you’re asking yourselves, “What is happiness to me?

So, what’s been going on with me? I hear you asking!

Okay, first I hopped a jet and flew to Buenos Aires, Argentina; had some private Tango lessons and fell in love!


No kidding - hence my absence from this little corner of my world.

Do you ever live life so fully in your dreams that they take on a hint of reality - well, that’s where I’ve been practicing my dance steps! (besides my wide open kitchen - still waiting to be renovated)

I’m a great believer in visualization techniques for improving a skill set - golfer do it - I did it in my earlier year when learning tennis - and I’m doing it now.

Dare I say - it is a great way to advance a learning curve - week three and I’m on fire!

Hehehehe - well, a small fire at any rate!


Here comes the recap:

February 7th, Friday 

Daily weigh-in - check!  137 lbs. Maintaining my goal of 135-138! Go me!
Morning workout - Sprint 8 done using my uber professional skipping rope (use to speed skip as a teenager) and it’s too cold to run hard outside right now. Are you familiar with Sprint 8? (a little reading for those interested) I do it three times a week.
Some running around - buying nylons etc for my dancing.
Prepping for dance - gotta love the preening that goes on! Painted my toes pink.

Last week they were red!

Private dance lesson - big smiles and lots of fun but hard work.
Group dance lesson - yup, loving them too - my partners are commenting on my improvements. (same faces each week)
Milonga - that’s the dancing part where everyone comes and dances only the Argentine Tango. 
I haven’t been staying for that part the last two weeks simply because the lessons have been so intense that I really needed to focus on practicing my steps first before “going public”.
This evening rocked! 
By the time I got home I’d been dancing for 4 1/2 hours (lessons and dancing) - EPIC!

February 8th, Saturday

Daily weigh-in - check! 135.2 - yikes, at the low end of my goal. Dancing really burns calories! Must be careful - at my age one doesn’t want that too thin haggard look. 

Let me take a moment to explain the whole weight thing, according to me - it’s all well and good to be slim or thin but it means nothing if you are not FIT. 

I’m fit! Sorry if that reads a little boastful or vain, but it’s the truth. I can run faster and longer than woman half my age and I can lift more dead weight than most men my age - so, at 135 lbs. I’m as “slim/thin” as I want to be. I actually have to eat lots to stay here - mind you since eliminating ALL WHITE foods from my diet I go crazy for nuts to help give me the extra calories I would have received from the starches I have eliminated. More on this another time.

Visit Mom - She smiled when I arrived and that was happiness times ten! I curled her hair and did a manicure; plus clipped her toes - it’s my passion (read day job) and making mom pretty makes me happy. (See, another happiness moment)

More visiting - After seeing mom it was home for a quick bite and a pee break for Miss Lucy-fur then off to visit a friend in hospital with a broken hip. He laughed and said it’s my destiny to be in a hospital! Well - dare I say - better as a visitor than a patient, right?! (and the happiness just keeps on coming)

Home to relax - and visit my little town, Meryton, in my Animal Crossing New Leaf game. Yes, it’s a bit of a vice! If you play it you’ll know what I’m talking about. To visit my town - go to the Dream Suite (in yours) and ask to visit Meryton - Lizzy - that will be my town! Maybe later I’ll add my Town’s Address for those interested in checking it out. 
Okay - yes, it’s a really, really cool little town I’ve built!


All that’s left is TODAY.

February 9th - Sunday.

Daily weigh-in - check! (always at around 7am) 136!
Coffee in bed - My Nespresso machine does it just right! Tango music accompanying me as I type - loving it; wee dog sawing her little logs at the foot of my bed. 

Happiness is thick in the air - can your feel it! I can.

Cheers, Jenny



Where are you finding it? 
Does it come easier since asking the question or do you struggle to find it on a daily basis?

HAPPINESS IS… ?? You tell me.


  1. Happiness is seeing my kids succeed.
    Or a warm puppy.

    1. Al - you've got it - that is one of my true happinesses too - watching Miss CP live her dream job!

      And… that warm puppy thing works too! Mine is an old puppy but oh so cuddly - still!

