Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How much do you carry that should be left behind? And...look what's swimming on my kitchen wall!

Two monks are on a long journey; in deep contemplative silence they walk, taking in the sights and sounds around them.
They come upon a river; on the river's edge stands a woman fretting over how to cross.
Without hesitation one of the monks picks her up and carries her across the river; he then continues on his journey.
Hours pass and the other monk can no longer contain his thoughts, "I do not understand your actions, we are forbidden to have physical contact with women yet you touched this woman, carried her even.”
“I put her down hours ago, on the river’s edge. Why do you still carry her?”
For me, this is a powerful visual tool that helps me “let go” and lay aside burdens which are manifestations not worth the weight they generate. I do feel lighter because of it. 
How about you - are you good at letting go?
I received a lovely surprise the other day when I opened a parcel containing a piece of art I had purchased for a dear friend’s upcoming “big” birthday.
In addition to the piece I purchased there was a special surprise gift for me.

But first a little back story…
I purchased my first “Trish” original back in Spring; a lovely piece called Moonlight Faerie, which hangs in the Lost and Found; my writing space.

Knowing my friend enjoys original art as much as I do, and is the proud owner of some wonderful pieces, I showed her the on-line gallery of Trish’s work and one piece, in particular, caught her eye.
I had been privy to the story of this particular piece and was not sure it was available as it had a previous offer of interest that had not been finalized.
However, I’m a convincingly good negotiator and now the piece is here in Canada; it is being framed as I type this. (so pictures will follow in a later post)
NOW...about my surprise gift...I had been watching the progress of this piece with fascination. As I have a daughter who is a mermaid I found my eye drawn to this piece of art with regularity. 
However, this piece would not be without some competition as shortly after its completion two more canvases with the same subject appeared...but my eye was still drawn to the first.
So, you can imagine the happiness and pleasure I experienced when I opened the mailing tube and inside was not one piece of art, but two.
Here is the beautiful creature swimming on my kitchen wall, right above my coffee station, where I will see her, and smile, every day! 

Not only will she remind me of my lovely daughter, but of a wonderful lady, oceans away...but near in my heart. 



  1. That was nice she sent two!
    And the monk story really resonates.

  2. How lovely, Jenny. She's inspiring. And I'd heard the monk story before and it really resonates with me as well. I carry way too much crap and need constant reminders to let go.

  3. Trish is an awesome artist, storyteller and all around awesome chica. You are very fortunate to own some of her art.

    Your title drew me in today because I've carried around a lot of baggage for many years and I recently made a conscious decision to let go of it. The many friends I have made through my blogging journey have helped inspire me to do this and it's a truly wonderful new way of life for me. I can now look at the past and find the happiness there, which was very difficult for me before. I guess I'm rewriting my history. There was a time when I didn't know that was possible. Here's to enlightenment! :)

  4. I carry so much that it's a wonder I can walk sometimes. I've let go of some, but there's a lot more to go. I love this little story, thank you!

  5. Both of these stories are amazing and that art in particular is just incredible Jenny, I love it.

  6. We can expend so much time and energy through the process of 'hanging on'. What a great mentor that monk would be.

  7. Monks are so wise and deep.
    You'd never see THEM play "Pull-My-Finger."

  8. What a lovely painting. I love the monk story too. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I love that story of the monks. So true!

  10. Timely reminders Jenny, both about letting go and generosity, Thankyou. Sue

  11. Me, I carry that lady around for quite a long time. Scorpio moon, ya know. ;)

    Beautiful art! Lovely.

  12. @Alex - Yes, I was tickled to get a treat!
    The monk story is a favourite of mine.

    @Karen - Thank-you Karen for dropping by. The monk story has been a round and lately it’s been my constant companion. :)

    @Jenn - Yes, Trish is awesome! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story. I’m glad you’ve been able to let go of yesterday’s baggage - feels good, doesn’t it.

    @Li - Your comment made me smile...I feel the same.
    Thank-you for stopping by.

    @YeamieWaffles - Thanks, Matthew, for stopping by - yes, the art is incredible - I’m really enjoying it.

    @Accidentalwriter - I am lucky to have such a mentor. The trick is to learn this “letting go” lesson in this lifetime so I don’t have to drag it with me into the next.

    @Al Penwasser - Wise and deep, yes...but they are known to find the humour in things too!

    @Christine - Thank-you for stopping by and taking a look - I’m glad you enjoyed the painting and the story too!

    @Botanist - I’m glad you enjoyed the monks! Thank-you for stopping by. :)

    @Sue - So good to see you’re smiling avatar here! Thank-you for stopping by and taking a look. :)

    @Em - I hear shoulders have the indents to prove it. And, it’s a Gemini moon that needs to take some of the credit here!! Thank-you for stopping by. :)

  13. What a lovely surprise to wake this morning and see my art so beautifully framed and hanging on your wall.
    And I know how much you love your coffee so I am doubly honoured.
    From the moment that I started that painting, she was whispering in my ear your name.
    I dare say that if I sent you one of her sisters she would be pouting as she has always belonged to you.
    Thank you for being such a wonderful friend and giving me so very much.

    1. I was hoping you would see this before you went to work...glad you did! I really didn't have to think long to decide where she would live. My kitchen walls are a beautiful sunshine yellow and she just pops out with that colour behind if the sun is shining deep into the water.

      Again...thank you...she really is a treasure, as our dear friend Matthew would say: Honestly!

  14. Very nice. And it brightens up that space so nicely.

    Now you need to hire a couple of burly security guards to stand on either side of it and install the randomly moving laser beams and pressure switches to ward off any potential cat burglars.

    1. applying for the "burly security guard" job...bring a friend along to the interview...seeings how I need two BSG. (aka big strong guys) *grin*

      Yah...I'm liking my little swim buddy - now I don't have to talk to myself when I'm whipping up a coffee - to others it will look all natural and normal!! Coffee even tastes better.

    2. Hmm..... I don't look good in a suit, but I'd like the dark glasses and the comm earpiece look. I'm more of a tactical gear and Kevlar helmet kind of guy. I do know a young BSG I'd bring along. Just have to keep him on a short leash.

      Which might be fun in itself. (grin)

    3. right! The pay is good as are the benefits (which would be all the free coffee one could drink)...*grin*
      Too much fun is what I'm having with these comments - all typed while having a really good java and a hearty laugh.

  15. Hi Jenny. I don't tend to hang on to things for too long.....partly because my memory is so short and I'm so easily distracted!
    Lovely mermaid painting! Say hi to yours for me.

    1. This made me smile, Carole. I'm getting a little foggy too and so it seems easier to leave behind the baggage now that I don't always know where I put it.

      Thanks for dropping by..."mine" is moving this weekend...busy, busy as youth always is! :)

  16. I'm pretty good at letting go when I should. Well, maybe not physical stuff, like old jeans and such. But the mental garbage--I clear that out pretty well.

    And that fish is beautiful!

    1. Now...see, I have an easier time parting with the jeans than the head baggage. But as I said to Carole, it gets easier now that my memory is taking an extended vacation.

      Glad you liked the "fish" - me too! :)

  17. Hi Jenny. Sorry I haven't felt up to visiting for a while. Love the story about the two monks. It's a brilliant illustration of letting go. As I get older, the more I realize just how important it is to let things go. Otherwise they can just eat away at you and make you bitter. Life, my friend, is much too short for that. I also think it's important to forgive as well. Love the beautiful painting, and what a lovely place to hang it! Hope you are keeping well over there. Hugs.


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