Thursday, September 22, 2011

Youth is not always wasted on the young.

It is with great pleasure and extreme happiness I introduce to you a very special young lady - my niece Sami.

Sami’s English 11 Honours class was recently given a writing assignment; they were told to write a piece entitled “About Me” which was to be written through the eyes of one of their parents.
Sami chose to see herself through her mother’s eyes.

Here is what she wrote...
My youngest daughter never dreamt of being a fairy princess. Instead, her fantasies were filled with her clad in shining armour and riding into battle upon a mighty steed. 
When faced with the choice she always chose chocolate, never strawberry. She wore the colour green, never pink, and preferred to play in sand with her Tonka trucks rather than with her dolls. 
It took forever to convince her to take a bath or brush her hair and she absolutely refused to wear blue jeans or shoes with laces. Though despite the fact that she acted more like a boy when she was little, she still loved to do anything a little girl did. She beaded necklaces, painted pictures, glittered everything in sight, and always insisted on being ‘mom’ when playing house. 
When she got older, and playing house no longer interested her, my daughter found something that would take her to an entirely new world. She would spend hours dancing with gypsies, having tea parties with animals, saving kingdoms from peril, or just simply having a conversation with a hat wearing cat. 
She found books, and from that day on it seemed that she would never be too far from one. 
My little girl was one who, quite literally, loved to stop and smell the roses and dance in the rain. She never spoke many words, but ironically she loved to sing. It seemed that most of her words where sung rather than spoken. If she was not off in the corner reading a book then she would be singing contently to herself. 
Now that she is older her love of music and books have not disappeared although she now finds blue jeans and lace-up shoes tolerable. 
She has encountered new things as she has gotten older and gained new friends. She has never been afraid of a challenge because to her today is easy and tomorrow is difficult, but luckily tomorrow will be today the next day.

* * * * *

Sami (and her family) live a four hour drive from me which, much to my sadness, prevents me from seeing her on a regular basis - but it’s times like this that bridge the gap and bring us a little closer. 
I am so pleased Sami agreed to my request to share her assignment here at Pearson Report; this gives me an opportunity to showcase her wonderful writing talent and introduce a little family while I’m at it!  
Thanks Sami!
To my wonderful readers…
If you were to write a piece about yourself but through the eyes of someone else who would that person be and how would it read?  
I’m going to give it a shot myself, after reflecting on who’s eyes to peer through! (look for it in an upcoming post)

Thank you for following, for commenting, for being out there and in here. 



  1. Well written Sami and missed you Jenny!

  2. I enjoyed reading her essay!

    And I'm looking forward to yours.

  3. What a lovely piece! I can see why you're so proud of your niece. :)

  4. Claudia
    When Sami first read this piece to me it made me reflect on my own youth. I was also moved by the positive light she sees herself in, through her mother's eyes.

    I'm glad you enjoyed Sami's essay - it motivated me to try and see myself through the eyes of someone else...we'll have to wait and see what comes of it!

    Linda G
    I glad you liked it! Sami is quite an amazing young lady - and yes, I am proud of her and her accomplishments.

    Hugs to you all for dropping by and leaving your comments, much appreciated.

    Cheers, Jenny

  5. Sami sounds like a neat and smart girl. Someone worth knowing.

    What would other people say about me?

    "I know this guy. When he's not at work being rude to inmates, he's at home hammering on his keyboard or out in the shop ruining wood. Stay away from his computer and keep him supplies with coffee and cigarettes and he will build you something."

  6. Wow! Way to go Sami! That was a beautiful piece of writing! I'm glad you were able to share this Moo! It has definitely brightened my day!

  7. What an amazing piece of writing. Hug your niece for me the next time you see her . . . she has the creative bent to go far in life.

  8. Great job, Sami!
    Jenny, you must be proud.

  9. what a cool assignment and very well done

  10. Sami you are a fantastic writer. Thank you for letting us read this beautiful piece.

  11. Very neat idea! I really like the sentence that says "most of her words were sung rather than spoken". Something very dreamy and romantic about that.
    I can't wait to read your post.

  12. Rev
    Yes, Sami is a smart kid; she’s going places and I’m happy to be on the sidelines cheering her on.

    Where do I send the smokes and coffee; I’m in need of a small coffee table?

    Miss CP
    Thanks for checking out Sami’s writing - she reminds me a lot of you back in your high school days!

    It is good, isn’t it? Thank you so much for adding your comment - from one mother to another it is appreciated.

    Thanks Al for taking a read, I know you are awfully busy these days.
    Yes, I am proud of Sami - she’s a good kid!

    I thought it was a pretty cool assignment too and when Sami first read it to me I decided I’d really like to share this with all of you!
    Thanks, Becca, for dropping by!

    Unknown Mami
    I smile when I see your avatar! I’m please you dropped by and thank-you for your lovely comment.

    Sami has been singing for as long as I can remember - she’s blessed with a beautiful voice.
    Thank you for taking the time to drop by and read Sami’s piece.


    Cheers, Jenny


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