      Thanks for stopping by - big cyber hugs are heading straight at you! Then again they may get lost as they aren't using the GPS thingy I got for Christmas. haha

  2. Wow, Jenny, so much to be happy about. Good for you getting your weight where you want it to be. I did that, too, but I'm not fit. I wish I were more athletic. Sigh! Your learning Argentine Tango. How cool is that. It's a very sexy dance.
    My joy today was going to the zoo with hubby and seeing the polar bears cavort in the water with a box. Usually they are not visible or napping.

    1. Dear Karen - thank you for stopping by. You've added to my happiness in doing so.

      Yes, the weight thing is a "good for me" event! I'm very pleased that I've found the old (or young) me within and am letting her out to shine. Being fit is key for me as I've seen the alternatives - just need to look at mother. In fact, she was my inspiration if you will.

      The Argentine Tango is sexy for sure - how well I'm doing at that currently is yet to be seen - however, there is hope. Seems I do have a thing for dancing after all.

      Your joy sounds wonderful - it makes me happy knowing creatures in captivity are having fun - means they are also experiencing the "happiness" in the simple things.

      With warm hugs and happy thoughts, Jenny

  3. Happiness is banging out a couple pages of my book this morning and feeling even more excited about it. As if it were being born in real time like a child.

    1. Now that is true happiness, Bushman - and I'm doubly happy for you! I've been give time to my work too - seems a lot of things are getting accomplished with just the thought of happiness to motivate me.

      Keep up the good work! Cheers, Jenny

  4. Oh and by the way my toenails are red...well three of them anyways (before I chickened out) after my wife gave me a pedi the other day.

    1. You know, dear Bushman, I think it's might cool that your lovely wife pampers you and if she's able and your willing you never know what fun comes out of having red toenails (his and hers no less). Trust me more than one fellow has fallen under the spell and enjoyed the journey with red tootsies! And red no less - tell you wife I think she rocks!

  5. Nice recording :) have I told you lately how much I love this exercise? :) it does help me quite a lot!

    1. Dear Claudia - yes, I read your lovely "thank you" at the end of your last post - that was so sweet.

      I can't tell you how wonderful it makes me feel and how happy too to read that this project is working for you. It's doing the same over here! Aren't we the luckier for it.

      Enjoy your time away from home and seek out the happiness along the way.

      With warm hugs, Jenny

  6. Holy crap on a cracker, that's a lot of goodies jammed packed into one positive post. Go you and boogie boogie.

    1. Well now… not too sure if I'm going to line up for those crackers - hahahaha but yes, I've crammed an awful lot of happiness into this one post.

      It was a little hard with so many obligations pulling at me to find the right time to sit and formulate a post. This morning was just the right time!

      Thank you, dear Happy Whisk, for bringing your adorable little avatar over to visit - I truly do break out in a big ear to ear grin when I see it (you) here.

      With smiles and happy thoughts, Jenny

    2. Thought I'd come by and see what your post was today. Hope you're days are moving along with lots of happiness and fun.

  7. I smiled while reading this entire post, Jenny. You live life to the fullest and it warms my heart to see. I'll be stealing your banner on Friday if it's alright with you. I plan on doing a happy post on my writers blog.

    Keep being well, my friend!

    AJ's wHooligan in the A-Z Challenge

    1. Steal away, dear Elsie! I'm honoured! With bated breath she waits… no, she cannot lie… she will be tortured with the suspense. hahahaha… she's me!

      A quick side note - the last link on your comment doesn't work - could you add it again - I'm curious!

      Thanks and Big Hugs, Jenny :)

  8. happiness is a warm gun?
    happiness is a cold beer, (Guinness draught,) and a hot slice of pizza pie!

    and your hockey team winning!

    1. Ah Bruce - I'm just so not sure I should ask… "a warm gun?" - hmmm… has me wondering though!!

      Yes… a cold beer does happiness make - good call on Guinness too! Me, I'd have to say it'd be an order of salt and pepper wings rather than pizza - so more for you I guess…

      As to a winning hockey team pray tell you are talking about yours - mine sucks!

      And as always big slobbery hugs from Lu to Tuck and me to you! (tag team hugging going on at our places today)

    2. Oh… I might add my hug does not come with slobber attached!!! :P


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