Tuesday, April 12, 2011

L is for Lessons Learned

Note: I'm throwing my hat into the A-Z Blogging challenge sponsored by Tossing it out! What you will be reading via the letters A-Z is a little bio about me. This will give you a glimpse into my world and what I do when I'm not here - blogging. 

A long time ago, far, far away, in a foreign country, a sweet, innocent, young lady fell in love. 
Her handsome suitor was younger than she, but he was charming and had all the right attributes that a young lady could want. 
She was only in his world for a few days and then she left for her own to carry on living a very structured and well organized life.
She missed him. He missed her. They wrote each other for a very long time, until one day he decided to be brave. He came, all the way to her world, to visit her and win her heart.
He arrived and she froze with the fear of uncertainty and doubt. He was too young to know what to do. So he did what most young males do; he did nothing.
The visit ended, he went back to his home, far, far away - and there he lived for eighteen years.
During those eighteen years the young lady grew into a wise and worldly woman who had checked her emotions and her love baggage into the very exclusive Heartbreak Hotel. 
With her heart now frozen she grew impatient with other women pining over broken hearts and wounded souls. This impatience was borne from years of having locked her heart away. 
Every time a woman sat opposite her, with their overwhelming tales of woe and sadness, her heart grew harder and colder until one day she was known to all as the Ice Queen.
Not too long ago, when the cold of her heart became unbearable, she ventured out and visited this land, far, far away where she thought the answer to unthawing her frozen heart might be found.
Her days there were spent living life lazily, lounging on a little sofa made of sun drenched leather. Here she tried to let her heart unthaw, but to no avail for her charming young suitor had changed beyond her heart’s recollection.
She stood before this stranger, the window into her past clouded with false hope and shattered memories, and in his eyes she saw a young man begging to be forgiven.
It was then that she felt something awaken within...
She packed up her beating heart and smiled as she looked over her shoulder. Leaving this far, far away land she knew that this time she would be checking out of the Heartbreak Hotel and not coming back.

The clock stands still for no one, and the lessons learned must be heeded for they are what guide us, always forward, always onward.

Have your lessons learned been heeded?
Until M...


  1. Jenny this is too good for an easy answer ... I will have to think a bit more. Very good indeed!

  2. Fabulous post Jenny.
    I am loving this challenge you are doing

  3. this was beautiful and heartbreaking and no comment could do it justice so all i can say is ..big hugs

  4. Very good post. Life lessons is a very thought provoking post.

  5. I always hope my life lessons have been learned but so often we are stuck in a rut of faulty decision-making and keep falling into the same traps. I think I've learned something in all of my years. The past is not a very productive place to live in and it's better to keep moving forward with lessons learned and knowledge gained.

    Tossing It Out
    Twitter hashtag: #atozchallenge

  6. Fantastic post. Great life lesson.

  7. The lessons we learn eh? It really does seem to be an ongoing process...

    Big hugs for another great post! :)

  8. Great post Jenny. Life lessons often take a lifetime to learn!

  9. wonderful post! lovely greetings from Germany


  10. Claudia

    My apologies for a blanket reply.

    You are all so wonderful for dropping by, reading my post and taking the time to leave a comment.

    Thank you all so very much.

    Lessons Learned is loosely based on a true story; one I was privy to observing from its inception.

    My follow up post ‘M is for Momentary Madness’ is the young man’s thoughts on this very life altering experience.

    Happy Thoughts always,

  11. This is so very creative. Glad I stopped by. I am now a follower. Hope you will follow me too.

  12. Laura - Thank you. This post and the post for M are my favourites of the A-Z challenge.

    I am glad you dropped by and decided to follow; I will be heading your way shortly.

    Cheers, Jenny

  13. Such evocative words...

  14. Beautiful and heartbreaking ... I just can agree with that. 18 years - what a very long time!

    "but to no avail for her charming young suitor had changed beyond her heart’s recollection" - I don't get the grammar in this half sentence. I understand this like that he had changed and did not match her recollections any longer.

    1. Hi Martin - thanks for taking a look this piece.

      In the part you've quoted, the woman realized that after eighteen years (of not seeing him) the man before her was not the man her heart remembered - he had changed (as we all do with time).

      Your interpretation of the sentence is correct.


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